Macadamia milk: what are its benefits and how to prepare it

Macadamia milk is a drink from a variety of nuts capable of providing health benefits. However, it is not a common product in many countries, so it is easier to make it at home than to find it in the supermarket.

It should be noted that vegetable drinks can be an excellent option for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to cow's milk proteins. These are digestible foods that provide a good amount of essential nutrients, although they are deficient in protein.

Macadamia milk benefits

We are going to start by commenting on the health benefits of consuming macadamia milk, as well as the position of science on the matter.

Neutralizes the formation of free radicals

Thanks to macadamia milk you can consume a large amount of compounds with antioxidant capacity. These have been shown to be capable of neutralizing the formation of free radicals, reducing the risk of developing complex pathologies in the medium term.

Note that accumulation of reactive oxygen species in tissues stimulates inflammatory mechanisms, being one of the underlying processes that determine the appearance of many chronic and complex pathologies.

In addition, macadamia milk contains a significant dose of vitamin E, a micronutrient that also boasts antioxidant and restorative properties.

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Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Dairy and cow's milk are not the only foods that contain calcium and promote good bone health. Vegetable drinks that are made from nuts also have a certain amount of this nutrient necessary for bone tissue, according to a study published in Nutrients.

However, do not forget that in order for it to be properly absorbed at the intestinal level it will be necessary to ensure that vitamin D levels are in an optimal range. This requires regular exposure to sunlight.

Calcium and vitamin D are the allies against osteoporosis. Its correct presence in the body prevents pathology.

Helps control lipid profile

Dried fruits are characterized by the presence of unsaturated fatty acids inside. Among all of them, omega 3s stand out as the most beneficial for cardiovascular health, as stated by research published in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

A portion of these lipids can also be found in macadamia milk, which will help reduce total cholesterol, in addition to increasing the HDL fraction. In this way, the risk of developing atherosclerosis could be reduced, although this association is not entirely clear.

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Macadamia milk recipe

Now we are going to teach you how to make macadamia milk at home, since as we have mentioned, it is a difficult drink to find in supermarkets.


  • 100 grams of peeled macadamia nuts.
  • 800 milliliters of water.
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon.
  • 3 tablespoons of stevia.
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla flavoring.

Step by step for the elaboration

In the first place, it will be necessary to obtain a mixer that develops enough power; the walnuts and water will be introduced. They are crushed for 5 minutes until a homogeneous mixture remains.

From here, the rest of the ingredients are added and everything is beaten again for another 5 minutes, until the elements are properly integrated.

Once the macadamia milk has been made, it is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator, where it will last for a few days without problem. As it does not contain eggs, the microbiological risk is significantly reduced. Although it may lose flavor over time.

We recommend that you always serve it very cold. Even adding a few ice cubes and a little cinnamon powder on top can be a good idea to improve the staging.

The cinnamon adds a final touch if it is to our liking, once we have prepared the vegetable milk.

Make macadamia milk

As you have seen, macadamia milk is simple and quick to prepare. However, it is an expensive product, since many of the ingredients that make it up tend to have high prices in the supermarket. Even so, the result will be so good that it will be worth it.

Of course, we do not recommend substituting macadamia milk for your water intake. Although it can be a refreshing drink, mineral water must always be the reference element when it comes to ensuring a good state of hydration.

Nor is it optimal to eliminate the presence of milk in the diet without an allergy or intolerance situation. well diagnosed that justifies it. This product provides essential nutrients to ensure good health and is considered important in almost any diet.

If there is no express recommendation by a professional to remove it from the diet, this measure should not be implemented.