Madcow 5 × 5 workout routine to gain strength and muscle

The madcow 5×5 routine is great for gaining strength. These are basic exercises with other complementary ones, in which the load is progressively increased.

Last update: November 28, 2021

Gaining strength is one of the main objectives when we start the activity in the gym. Being stronger helps us to carry out any activity of daily life more easily. Here we present the routine madcow 5 × 5, great for beginners.

The training madcow is an exercise routine to improve strength. 5 × 5 refers to the number of sets and repetitions to perform.

For each activity the maximum possible weight is used and the breaks between series are usually longer compared to other types of routines. It is a method that requires great physical wear, so it is done 3 times a week and 1 day is left to regain energy. The routine should be maintained for 12 weeks.

Exercises of the madcow routine 5 × 5

The key to training madcow to gain strength is increase the load progressively. Of course it will always be within our means.

But being able to achieve it visualizes progress in training. If we repeat a day lifting the same weight as in the previous one, it indicates a stagnation and we will have to restart the routine.

Anyway, it is worth noting that we hope to obtain long-term results and not immediately. Let’s see what are the basic and auxiliary exercises of the routine madcow 5 × 5.

The routine is designed to gain muscle strength progressively, in approximately 3 months.

Basic exercises

Basic exercises are present in most gym routines. In the case of madcow 5 × 5 they are the basis of the activity.

At the beginning it is advisable to work with little weight and prioritize the technique. In the first few weeks, the activity should be easy to do. We must remember that if we start with high loads we will quickly reach the maximum of our strength and we will not be able to progress.

These are the basic exercises to keep in mind:

  • Squats: With your feet shoulder-width apart and your torso straight, bend your knees and lower yourself down to a 90-degree angle. Then it is returned to the starting position.
  • Dead weight: With the legs spread and the knees slightly bent, the body leans forward to take a bar, but the trunk is kept straight. The bar is then slowly raised to a standing position.
  • Press banking: we lie on a flat bench. The bar is held with both hands at shoulder height. We bend our arms to bring the bar to our chest slowly. Finally, the bar is raised forcefully and the exercise is repeated until the series is completed.
  • Press military: sitting or standing. Take a barbell with your arms wide open with a width greater than that of the shoulders and keep your back straight. Holding the bar at chest height is the starting position. Then he rises forcefully until his arms are straight and slowly returns to the starting position.
  • Barbell Row: the body is bent forward, the back is straight, the feet are open, and the knees are slightly bent. Slowly raise the bar to your chest, elbows out once flexed. Then it is lowered to the level of the ankles and the movement is repeated.

Auxiliary exercises

We will also take into account auxiliary exercises to complement the routine. The activities that can be interleaved are the following:

  • Dominated.
  • Crunch.
  • Lateral raises.
  • Money.
  • Curl of biceps.
  • Triceps extension.
  • Hyperextensions.

How to calculate our maximum strength?

Before starting the routine madcow 5 × 5 it is necessary to know our maximum force to take reference on the weight to apply. For this, the direct or indirect method can be used. We will emphasize the second, which is the most recommended for beginners.

First you choose an exercise to perform. Then an approximate maximum weight is chosen. If we manage to do 3 repetitions, the weight used is our RM (maximum repetition), that is, our estimated maximum strength. On the other hand, if we can exceed 3 repetitions, we must increase the load and repeat the exercise.

Meet the madcow 5 × 5 routine to gain strength and muscle

Now that we know what are the exercises to perform, we will organize the training week. It consists of 3 days interspersed with 2 days off.

Some exercises, such as squats, are repeated with each session, but with different loads. Remember that it is important to correctly apply each of the techniques to be able to work your muscles well and reduce the risk of injury.

We must also take into account the importance of rest intervals between sets. That time is usually 3 minutes, which allows us a good recovery to be able to use all our strength in the next activity. This guarantees greater efficiency and safety at the time of execution.

First day

  • Squats: 5 × 5 (five sets of five reps).
  • Press banking: 5 × 5.
  • Barbell Row: 5×5.
  • Weighted hyperextensions: 2 sets.
  • Weighted crunches: 4 sets.

Second day

  • Squats: 4 × 5.
  • Press military: 4 × 5.
  • Deadlift: 4 × 5.
  • Sit-ups: 3 series.

Third day

  • Squats: 4 × 5, 1 × 3 and 1 × 8.
  • Press banking: 4 × 5, 1 × 3 and 1 × 8.
  • Barbell Row: 4 × 5, 1 × 3 and 1 × 8.
  • Backgrounds: 3 × 8.
  • Biceps: 3 × 10.
  • Triceps: 3 × 10.
Squats are present in all training sessions of this modality.

Having strength requires effort

Routine madcow it is ideal for all those looking to gain strength. Even for those who have never worked that aspect.

It is essential to perform it in the gym under the supervision of a specialist, both to achieve the technique as well as to control the loads used and the progressive increase of them. While training may seem monotonous or boring, the challenge is adding weight. There is the point of motivation.

In addition, we will notice the results in daily life and our strength will increase significantly. There is no strength without effort, but perseverance will pay off!

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