Meditation, the practice for self-improvement that has helped Claudia, Bertín Osborne's little daughter, to solve her emotional conflicts

There are only five days left until the book by Claudia Osborne, Bertín Osborne's little daughter, comes out. The most unknown daughter of the presenter has opened her heart in "The best of you. The art of knowing and taking care of yourself to be happy", where he tells how his life has been until he was 30 years old, full of toxicity and emotional problems such as anxiety and eating disorders before he put a stop to his life and embarked on coaching, a discipline through which he has achieved to get out of the loop she was in and find herself, an experience she tells in the book.

Daughter of Bertín and Sandra Domeneq (Osborne's first wife), Claudia found herself at a turning point in her thirties when she had already suffered two depressions, one due to a toxic love affair and the second, due to a heartbreak. After these episodes and the fight against an eating disorder, Claudia decided to seek help: and she found it in meditation, yoga and coaching, opening the window to a new world full of possibilities when it comes to healing.

Her Instagram account is a clear reflection of this new path: meditation sessions, rituals and a close relationship with the benefits of energy stones, are the type of publications that the life coach shares.

For her, meditation is much more than a simple practice, "Meditation for me has been everything for a time in my life. When I decided to start working on myself, meditation was the tool that helped me the most to go within, to listen to me, to know myself and it was thanks to connecting with myself that I began to realize what I had to clean. I would say meditation is the key when you start to walk the path of healing, so I have a lot to thank you for ", she explains .

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