Love letter: thank you for everything

Although there are no words in this world that can translate my love, this letter condenses everything that I have felt and never said.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on November 29, 2021.

Last update: November 29, 2021

How can you put into words what the heart cannot understand? How to fill a blank page when there are no phrases that can describe how much I love you? And yet here I am; wielding this pen to translate my feelings into this love letter.

Love is a very curious experience. No one can tell you what it feels like, they can’t tell you if you’re in love either. It is something that you discover little by little, with its lights and shadows, by the hand of that person you have chosen to be your partner. Well, now I know. I know that you are that person and I also know that I am in love.

Thank you for always being there

Love is something pure and sincere, which undoubtedly represents one of the greatest sources of happiness.

Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being my lantern in times of darkness; my teacher when I make mistakes and my guardian angel when I feel helpless. Thank you for not pushing me back when I am afraid, for showing me my worth, and for keeping me from getting lost on the path of life.

I can’t help but be grateful for who you are and what you have done for me. You opened your heart and with it you hugged me, and its warmth flooded the depths of my soul. I met you at a strange time in my life, and since then you have never let go of my hand since the first hello.

I can never fully express how important you are to me. That this love letter is just a loophole, since my feelings overflow any word. Thank you for your presence, your words and your hugs. Thank you for your company, your kisses and your love. Thank you for being you and for deciding to stay by my side.

Sometimes I can’t find a way to express how much I love. Serious mistake. If you knew how important you are to me, if you knew the value with which I receive your actions and your words, you would also feel hesitant to express it. I know you know it, but today I manifest it in this love letter through these words.

Thank you for being an unconditional support

I was born again the day I met you. From now on everything makes sense, while everything has become secondary. Even in your absence you remain, as our connection goes beyond the physical. All this is possible thanks to the fact that you have become an unconditional support.

For the first time in my life I feel safe to express my feelings. I do not hesitate to show my affection, nor to share my privacy. For the first time I am sure of something, as much as I have never been in the past: I love you..

The support you offer me is one more symptom of our good relationship. Trust, fidelity, affection and above all friendship. Yes, of course we’ve been through tough times, but what would a true relationship be without?

These are the moments of conflict when true commitment is demonstrated, and you have done it without hesitation. Thanks to them we have resurfaced stronger, which shows the unconditional support we profess for each other. I thank you for continuing to bet on me and for continuing to water this little garden of roses that we have planted together every day.

Thank you for taking my hand and looking at the horizon next to me

As long as the passion of love continues to exist, together everything is possible.

Since you took my hand with decision, you gave me security. You helped shape a course on the horizon, and together we have walked toward it at a steady pace. We have overcome obstacles, always supporting each other in the face of setbacks.

Together we have opted for a project and we continue to bet on it. That’s what love is all about after all, isn’t it? Take the hand of the person you love and look with them in the same direction. We have pursued happiness, although along the way we have discovered that to find it we only have to stare at ourselves.

In this love letter I want to patent the appreciation, admiration and respect that I feel for who you are. Just a smile from you is enough to brighten my day, and the contemplation of your beauty is enough for me to know that I am very fortunate. I even treasure moments of silence, because in silence I also find traces of your voice.

Receive these words written with sincerity as one more sample of my love. Yes, I know; They have fallen short and are insufficient, but these will find a foothold in reality. I will try until the end of days to enforce them, so that you do not need a I love you to know how I feel about you: my actions will speak for themselves, it is the least I can do to be grateful that you are still by my side.

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