Lose weight while you sleep: we know what time you have to eat for your metabolism to burn more fat

Scientists have long guessed that eating late is fattening. And we already know what time we have to go to bed so that our efforts to lose a few kilos bear fruit. But little by little the puzzle is completed and now, also, thanks to an investigation from Johns Hopkins University we know that late dinners are associated with weight gain because those who dine past ten at night burn less fat and have higher blood sugar levels that those who dine early, although both groups dine the same and go to bed at the same time.

Neither calories, therefore, nor sleep habits seem to be responsible for that weight gain. The real culprit, according to this study, is late dinner hours, which is capable of altering metabolism and the way the body uses calories from food eaten: If you eat dinner late you alter your circadian rhythm and the body does not metabolize glucose in the same way.

For many dinners have become a risk to gain weight both by schedule and by the choice of the menu full of calories.

In addition, the researchers paid special attention to the fat in the meals of the study participants and how the body used it after eating it. In fact, they were able to measure how much of the ingested fat was burned and what was stored… And here the results were also negative for the group of the volunteers who ate dinner after ten at night.

This group of researchers also warns that with our lifestyle for many adults late dinners have become not only a habit, but a risk. Between the incompatibility of working hours with early dinners and the impossibility of having a full breakfast or eating something more than a light sandwich, For some people, the last meal of the day has become the one that consumes the most calories of the day.


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As well, the recommendation of these experts so that all who are in this situation and prevent our dinners from causing us to go up in pants sizes is that we have dinner before ten and if we foresee that this is not going to be possible we will eat a calorie-rich snack in the afternoon (a natural yogurt with nuts, for example) and Let's have a salad with protein (grilled chicken, tofu, boiled egg …), only then can we get our bodies to burn fat properly while we sleep.

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