Lucid dreams: know the benefits and causes of these creations of the mind

Did you ever think about controlling your dreams? You could fly over the most paradisiacal destinations in the world, meet again with a person who is no longer there or even score the goal that turns a team into world champions. If you want to do any of these things and many more, the dreams lucid psychoanalysis may be the answer.

Some scientists claim that intelligence lucid dreams exist and in fact it is the ability that a person can develop to be aware of what is being dreamed and even control everything that happens.

What are and types of lucid dreams

In short, lucid dreams are those in which a person is aware that they are dreaming. Indeed, according to Iñaki Martín-Subero, an expert in “the art of dream yoga”: “The levels of lucidity cover a very wide range of experiences, from having a nightmare and when we realize it, we wake up, to recognize the dream as such, remain conscious within it and change its content with the power of intention ”. Of course, all these factors will depend directly on the power of control over the imagination that each person has.

Lucid dreaming takes place in a phase called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or translated into Spanish to dreams of rapid eye movements. This is a shallow stage of dreams that usually develops before waking up and that is why many people remember having these experiences.

There are no types of lucid dreams in children and specific adults. The content of them strictly depend on each person and their imagination. In fact, there are dreams where people play an active and conscious role in the experiences while others begin to realize that what they are experiencing is truly something unreal and therefore they become directors of their own dream, taking the reins. of everything that happens.

lucid dreams causes

The truth is that there is no known and precise cause as to why lucid dreams originate. However, there are reasons to believe that it happens to people who are more introspective or also to those who have more gray matter in their brain.

What kinds of people have lucid dreams? Multiple studies showed that people who were more reflective about their inner thoughts were more likely to have more lucid dreams than the rest. This is because the individual has a high metacognitive ability. This translates into the ability to reflect and evaluate one's mental states.

In fact, scientists around the world showed MRIs of lucid dreamers' brains, and they have more gray matter than the rest. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for conscious thinking, memory, decision-making, and self-control.

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Although these events are difficult to investigate, a study carried out by the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim (Germany) concluded that a large part of the population has had a lucid dream at least once in their life.

How to realize that it is a lucid dream

Perhaps you have ever experienced a very brief lucid dream but did not remember it when you woke up. According to experts like Arnold-Fosrter or LeBerge, these are some elements that can help you identify if you are in a lucid dream or not:

– The excitement it is one of the elements that helps a person to realize it. This is directly related to the fact of not being a simple observer but that you can guide the course of the dream.

– The sharpening of the senses– Colors appear brighter and sounds are heard clearer.

– The attention to detail: The surroundings are observed with much more precision and focus.

Greater perception: peripheral consciousness expands. This translates into feeling much more consciously what is experienced.

Do you want to try to have your lucid dream? Follow these steps

The sleep psychologist Ian Wallace developed a series of tips for the BBC that could help us when resting our head on the pillow to provoke a lucid dream. Take note and try it!

1- Induce sleep: before going to sleep you have to repeat the following phrase: "I am in control of my dreams".

2- Waking up during REM phase helps to be more aware when the person falls asleep again. While this is not an easy thing to do, setting an alarm 90 minutes after going to bed can help. This is usually the time it takes for a person to enter deep sleep.

3- Meditate frequentlyDeep and continuous meditation is believed to be a kind of lucid dreaming. Meditating will not only help you to have them more frequently but also helps you to be able to control everything that happens more effectively.

4-Take note of everything that was dreamed of In a notebook when waking up is the ideal method to collect experiences, including feelings and emotions experienced.

So what are lucid dreams for? To squeeze the imagination to the fullest and thus explore and create our deepest desires.

And you? Did you experience a vivid dream?

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