Makeup tips to highlight the color of your eyes

Combining shadows according to the tone of your eyes, you highlight the look and bring harmony and intensity to the makeup. Follow these tips to not fail.

Last update: 29 January, 2022

Combining eye makeup is an art. Even if you don’t get groomed by a professional, you can enhance this trait by facing shades of the color wheel. The encyclopedia concept explains that the mixture of pigments, based on color theory, leads to the desired effect.

This principle applies to eyelid shading, whose cosmetic function is to give shape and color to the eyes. The method consists of locating the shade closest to that of your iris on the color wheel and using the opposite range to achieve dazzling makeup.

For its part, a publication of the magazine professional pharmacy add to the technique the use of darker shadows on the upper eyelid, intermediate on the mobile eyelid and luminous under the eyebrow. But can you counter any tone?

Makeup tips for light eyes

Remember the following: you get the dream look if you select shades according to the iris. Also think about eye shape, eyelashes, hair style, complexion, what clothes you’ll be wearing, and whether it’s a day or night event. According to your eye color, implement the following recommendations.


The green eyes they stand out if you make them up with pink or purple Contrasts with gold and orange. Dusky browns work well as long as the iris is dark green.

Although you can opt for the range nakedthere are more intense alternatives if you want a look dared. As for the outlined, do not marry the black. Try silver, charcoal, or purple hues.

Eye makeup can use color theory to highlight the face.


to the blue eyes they are favored by red, orange, copper, gold, bronze and brown pigments. The last two and the black work to outline, adding sensuality.

The counterpart of this palette is in a dark smoky or pastel yellows and reds. Green shadows are not for them.


Breaking schemes: pink and purple they are ideal for the day on gray eyes; at night it is better copper and gold. Illuminates the arch of the eyebrows and the tear duct.

Make an impact with a black eyeliner and don’t forget the lash. Other colors used are white, blue, silver and aquamarine.


Soft oranges, golds and pinks match honey eyes. The range of light blues and greens do not highlight its beauty so much.

Again, the classic black eyeliner highlights the look. He harmonizes the face with lipstick naked and bronzing powder.

Makeup tips for dark eyes

Choosing the wrong tone plays tricks on you. If you have dark eyes, the suggestions below favor styling.


The advantage of having a brown iris is that it binds to almost all pigments. However, gold, purple, pink and brown shadows with a slight shine give it more prominence. Dazzle with a bit of black, either in the crease or outlining.

As for hazel eyes, make them up with silver and well-blurred blues. Greens and the pastel range are not the best match for brown.


The versatility of black eyes is evidenced by fascinating with purple, gold, pink, gray, brown and even black makeup. The intense blues and the greens could play against him. But some techniques go beyond the limitations.

For example, smoky eyes or smokey eyes they were popularized with dark shadings, mainly black. However, the finish expanded to other tints. His secret is to fade the black base, supporting it with other shades, even quite colorful.

Care and suggestions for removing make-up

Because of its thinness, the skin of the eyes is delicate. Take the necessary minutes to remove make-up and avoid infections, accumulation of impurities and wrinkles, as the National College of Opticians Optometrists (CNOO) limits.

Furthermore, the magazine Farmanatur invites you to use a gentle and exclusive make-up remover for this area. Micellar water is also recommended for skin hygiene.

How is the cleaning procedure?:

  • Apply cleansing cream with a cotton pad. For dry skin, try to make it an emulsion.
  • Q-tips or swabs help if there are traces of makeup.
  • When the eyeliner and lash are waterproof, use specific cleaners for this class of products.
  • Don’t forget the facial toner. Rose water is effective.
  • Moisturize the entire face with cream. The CNOO mentions the lotions that contain hyaluronic acid, anti-stain properties or those that adapt to the needs of your dermis.
Removing make-up is as important as putting on make-up and it must be done carefully so as not to hurt the skin of the eyelids.

Details that complement eye makeup

You already know which palettes are suitable, guided by the color wheel. Now, complement the eye makeup by paying attention to aspects such as the finish of the eyebrows. These arches frame your face and, if they are not shaved neatly, they overshadow any arrangement.

The illuminator is essential to broaden your look. Use it on the brow bone. Gives volume to the lashes. And to make your eyes shine, choose hairstyles that clear your face.

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