Makam, a medicinal method that invites you to reach full consciousness

Makam is a method of medicine based on search for the nature of the person through their physical, psychic, soul and spiritual well-being. Hippocrates, an ancient Greek doctor considered the father of Western medicine, hit the key when he affirmed "There is no disease, but sick", that is, each person is unique and that person must also be the first and foremost to get involved in the path of self-care and healing, because it affects them directly.

From Makam we educate the population, with the aim of making it increasingly autonomous and responsible in decision-making and in controlling their health problems. Educating not only means giving adequate information, but also reflecting with patients until reaching a rational understanding of the problems, which motivates emotions and feelings and stimulates life changes to live it better and healthier, work that we do in personalized consultations , in workshops and courses and in free talks open to the community. The book is also available "Makam, conscious health" for those interested in deepening and learning the techniques.

In Makam Conscious Health We provide personalized and comprehensive care to maintain good health and regain it when the quality of life of those who suffer from chronic diseases is lost or improved.

Makam Conscious Health

The name comes from a Sufi concept, maqaam, which invites the person to develop fullness of consciousness in unification with divinity in each of the acts of his life. Makam is also a type of harmonic musical scale used since ancient times in ancient Bimaristan and for spiritual purposes by Sufis.

For this reason, we take the name makam as a reference, also associating it with the concept of maqaam, since the thought of this method of medicine is aligned with the idea that every person is an instrument that needs to be tuned to take its place in the symphony. universal and thus seek unity with the permanent One.

It is naturally a holistic method that contemplates the whole being, so we have within the method five interconnected techniques that enhance each other, dedicated to promoting the well-being of the person.

1. The Munawara technique, which by using breathing, neurosensory stimulation and different types of physical maneuvers and massages, restores the balance of the body and reduces the tension and discomfort of people's health problems. Especially indicated in pathologies such as gastritis, irritable bowel, bruxism, headaches, arthritis, lumbar pain.

2. The Azuam technique, which by enhancing the integrative psychological perspective and with it the adaptive capacity and personal self-efficacy, allows the enjoyment of the perpetual moment of the here and now and provides feedback on positive emotions and feelings.

Makam Conscious Health

3. The Kamash technique, specially designed to enhance relaxation, combat insomnia and stress, allows in its execution to hug and cradle the body. It takes us to the sweetness of the swing of the hammock on a summer afternoon, to the arms of the mother who lulls her baby or to the waves of the sea. Patients say there is only one pleasant little mishap, addiction. Addiction, which is transformed into understanding, sympathy and trust with the therapist that increases rewarding and constructive environments. Ideal for contractures, postural problems, back pain and pregnant women.

4. The technique Here, the most ancient of all of them and that arouses the greatest curiosity, consists of tapping between two stones at certain points in the body, releasing accumulated tensions. It recalls the pianist who composes a symphony by assigning his musical notes by playing the piano keys, it takes us to a world of harmony, peace and tranquility. It is not surprising that this technique can relieve specific areas of the body that accumulate tension or stress contractures and decrease pain, just as music has now shown its beneficial effects on chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety.

5. The Makawen technique, competes with the technique Here in the antiquity of its knowledge and practice, it seeks to restore internal balance through complex formulas of medicinal herbs studied since ancient times in their efficacy, interaction and adverse effects. We have a pharmacopoeia resulting from the study of the most efficient way to work with medicinal herbs, focusing on their main therapeutic action and creating combinations that can be applied with 33 basic herbs.

Makam and his techniques are endorsed by the "Nuhma philosophical system", a lifestyle that encourages reflection and sets the criteria that lead to a life of peace and happiness through a path of autonomy and respectful relationships with the environment and with nature.

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