Losing 4 kilos in a week? The pros and cons of the Military Diet (or three-day diet)

Putting our body on a diet can compromise our health In many ways, for example, we run the risk of reducing the micronutrient intake that our bodies need. But the temptation to lose weight quickly or perform a detox cure guided by the experience of a celebrity is sometimes stronger than common sense, which has led us to face the fastest weight loss challenge on the internet: the Military Diet (Military Diet) or three-day diet. Works? It's healthy? Can you really lose four kilos a week doing only three of diet?

What is the military diet and what does it consist of?

The three-day diet He proposes to eat for three days in a very specific way (which we will tell you below) and rest the next four to resume the diet the following week and continue with the diet and non-diet cycles until you lose the desired weight.

The secret of their success in making us lose weight is that this three-day diet menu is very low in calories (you cannot exceed 1000 calories a day and advise staying at 800). To give you an idea, this is an example of what you could eat:

What to eat the first day

For breakfast a coffee, a toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter (which is why the diet is American) and half a grapefruit. To eat a cup of tea, toast and tuna. And for dinner, a grilled steak with a cup of green beans, half a banana and an apple.

What to eat the second day

We return to the breakfast of toasted but this time with an egg and half a banana. To eat 1 hard-boiled egg, another toast and cottage cheese. And for dinner, half a banana, half a ratio of carrots, broccoli and two hot dogs.

What to eat on the third day

The last day you eat 1 slice of cheese, 5 craker cookies and an apple. At lunchtime we return to the toast with egg. And for dinner we repeat half a banana, a can of tuna and, for a prize, a glass of ice cream.

It seems little food and food choices at first glance are not very balanced… perhaps because it is little food and food choices are not the healthiest, but the key is, does this method work?


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Is the three-day diet healthy (or military diet)?

This regimen is actually considered a kind of fasting and under no circumstances should they be used by people who are not overweight, diabetics, minors, much less pregnant women.

Despite the fact that these types of low-calorie diets are effective in losing weight and may even improve the cardiovascular profile of people suffering from obesity, in reality, This type of restrictive diet should never be done without monitoring or prescription from a doctor. There is a risk that, as in the previous example, the choice of food is not the most adequate to meet nutritional requirements and fall into malnutrition. In addition, never, in any case, with or without a doctor, can you use this type of diet for more than 16 weeks.

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