Losing weight with the exercise bike: all the tricks to easily lose all those excess kilos

If you have seen Nagore Robles practice the exercise bike, you will have already realized how well it can be by dedicating half an hour a day to this discipline. In fact, it is one of the best exercises you can do at home to burn calories for little money. Guaranteed investment! Lean legs and firm buttocks are just some of its most visible benefits. Strong heart is another. Know all his tricks to get the most out of it.

If you use the exercise bike to lose weight, you may need some tips and ideas to boost your plan. Because not everything is to start pedaling as if there were no tomorrow. Indoor bikes are an excellent way to emulate the benefits of cycling with the advantage of being in the comfort of a room and surrounded by things that help to distract you. Music, for example. In addition to offering aerobic exercise, exercise bikes also improve the muscular tone of the hips, buttocks and thighs.

Choose the type of bicycle

The offer of exercise bikes is huge at the moment. For little money you can take an excellent product. Additional functions (minute count, heart rate, distance traveled, etc.) do not necessarily provide a better workout. You don't really need these extras to lose weight, although the information you add can always be helpful.

A bicycle with reclining spot It allows you to lean back slightly while pedaling, which is ideal for someone who has a bad back. There are also the spinning bikes, used in gyms for specific tables to burn fat and calories. They tend to offer a realistic cycling feel. But in reality, any exercise bike (that meets the minimum) is always a guarantee. What really matters is what you do.

How to use resistance

To get the best stationary bike workout in your fight against weight, you need to use resistance. It is the difficulty pedaling. You can set the resistance level according to your fitness level and your goals. It's important that you don't set too high a resistance right from the start. You want to get a good workout, but not suffer.

This also includes a saddle that doesn't bother you with the passing of the minutes. Take this into account when choosing which bike to use. If you are riding an exercise bike at home, position the saddle at about hip height. While pedaling, this height should allow you to the legs are comfortably extended and without forcing. In addition, the handlebars should allow you to keep your back upright and effortless. Definitely: you should never force posture. Everything should be done naturally.

The trainings

If you are a beginner, start little by little. Be patient because you will notice the progress soon. Starting out really strong will only lead to frustration. As the days go by, very few, you will be able to increase the resistance. You will start with a comfortable warm-up and then gradually increase the intensity level in 5 minute increments. You will feel like you are going up a hill on your bike. The workload will become more demanding and you will have to burn more calories and fat while trying to maintain a regular rhythm with the pedals.

Another option is the stable pedaling. It is the most comfortable practice if you simply want to keep in shape and burn fat and calories without breaking the bank. Put on music or a TV show that distracts you while practicing it for 15 to 60 minutes a a constant level of work. There will come a time when you evade and you will not even realize that you are pedaling.

And then there is the pro version, speed ranges, with which you will burn everything. Indicated for those who want to lose weight drastically with more than proven results, although a certain basis is necessary to practice it. Start with a steady warm-up and then increase your pace in short intervals. Pedal faster for two minutes and then go back to your normal rhythm for a minute or two, depending on how you see yourself. Repeat the intervals 15 to 30 minutes to finish your workout with a five minute cool down.

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