Low calorie foods so you can perform in your workouts and forget about flaccidity

When do we want the sagging go away, training is not the only thing we must take into account. The feeding is key when it comes to ending orange peel, flaps and even stretch marks (Alessandra Ambrosio has the perfect smoothie for this). Therefore, choosing elements that are not only healthy but also do not help to achieve our goal is not a trivial task.

What's more, there are foods that can be almost magical when it comes to carrying out transformations in the body due to their properties. Lemon water helps you not retain fluids, apple cider vinegar is the infallible ally if you want to detoxify the body … and so, we could be paragraphs and paragraphs. Hence, we have come up with the perfect list of foods that give you all the energy you need to perform in your workouts.


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What foods are they?

Slow-release carbs, leafy greens … most of these foods are sure to be in your pantry. Take note!

The beet: It is one of the least loved vegetables, but it contains infinite benefits: 100 grams of beets only contain 45 calories. Low in fat, rich in B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, nitrate and manganese, it will help you increase your physical resistance.

The wheat pastaSaying goodbye to carbohydrates for fear of gaining weight is one of the biggest mistakes out there. The key is to choose healthy modalities and above all, slow release. Pros of the full version? Provides the fiber necessary to regulate intestinal transit.

The spinach: its high iron content is responsible for Popeye not having another favorite food. They enhance the body's ability to convert protein into muscle mass.

The cereals: no, we are referring to the fluorescent colored cereals that you would like to consume every morning since they have high levels of sugar that detract from their nutritional value, that is, they are empty calories. We talk about alternatives like oatmeal flakes, puffed rice … there are many healthy versions that are an excellent source of carbohydrates for energy.

The dairy products: specifically, probiotic yogurts as they strengthen the immune system when we undergo high intensity workouts.

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