Loving father waits for his daughter every night at the truck stop

A father waits for his daughter at the bus stop every night to protect her. Look at her story.

Last update: 11 March, 2022

What parents want most in the world is that nothing bad happens to their children. Therefore, they are ready to do anything to protect them and keep them away from all dangers.

In addition, they are in charge of showing them that they will always be there. In this way, they communicate that they can go to them regardless of the time or place.

Well his love has no limits or conditions. In addition, they can only feel calm when they know that their children are well and full of well-being that they so deserve.

This was demonstrated by a father who has long had a beautiful gesture with his beloved daughter. In this article we tell you all the details of this beautiful story in which love and kindness are the protagonists.

The loving father who takes care of his daughter’s well-being every night

It is a reality that in many places in Latin America there is insecurity. Therefore, the situation at night can become distressing.

And this is what the family of Belén Cárdenas knows, a 22-year-old girl who always comes home from work after 7:00 pm Because of this, they take the appropriate precautions so that she is not exposed to any danger.

Well, her loving 72-year-old father goes out every night to wait for her until the whereabouts where the bus leaves her. He does it with the intention that the young woman does not have to walk without any company until the House.

The prettiest thing of all is that the man has been doing the same thing for 3 years. Well, at no time has he been willing for his daughter to have to live in an adverse situation.

You already know that the meeting time is always between 8:30 and 9:00 pm Because of this, from Monday to Friday he is present at the place with the same punctuality and patience that he had from the first day.

The moment the story went viral

As a way of gratitude and pride, Belén Cárdenas decided to share the story through her Twitter. In this way, she told Internet users that her father was always waiting for her without fail at the bus stop where she arrived.

In addition, he took the opportunity to state that he loves his father with all his life and that he would like him to never miss him. Well, she has always been her great superhero.

Added to this, along with the heartfelt words, he uploaded a photo of his father. There he was seen tenderly waiting for her a few minutes before the bus arrived.

Due to this, the publication became viral in a very short time. The vast majority of Internet users were moved by the love that the father showed and left their messages of congratulations.

Likewise, many other people they took advantage of the story to also remember their parents. This, because they stated that they also went out to wait for them when they had to get home late at night.

Similarly, some paid tribute to parents who no longer accompany them in this world. They remembered that they too put everything aside to make them feel protected.

For her part, Belén Cárdenas declared before the media that her father has always been the best shield. So much so, that before she also got up every day to take her to work and provide her with security.

Because of that, feels like one of the luckiest women. She has a company that makes her feel loved, understood and well supported every day, regardless of the circumstances.

Parental love is unconditional and unbreakable

The great priority of parents is the well-being and happiness of their children. Therefore, they are able to put everything aside to be aware of them and support them in what they need.

Likewise, when it comes to loving children they have no limit. They never tire or lack the strength to intercede for them and protect them at all costs.

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