Man adopted a girl with Down syndrome, together they demonstrate the value of diversity

This man became the adoptive father of a girl with Down syndrome and took it upon himself to make her very happy. Find out!

Last update: July 29, 2022

Although it pains us to say it, it is a reality that many biological parents do not accept their children because they are born with a disability. Because of this, they refuse to take care of them and make the decision to leave them in an orphanage.

Fortunately, there are people who want to fulfill the dream of being parents and are aware that all children are wonderful. As demonstrated by a man who adopted a girl with Down syndrome who was abandoned by her family. In this article we share the details of his story.

Luca, the guardian angel of a girl rejected for having Down syndrome

Alba, a girl who was born with Down syndrome, was placed in a foster home a few days after birth. His parents were not willing to attend to all his care.

Due to this, the officials of the organization began to look for a home for her in which they would offer her the guarantees of loving and respecting her for life. But initially, 20 adoptive families refused to take her in.

Therefore, Alba’s future was very uncertain. However, Luca, a man she had long wanted to adopt, he found out about the situation and rushed to rescue the little girl.

Despite his good intentions, management was not easy at all. Due to the fact that he was gay and single, the Italian laws placed too many obstacles for him to obtain the guarantee.

In the end, however, he was told that the only way to open the door to adoption was for him to become the parent of someone with a severe disability. He immediately accepted.

From the beginning he saw Alba with eyes of love and felt that she was his ideal complement.

The girl’s life with her adoptive father

From the moment the little girl arrived at Luca’s house, he covered all her needs in the best way and made her feel loved. As a result of this situation, Alba has been able to have a happy upbringing and optimal development.

Also, has become the most important priority for his father. So much so, that he has always told the media that his life revolves around her and that the only thing that matters to him is collecting countless unforgettable moments by his side.

This is how they are becoming more inseparable and they spend their time living a lot of adventures. They love to travel, play, learn together and celebrate all the special dates.

Similarly, now that Alba is 4 years old, they take the opportunity to have fun, singing and dancing. Luca affirms that his daughter has a magnificent talent to carry out those two actions.

Her great goal is to make society recognize her abilities, consider her capable of fulfilling all her goals and listen to her very carefully.

The mission for which Luca is committed

The father of this beautiful girl is clear that one of the most fundamental goals that must be in this world is to fight exclusion and defeat the misconception that disabled people can not do anything.

Consequently, he wrote a book called We surprise them with special flaws. in the work, makes visible the story of 3 children who managed to transform their disabilities into gifts wonderful.

The purpose is that the people who read it understand that all mental barriers must be knocked down immediately. In addition, it is now the right time to let diversity flow and value it.

But his message has not been only there, because he has also taken advantage of his case to invite people to adopt. It shows that that is one of the most beautiful decisions of all because it allows to change for good the life of a child who needs it.

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