Medical reviews that all men should be made

According to research published in 'MDedge', the mens are less likely to go to a appointment with the doctor of bedside women. And although they face inherent risks during childbirth, the average age of death of males It is earlier in the whole world.

Spain is the country with the second lowest mortality rate in the European Union, but of the 424,523 people who died in our country, 214,236 were men. "Even if you do not have time to go to consultation or to make analysis is crucial that it becomes a priority, "he says. Karen Schechter, director and assistant professor of the Online Healthcare Management and Health Administration Programs of the University of Maryville.

"Set appointments with the specialists is very important. Allow the experts to attend and respond to your needs. As a result, the professional can help you to encourage you to take a series of necessary precautions and pay attention to medical concerns that you may not even know, "he continues.

Physical exam

It is recommended that at least once a year you go to a consultation for make sure that cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels are adequate and thus minimize the risk of suffering diseases and serious conditions such as heart problems, attacks, strokes or diabetes, among others. In addition to regular checkups of your family history and stethoscope, your annual physical exam should include heart rate, body temperature, hypertension, and prostate measurements.

If you have reflux or the stomach acids do not let you live, it does not hurt to go to the digestive. After 50 the problems grow

If you are 45 or older, overweight or experience pre-diabetes symptoms, your doctor may also Analyze your blood sugar levels. Vaccines for adults generally begin to be introduced at 50, ask in the consultation which are the recommended ones.

Skin check

Go to an appointment with your dermatologist It should be something you should not forget. Do not just look moles with strange appearance. There are several indications that you may have skin cancer, so checking it after bathing or showering is highly recommended. The best thing you can do is set an alarm on your mobile so you do not forget it or leave a date marked on the calendar.

It has been proven that these self-checks reduce the risk of melanoma mortality in more than 60% thanks to early detention. Follow an order like an alphabet: see if it is TOsymmetrical; If you have the Birregular orders; the Csmell (if it is brown, black, has several …); its Dmeter or its ANDLeakage in the skin. You do not have to do controls with the specialist very often, but an annual review does not hurt and can be a "health insurance".


Go to the gastroenterologist It can be crucial from certain ages. "The American Cancer Society recommends tests of Colorectal cancer arrest From age 45 on, "says Schechter, colonoscopies are the most common test for colon cancer, but stool tests are also available, if you prefer, ask the expert what is the best option according to your health status. and family history.

If you have reflux or stomach acids They do not let you live, it does not hurt to go to the digestive. From the age of 50 it is very possible that your stomach has many problems and prevention is better than cure.

Teeth and eyes

The eyes can be the window of the soul, but the mouth is of general well-being. In addition, approximately 70% of Spaniards never visit the dentist, according to the National Council of Dentists of Spain. "Since every part of our body is connected and connected, dental exams should be part of the annual routine," explains Schechter. Each denture is different, so talk to your dentist to determine the ideal cadence for checkups. But in general, it recommends two cleanings a year. In one of those sessions, you probably also receive other treatments.

Spain is the country with the second lowest mortality rate in the European Union. Of the 424,523 people who died, 214,236 were men

Also, you should come as well to the ophthalmologist. Eye exams are not just for those who need glasses: doctors can also detect early signs of glaucoma, high blood pressure or diabetes. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends exams at least every two years, and more often if you have a visually strenuous job or hobby, family history of related conditions or other health problems that may affect your eyes such as high cholesterol, depression or anxiety.