Meat made of air? The mystery of this protein that is neither animal nor vegetable

That protein is present in both meat and certain vegetables and fungi, is something we already knew. But what about in the air? As it turns out, too. Or at least that has been the theory from which the startup Air Protein has started, who have manufactured a meat "made of air": an artificial product that does not have a plant base, but does not come from animal cells either. They have manufactured it from the "air we breathe". The objective, as they explain from their website, is "to create a sustainable solution that meets the global demand for food without the need for arable land."


A futuristic creation which, although it may not seem like it, has a scientific explanation: apparently, they have used microbial fermentation to carry out their experiment. "To create this protein we have used elements found in the air, combined with water and mineral nutrients", they clarify." There is behind a process of probiotic production. "Come on, a technique similar to that used to make yogurt, for example. The difference is that in in the case of milk, milk is required to create it, but remember that this meat "made of air" does not start from any food.

Instead they have broken down elements such as carbon dioxide by microorganisms that transform it into amino acids similar to those of the animal protein. From a mixture of water and minerals they obtain a protein powder which, if shaped, can be transformed into something similar to meat.

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And although the idea promises to be good, at least for the environment, the truth is that still there are skeptics with this kind of meat. To begin with because they consider it not meat, no matter how much you share certain nutrients. And also because since the startup they have not been able to explain clearly how much resources would be needed.

Therefore, there is still waiting to see how the matter evolves to see if it is marketed or not. In any case, there is no doubt that this meat "made with air" has aroused great interest.

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