Lipsticks: 9 types and how to use them

Lipsticks are fixed products in the feminine beauty routine. They have been around for decades, but do we really know how to use them?

Last update: November 19, 2021

If there is a routine that characterizes women, it is makeup. Be it simple or extravagant, there is no doubt that he is capable of marking an incredible before and after. In this sense, lipsticks are products that cannot be missing from the beauty kit.

Everyone thinks that applying this cosmetic is very simple. However, it has its technique. If you fail, your teeth could be stained with pencil or, perhaps, their duration is very short.

For these reasons, the ideal is that you know the correct way to use them, as well as the variety available in the market. This article was designed for you, keep reading!

Types of lipsticks that exist

The diversity of lipsticks in beauty stores is immense. On the one hand, this is great because you have so many options at hand, but on the other, it becomes a challenge when it comes to choosing.

Which one to take you? It is the million dollar question. The answer is not as difficult as it sounds. The key is to learn more. Take note!

1. Lip tints

In this variety, the texture is fine and very fluid. These lipsticks have a result similar to that of a tattoo.

Lacking fat, the pigment settles on the lips and lasts longer, up to 8 hours. This feature attracts most women, who free themselves from constant touch-up.

The inks are great for achieving the popular effect of bitten mouth. If you want to try it, it is advisable to put a little in the middle of the lip and spread it quickly. On the other hand, if you are a lover of glitter, but you hate that the color disappears in the blink of an eye, the way to go is to apply the ink and then the gloss.

2. Matte lipsticks

There are also matte lipsticks that they leave a silky, smooth and delicate finish. Those of higher quality do not dry out, much less crack. However, one of the disadvantages is that these products do require touch-ups.

To get a look fresher and more natural, just one layer is enough. While if you want a more glamorous effect, go for two layers. It’s up to you!

Lipsticks are present on the market under different names and the choice requires knowledge.

3. Satin lipsticks

Satins are on the list of classics that do not go out of style. Its texture is creamy and silky; the finish is luminous. These kinds of lipsticks usually come in intense colors that, for sure, will highlight your lips to the fullest.

To get the most out of it, professional makeup artists suggest getting rid of excess lipstick from the first coat with the help of a napkin. Immediately, pass a second coat that will serve to guarantee the duration of the color.

4. Liquid lipsticks

Because liquid lipsticks are made with a high concentration of pigments, provide rich colors that add to long wear. They are sold with metallic or matte finishes. When using them, the proper technique is to start with a thin layer and add another only in the middle of each lip.

5. Tinted gels

The main attraction of gels is that they have several functions, since they are not only used for the lips, but also for the cheeks. They are not greasy, do not run and are long lasting. As for the texture, it is ultralight!

This versatile product can be used as a base for a satin lipstick. The reason is that, if the color of the latter is erased, the lip will remain pigmented thanks to the gel.

6. Tinted balms

If you have chapped lips or just love taking care of them, balms are a very beneficial alternative. The truth is that provide nutrition and hydration, plus a slight hint of color that will make them look very subtle.

The final finish is a natural satin. Due to these particularities, they are the most used to achieve the effect of bitten mouth.

7. Plumping balms

This name may sound strange to you. Perhaps you have never heard of this type of lipstick.

It is a new concept, manufactured to reinforce the natural coloration of the lips, while adding volume and making them appear fuller. It is ideal for girls who have very thin lips.

8. Semi-transparent lipsticks

These are distinguished by being translucent. They create a light layer with color, not as intense, but with a lot of shine.

In other words, they are kind of a middle ground between balms and satin lipsticks. One of the advantages of having them in your kit is that, depending on how many times you apply them, the hue will be more or less strong.

Semi-transparent lipsticks can transform a base color. For example, if they are on top of a passion red you could achieve a lipstick.

9. Gloss

Perhaps it is not the specimen that lasts the longest, but it is undeniable that is the protagonist of the shine. You probably already know its gelatinous consistency, easy to water, although the market has formulas that are not sticky at all. The key is to use a previous ink, wait for it to dry and, finally, place the gloss.

It is interesting to give a small touch only in the center of the lips to provide a detail of luminosity. It is even valid to put it on lips without makeup to highlight their natural color.

General steps to apply lipsticks

Although there are many types of lipsticks, the steps to follow for the application are always relatively the same. Let’s go to them:

  1. Prepare the face: a good facial cleanser will help you in this task. The next step is to close the pores with a toner. Many girls opt for lip scrubs as part of the prep.
  2. Cover lips with concealer or foundation: Both the foundation and the concealer create a more even layer on the lips that makes it easier to apply the lipstick.
  3. Make the outline: Opt for a natural eyeliner tone or the tone of your lips, so they will be well defined and you can make them appear thinner or thicker, according to your needs.
  4. Apply your favorite lipstick: The secret of makeup experts is to use a brush to apply the lipstick. You will see how the edges will be much more precise, unlike when you do it directly.
  5. Remove the excesses: Once you have finished with the whole process, a primary point is to eliminate excess lipstick. Find a disposable napkin or towel and give it a kiss. In this loving way, you will say goodbye to surplus.
The placement of the lipsticks follows some common steps that are valid for any type.

Unleash your creativity when wearing lipsticks!

It is impossible to have all the lipstick colors, but you have the opportunity to expand your color palette by combining one shade with another. In this way, you can create incredible shades to highlight your face. Don’t forget to keep your lips hydrated!

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