Man tells the story of how he found his “double” in a pool, separated at birth?

During his vacation, this man found someone who looked like his exact copy. Look at the story.

Last update: 15 September, 2022

Imagine that you are in a place, you meet someone who is identical to you, but he is not part of your family. Crazy right?

However, as fanciful as it may seem, in real life there have already been cases like this. For this reason, in this article we share all the details of one of them.

The encounter between a man and his exact double

Sean Douglas McArdle, a man on vacation, made the decision to go to Las Vegas. Therefore, he stayed in a resort and began to enjoy all the comforts of that site.

The moment he was in the pool, something strange happened to him. He noticed that a group of people were pointing at him and laughing repeatedly. Because of this, she was filled with curiosity and proceeded to ask her friends if they knew what was going on.

All the people let him know that, in that same hotel, there was another man who was physically exactly like him. As a result of that situation, Sean wanted to look for him to see how much the resemblance was. The moment he faced him, he was shocked to the max. They really did look like twins.

Also, both wore glasses of a very similar style and a cap of the same color. They looked like the same person. Added to all these factors, the voice of his double was quite similar. For the same reason, visitors to the resort They stated that they felt in a parallel environment.

Sean Douglas wanted to take a picture with the other. His intention was that everything would be immortalized.

That was how, after having it, he immediately uploaded it on social networks. Most Internet users were shocked and began to share it in a massive way. Currently, the photo exceeds 98,000 positive votes in Reddit.

people’s reaction

After the image was circulating on the internet, a man was encouraged to ask Sean if it was all a joke and they were actually brothers. But he made it clear to her that they had met in a swimming pool and that she had never seen him before.

Because of this explanation, many people said that they doubted it before, but now they are convinced that there is a kind of “simulation” in this world.

Others took it all as a joke. So much so, that they claimed that one of his parents had to give an explanation. An additional group suggested doing a DNA test. It seems incredible to them that their differences can be counted on the fingers of their hands.

Meanwhile, Sean has also accepted the meeting with his double with great pleasure.. She has told the media that when she passed him, she felt herself looking in the mirror.

Although everything seemed surreal, this man is sure that this has been one of the most magnificent experiences of his existence. Not everyone is presented with the opportunity to enjoy these experiences.

Have you been in a similar situation? Let us know and ask your acquaintances if they have seen their double!

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