Living in a house with a high ceiling: advantages and disadvantages

Have you had to change your residence and when entering your new home have you had to look up to control its height? You are in front of a house with a high ceiling and looking at it you don't know if you were lucky or would have preferred it to have a low ceiling.

These houses have their history and are not usually built anymore. They respond to a stately era and communicate that presence. Their ceilings, most of the time, measure between 270 centimeters and 3 meters. If one comes to you in luck, feel lucky; They have more advantages than disadvantages, so take advantage of their height with some recommendations that will allow you to enjoy it.

5 advantages of living in a house with a high ceiling

These houses are usually accompanied by large surfaces, what gives you the possibility to innovate. You will have large spaces to decorate at ease and dare to use large objects. Here are some suggestions.

1. Greater luminosity

The extraordinary opportunity to have access to more natural light it will be enhanced with large windows on dark walls or with wide sliding glass doors. In addition, the windows will join the high ceilings to generate a greater ventilation flow.

2. Increases the feeling of spaciousness

Houses with high ceilings provide in advance a feeling of spaciousness, that you can breathe freely. The beneficial psychological effect can kickstart your goals and add extra energy to your everyday life.

The height allows you to gain internal spaces just by having mezzanines or stairs, with access to intimate or personalized living rooms.

The constructions with high ceilings were more common long ago and respond to a style that is hardly used now.

3. More space to decorate

When it comes to choosing spaces with personality, a house with a high ceiling gives you more options to display your taste. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, mirrors, lamps, hanging plants or gardens they can give the room an imposing color and vitality and at the same time cozy.

4. Acoustic advantages: special for musicians

A musician would appreciate a house with a high ceiling, asymmetrical walls, and uneven surfaces. The first would come with the house, the other is granted to you tips design and expert recommendations.

It is worth considering that neuroarchitecture is an area of ​​knowledge that investigates the relationship between personality and the built spaces that we occupy. High ceilings can make concentration and attention difficult, but it is proven that they favor abstract thinking and the flight of the imagination. That is why they are popular in schools and art studios.

5. Divisions and shelves multiply

Divide surfaces into proportional thirds to harmoniously add elements to the walls, such as bookshelves. You get room downstairs for furniture and tables, while you win upstairs, especially in the middle third, elegant spaces for books or decorations.

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4 disadvantages of living in houses with high ceilings

Homes with high ceilings mean more areas to paint, maintain, or cover. Sometimes it is difficult to acclimatize them. You may feel like you need more objects or more items to occupy spaces. Otherwise, the absence can generate the feeling of discomfort and emptiness.

1. Difficulty cooling or heating

The most difficult thing to control in a house with a high ceiling is the temperature, whether it is needed for the season to shelter or cool. In any case, a higher energy expenditure will be required. If you live in a hot area or summer has entered, the high ceiling and light colors will help you refresh the spaces.

2. More expenses and investment

If the furniture is not the right size, make sure it is clear like the walls of the room to increase its volume. Or try creating affordable and affordable shelves that can be used for books and magazines.

You can inexpensively lower the ceiling height, painting it in a darker color than that of the walls. And if you want to avoid excessive use of artificial light, a house with a high ceiling will require you to increase openings and windows.

3. Height at odds with austerity

If you are used to austerity or having few objects, a house with a high ceiling can be quite a challenge. Cool tones on walls and ceiling go well with simplicity and they adjust to your ability to arrange and order the spaces.

Using ornamental moldings reduces the height and the use of cabinets will allow you to store or store large objects in view on the top.

4. Difficulty in maintenance

When you don't have tools to manage the height and the ceiling remains up there as if you forgot, it can lead to serious maintenance problems. Inaccessibility can make minimal repairs difficult, from the replacement of bulbs or attention to surfaces that require plastering or painting.

The use of stairs and windows solves the large spaces.

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Houses with high ceilings challenge our design knowledge

A house with a high ceiling offers you the possibility of putting creativity into practice, to create welcoming and, above all, personalized spaces. But they are certainly a challenge for our resources and design knowledge. Light walls will give you even more space, although if you don't need that much, dark colors will reduce it.

A fun option is to create a loft that is accessed with a fixed or ladder. With safety elements such as railings and a ladder with handrails, it will be an ideal space for children to have adventures in the attic.

The internal spaces of the home are in some way our own interior space. Let's take advantage of the spaciousness to breathe and the open spaces to unfold the imagination.