Meet 6 of the most famous soups in the world

We are going to show you which are the most famous soups in the world and the ingredients that make them up, as well as the countries in which they were invented. You can not miss it.

Last update: 28 January, 2022

Soups are excellent preparations to consume in winter. They have a significant concentration of essential nutrients and antioxidant compounds, which is why they are considered very positive for health. In addition, they are easy to make. Various ingredients can be used and the results achieved will be heterogeneous. Discover the most famous soups throughout the world.

Before starting, It should be noted that the principles of a healthy diet are variety and balance. It is necessary to ensure that the same calories are consumed that are ingested, more or less. In this way, weight gain in the form of accumulation of adipose tissue is avoided, which would be harmful to the functioning of the body in the medium term.

miso soup

Miso soup is an oriental dish that is prepared with assorted vegetables and soybeans.

Miso soup is one of the most international oriental preparations. It’s about a Chinese dish which also has a great weight in Japanese gastronomy. It is made from a paste composed mainly of soybeans, although there are several vegetables that can be found inside.

Due to all these foods, it can be said that miso soup is a source of phytochemicals with antioxidant capacity. These elements block the formation of free radicals. and its subsequent accumulation in the tissues of the organism. This mechanism has been associated with a delay in aging, according to a study published in Sub-Cellular Biochemistry.

Cooked soup

Nor can the cocido soup, typical of the Spanish region, be underestimated. It is a dish that It is made from green leafy vegetables and legumes, although bones and meat are also protagonists. These last ingredients provide a significant quantity of proteins of high biological value, with all the essential amino acids.

It should be noted that protein intake is considered decisive to avoid the development of pathologies that affect lean mass. According to research published in the journal Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism, it is necessary to ensure a daily intake of at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight in sedentary people. In athletes, this value would easily double.

Onion soup

Onion soup is originally from France. It is a preparation that emerged during the French Revolution, given the food shortages of the time. In this case, it is a dish that is made from meat broth with onion and Parmesan cheese. It can also be accompanied by pieces of bread.

If there is something that makes this elaboration stand out, it is for its calcium content and antioxidant phytochemicals from the onion itself. Calcium is an essential mineral that is part of the bones. It is necessary to guarantee its regular contribution to avoid complex pathologies such as osteoporosis, especially incident in women.

Now, to really ensure that calcium is absorbed optimally, it will be crucial to ensure that the levels of vitamin D in the body remain within adequate ranges. Thus, it is evidenced by an investigation published in the journal Frontiers of Hormone Research. For this, there is nothing better than exposing yourself to sunlight on a regular basis.

Tortilla Soup

Across the pond, in the region of Mexico, awaits a very peculiar soup in terms of organoleptic characteristics: tortilla soup. In this case, it is a preparation that It has chopped tortillas, chili, tomato, onion and avocados among its main ingredients. Of course, it is spicy, although it contains a great compendium of spices inside.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup is a good option for those who need large amounts of energy.

Minestrone soup is typical of Italy. It has the peculiarity of including pasta, as well as other products such as vegetables, meat and Parmesan cheese. It is an energetic option and, therefore, highly indicated for people who do physical exercise on a regular basis. It also manages to provide a good amount of vitamins and antioxidant phytochemicals.

Wontan Soup

This dish has a Chinese origin. However, it is also prepared in Latin countries, such as Peru. It is made from a base of chicken broth, with vegetables such as cabbage. Seafood can be used for added flavor and a main ingredient known as wonton, a type of dough, cannot be dispensed with.

Try the most famous soups in the world

We have taught you which are the most famous soups in the world, now you have to try them all and decide on your favorite. The organoleptic characteristics between them are very different, but, in any case, we are talking about a preparation that provides a large amount of high-quality essential nutrients. They are considered healthy, so they can be included in the diet regularly.

Remember that soups are very appreciated during the winter. They manage to comfort and protect from the cold, although their consumption is not recommended when they are excessively hot. Drinking liquids at very high temperatures could put the epithelium of the digestive tract at risk, so it is not suitable. It is always better to wait for them to cool down a bit before taking them.

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