Materials to do yoga comfortably

Yoga allows us to connect the body, mind and breath. The use of some materials will help us to achieve greater comfort.

Last update: January 01, 2022

The practice of yoga is increasingly widespread throughout the world; not only to achieve a connection between the body and the mind, but also for the benefits it brings to the physique. Although with comfortable clothes we are already in a position to start the activity, we can improve the techniques with a series of materials to do yoga comfortably.

This practice is ideal for connecting the body and mind through meditation, different postures, and breathing techniques. It is a spiritual modality that is more than 5000 years old.

Doing yoga brings benefits

Yoga brings multiple physical and mental benefits. It allows us to connect with the inner self by aligning body, mind and breath.

In addition, the joints are worked and the muscles are strengthened with a routine full of calm. On the other hand, various studies propose yoga as an alternative medicine, due to its effect as a therapy.

Here are some benefits of training like this:

  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • It reduces stress.
  • Facilitates digestion.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Tones the muscles.
  • Improve coordination.
  • Helps to better rest.

Know some materials to do yoga comfortably

To get started in the practice of yoga, you do not need any special equipment, although we do comfortable clothing is recommended and the use of a mat is common. In addition, we can perform the exercises at home, in a park or in the place we choose.

However, with the addition of mats, straps and blankets we can achieve asanas (postures) with greater slack and improve our techniques. These are some of the materials to do yoga comfortably.

1. Mat

We can use any mat to do yogaHowever, the best option is to opt for a specific one. The beginner mat is 3 or 4 millimeters thick and comes in rubber, rubber or cotton.

You can choose the one that best suits your characteristics or preferences and take it wherever you want. There are also those who look for those that have a special manufacturing care so as not to harm the environment; something that goes hand in hand with the philosophy of yoga in general.

The mat can be transported anywhere to perform the postures in the outdoor environment, if we want.

2. Belt

Elastic straps or bands are one of the most commonly used accessories in yoga. There are different materials, they are flexible and have an adjustment system to adapt them to our characteristics.

They allow us to exercise all the muscles of the body and perform multiple exercises. In addition, they are easy to transport.

3. Blocks

Also called yoga bricks, are ideal for achieving postures more easily. They are widely used by beginners, as they allow us to improve technique and give us some help.

They come in different sizes and also made of different materials. If we have little flexibility, it is convenient to use large blocks. They have their main application in Iyengar yoga.

4. Non-slip towel

Yoga towels add comfort. They are designed so that they do not move out of place, adapt to different surfaces and have quick drying.

They can be easily stored in any bag or backpack without taking up a lot of space. They are recommended for those who sweat a lot. Due to these characteristics, they provide hygiene and guarantee us the necessary stability without the risk of slipping.

5. Meditation pillow

The pillow we allows a better posture when sitting and greater comfort, so it is essential when it comes to meditation. We can meditate anywhere or on any surface, but using the cushion will help us find a quiet position. In addition, it prevents the bending of the spine.

6. Yoga hoop

The yoga hoop or wheel is designed to adapt to the curvature of the back. A flexible material is used for this.

It allows the performance of various exercises and helps beginners to achieve some more complex postures. It can also be used as a belt or as a block.

Some implements are designed to facilitate postures and contribute to their support.

Prepare your yoga materials and encourage yourself to practice it

Yoga materials are important for working comfortably and achieving poses more easily. They can also be used to perfect techniques and even to add complexity to exercises at more advanced levels.

What’s more, in all cases they are hygienic, quick-drying supports and easy to store and transport. As for the costs, there are varied, but we will always find economic options.

Although the materials are not essential for the practice of yoga, they are recommended. In particular, they are a great help for beginners.

They will also serve as motivation to encourage us to start, since having new elements increases our desire to try and release them. Now that you have your own equipment, what are you waiting for to start your yoga routine?

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