Meal diary, the simple accessory that can help you lose weight (word of Lena Dunham)

"It's the only thing that has caused me to lose weight," the Girls actress confessed in an interview recently. "If I write down what I eat, I will have to become responsible. And the responsible people do not gain 13 kilos in a single month." This is how Lena Dunham spoke of how have you managed to lose weight by writing in a food diary. A fitness accessory that has become fashionable lately. This is a newspaper, similar to the annual agendas, but focused on food.

The objective is face the reality of what we eat, scoring from the main meals to the snacks that we chop almost unconsciously. In this way we become aware of what we do right and wrong at mealtime. And it is easier to bring a weekly menu.

What is recorded in food diaries?

It is not to write down the name of the dish that we eat simply, it is something more complete that includes the analysis of our emotions, how we eat, when and with whom. To be effective, the meal diary usually states:

The amount of food: with the exact measure of food, either grams or numbers if it is potatoes, olives or smaller snacks.

When it eat: the exact time you make the main meals of the day. This way you can establish a routine.

Where and with whom: If you eat while you work, at home, with your colleagues, you alone … So you can identify bad habits and correct them.

How do you feel when you eat: happy, sad, distracted, whether or not you have anxiety …


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The latter is especially important, as emotions are linked to weight gain. "The sadness made me lose weight," said the actress in the same interview, when she admitted that He had to fight months to overcome the break with his ex-boyfriend, Jack Antonoff. To that was added his problem of endometriosis and the pain that entails.

That's when he found strength to try Focus your diet in a positive way. And the food diary was the accessory that helped her. A small notebook that they usually sell at the large stationery stores or at Amazon, where it has been one of the most sought-after products in recent weeks.

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