Marijuana: for or against its legalization?

Many celebrities have declared themselves Cannabis smokers, from the mythical Bob Marley, Juanes, Joaquín Sabina to Lady Gaga, who uses it to mitigate her fibromyalgia.

In 2018, earlier this month, people with legal age of majority in Canada can buy legally cannabis and products derived from it. For just over 4 euros you can get 1 gram of this substance and the store shelves are full of multiple varieties with such curious names as 'great white shark' or 'banana split', for example.

The regularization of marijuana consumption has been a current issue in our country, since they are announced as possible parliamentary initiatives from some political group with similar intentions to the Canadians, according to have gathered the mass media.

The success of legalization in Canada has been such that, weeks later, the product is practically Exhausted in the sales establishments. Expectations are to exceed 300 million dollars in taxes.


In other countries, such as the Netherlands, they have already allowed for the purchase of cannabis and derivatives in the so-called 'Coffee-shops', where these products can only be purchased and not others such as alcoholic beverages, for example. In them the sale is regulated, not allowing minors and neither can they be located in the vicinity of schools. The amount that can be possessed is also limited. The sale, moreover, has been regulated in some American states such as California, Oregon, etc.

In Spain the consumption in culture and the purchase are illegal

In Spain, consumption, cultivation, possession and purchase are illegal, unless these acts occur in the privacy and non-profit, as happens in those known as 'cannabis clubs'. The therapeutic use of marijuana is not regulated in our country either. A bill seems to be in the process of being studied and the Collegiate Medical Organization requests that, if this use of cannabis be approved, it is under strict control of the medication agency.

In favor or oppossing?

The arguments in favor and against the legalization of cannabis use are very varied. The groups that express themselves in favor argue that legalization will fight against the mafias that control the market. Through regularization, income would be obtained, through taxes that could be reinvested in schools, health, etc. further you could control the quantities and quality of the substance, among other things.

The arguments against They are also very strong. It must be said that the medical associations and the medical colleges are not in favor of the legalization of cannabis. It is demonstrated, in multiple scientific studies, that the consumption of these substances increases the risk of suffer from mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, especially if consumption begins at an early age. This substance also alters memory, attention and psychomotor skills, with everything that could be involved in traffic accidents, for example.

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