Magnetic eyelashes: advantages and tips for safe use

Currently there are various products, treatments and techniques that exist to improve the volume, length, quantity and curvature of the eyelashes. Some of them are false eyelashes, eyelash extensions and the new trend: magnetic eyelashes.

Although false eyelashes were the first option to beautify the look, many women abandoned this technique. The reason was allergies and infections caused by the glue that is required to adhere them to the eyelid.

However, magnetic tabs are attached without the need to use any substance, because they contain micro magnets that adhere to any magnetized surface. If you want to continue learning about this new fashion that is here to stay, don't miss this article!

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are a strip of hair that can be natural or synthetic, composed of two or five rectangular micro magnets that allow them to adhere to a magnetized surface. Like the previous options to beautify, you can choose the length and thickness of the strip.

Similarly, magnet tabs easily adapt to any eye, regardless of size.

Traditional false eyelashes were not used a lot due to the allergy caused by their glue.

How are they placed?

Attaching the magnetic lashes is a simple process that requires patience, but it is only a matter of practice. Currently there are two procedures for the placement of magnetic eyelashes and they are the following:

  • The first is use two strips of magnetic lashes and join them with the natural lashes. That is, their own must be between the two strips of magnets.
  • The second is apply a gel eyeliner with magnets to the eyelid of the eye, then place the lash strip.

When it comes to removing them, the process is even easier. You just have to clear the strips with your fingers. Then you save them and reuse them.

Double row magnetic eyelashes

This variety consists of two strips of hair for each eye, made up of micro magnets. First, the upper strip is placed over the eyelid. When it is fixed, you place the lower strip and join it with the upper one, enclosing the natural lashes in the middle.

Although this procedure can be tedious, there are tools to make it easier. These are the magnetized tweezers. These allow you to place the strips on the magnets to place them on the eye.

Advantages of magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes have multiple advantages compared to other products on the market (for example, drawn eyelashes and hair-to-hair extensions). Among its benefits are the following:

  • No glue required: Women who refrained from using eyelash products because the glue caused allergies or damaged their skin can use these with magnet.
  • Easy to put on and take off: while false eyelashes and extensions require a technique and tools for their placement, magnetic ones can be applied without having previous knowledge in the matter and using only the fingers. It is not necessary to hire a specialist or go to a cosmetician.
  • Natural finish: sometimes, eyelash products, instead of highlighting the look, overload it, making it look artificial. This is not the case with magnetic tabs.
  • They are economical: Compared to the eyelash extension application service, which costs 60-90 euros, magnetized lashes cost between 20 and 25 euros.
  • They can be reused: about 20 times.

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How to use them safely?

Although the use of these products with magnet does not produce ocular interference, it is extremely important to be careful not to be prone to infections. Further, proper use allows to prolong the life of the eyelashes.

Here are the suggestions to take into account for magnetic eyelashes:

  • Do not share them with another person, because through the strips eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, can be transmitted.
  • Keep the lashes in a closed place, away from dust and moisture.
  • You can wear eye makeup or mascara after lash placement, but not before.
  • Wash your hands to prevent infections eyepieces.
  • After using them, it is necessary to clean them with micellar water in order to remove the remains of makeup and dust.
  • In case of having an eye infection, do not use the magnet eyelashes. They can cause further irritation and become contaminated.
  • Applying lashes in a hectic environment can cause them not to adhere properly or even cause injury.
  • Do not use the eyelashes if you have an MRI. This method relies on a powerful magnet that could detach them.

There are tools that facilitate the placement of magnetic tabs through magnetized surfaces.

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Magnetic eyelashes are reused and less polluting

In short, magnetic eyelashes they are an excellent reusable, economical and time saving alternative Compared to older options like false eyelashes or extensions.

However, although they do not require glue, it is extremely important to comply with the recommendations for use. To avoid infections, and even prolong their life up to 30 times, it is convenient to adhere to the advice. Likewise, it is vital to apply them with patience and with clean hands.