Magic degreaser stone – what is it and why should you use it?

With detergents and conventional products, the task of cleaning grease from different household objects was never easy not entirely satisfactory. Until the magic degreasing stone arrived; impeccable solution that we present to you in this note.

It is an artificial rock in solid state, made of ecological, biodegradable and natural ingredients. The materials that make up its essence are soap flakes, micronized white clay, vegetable fats, green lemon oil, sodium and glycerin.

It should be noted that, unlike other cleaning products, this stone free of acids, phosphates and toxic products of any kind. That is why, in addition to being free of allergens, it does not sting the skin and its use by children is not risky.

How is the magic degreasing stone used?

When moistening the sponge and passing it on the stone, white foam is produced. This foam has a very fine type of clay, with which a slight erosion is achieved. In this way, a thorough cleaning can be obtained without damaging any of the surfaces of the home.

After cleaning it is recommended to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and, subsequently, a dry cloth. In this way you can remove the clay remains that could have been left by the magic degreaser stone.

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What surfaces can be cleaned with this product?

The number of objects and surfaces that can be cleaned with the magic degreasing stone are inexhaustible. With it you can clean, for example, faucets and tiles, rust stains, plastics, glass ceramic and bathroom elements, such as the sink, the bathtub, the mirror and the toilet.

However, you should also be aware of the limitations of the magic degreaser stone. One of the surfaces that it is suggested not to clean with this utensil is wood. in all its forms. Nor is it recommended to use it for cleaning any type of fabric.

Orange peel is a natural alternative for cleaning due to its intrinsic properties.

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Using orange peels as a natural degreaser

In her work for the Sek International University, Andrea Emilia Quiroz Valle raises the possibility of creating a degreaser based on orange peels. According to the author, the intention of the study carried out is that orange peels are one of the main organic solid waste in her country.

Quiroz Valle argues in his work that, in addition to being a potentially efficient degreaser, due to the active principles of orange peels, it is inexpensive to manufacture.

Still, the magic degreaser stone is inexpensive and an affordable option. It is not available in all businesses, but you have to look for it. Once acquired, its advantage is that it is necessary to use very little amount at a time, so an initial investment can be prolonged over time.