Linear kitchens: features and tips

Inspired by the minimalist decoration style, linear kitchens are the perfect example of how to achieve functionality in a small space. The objective with them is to organize the main elements on a single wall, so that the whole set is grouped in a straight line.

Although the previous idea may seem a bit boring, in reality this type of kitchen offers a great variety of styles. This is not to mention its advantages, such as a low installation price, better use of space, guaranteed comfort and quick access to instruments and utensils.

How to make the most of the space in my kitchen?

A frequent question when remodeling the home is under what style the kitchen can be decorated. As is well known, this is the place where there is more action, especially for those who are fans of gastronomy.

The answer to all this may lie in linear kitchens. Contrary to other styles, those of this type demand only a couple of meters from the room. You can install one in just 3.6 meters, which is the standard for grouping the main elements: refrigerator, sink, hob, oven and dishwasher.

For this reason, they are the perfect option for apartments with few square meters or when you want to opt for an open space. Whatever the reason, linear kitchens never compromise on comfort. On the contrary, they are the perfect solution to achieve functionality and quick access.

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Tips and ideas for linear kitchens

You don't have to hire an interior designer to create your own linear kitchen. Fortunately, this variant opts for a simplistic and discreet style, so you only have to take into account some basic aspects. The most important are the following.

Keep shades neutral

We have already emphasized that linear kitchens group all the elements in a small space. For this reason, it is of great importance that you maintain neutral colors when decorating, since this way you avoid overloading an area that, in itself, is a bit loaded.

The most used colors in this type of kitchen are white and gray. From these, infinite possibilities arise, thanks to its tonal variants. Black, combined with subtlety, is also an interesting option when the space is open.

If you want to vary the decoration you can bet on accessories with other shades, as long as they remain in a neutral color spectrum. Kitchen utensils in brown or cream, for example, are a good option to break the monotony of the main design.

Neutral colors that are not too strong or flashy go well with linear kitchens.

Install tall cabinets and furniture

This trick is useful if you only have a small space, as the feeling of height will counteract it. The optical center will be at all times at the height, so that the limitations of square meters are not the center of attention.

This can be achieved by opting for horizontal lines of work. Remember that with limited space, you should prefer furniture and cabinets that include several storage options.

Go for a futuristic design

Fashions change all the time. Despite this, there is one that has remained a trend and is nothing more than the futuristic finish. In the kitchen it is achieved through a very particular style: metallic details.

Metallic finishes are the latest trend in all types of kitchens. It is a style that emulates a futuristic design and that allows varied combinations with kitchenware, utensils and other elements. Avoid, yes, that all structures are made of metal.

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Pay attention to the lighting

Installing tall cabinets is not the only trick to overcome space limitations in linear kitchens. Another that you can use is lighting, both natural and artificial.

The first is of great value when cooking during the day; the second at sunset. In the latter case, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Install light panels in horizontal areas (this gives you the feeling of spaciousness).
  • Play with the tonality spectra. LED lights are the best for this.
  • Consider installing spotlights in the base or near the ground. It is useful for creating a floating appearance.
  • Include small, soft lights in crowded areas; this prevents them from being the center of attention.

Keep in mind that, aside from helping with the design, the light set you choose should be functional for cooking. This is very important, since it is common for some renovations to use a lighting system that is not very useful when it comes to gastronomy.

Follow an unbroken line

Linear kitchens are not named after them just because they use a single kitchen section. They are also characterized by following uninterrupted lines, so that each element is combined with the previous one. With this a profile harmony is achieved.

How can you do it? Very easy: organize the kitchen elements so that you try to follow a straight line from start to finish. Of course, you can take a couple of licenses, although try to move a line for at least one meter.

Take into account the lines of the cabinets, the refrigerator, the microwave or the sink. Everything must be part of a whole; this way you avoid that each element seems to be installed randomly.

Use drawers without handles

If you want to maximize the minimalist look and get a fluid aesthetic, then consider installing drawers without handles. With this you avoid losing the linear sensation and achieve greater discretion when viewing the kitchen from the front.

Where possible, try to use simple grips; those that allow you to access the inside of the drawer quickly, but at the same time hide its system. You don't need to spend a fortune.

Change the style with the help of an island

Installing an island next to your linear kitchen is a bit of a cheat. After all, the meaning of these is that the entire gastronomic process is done only on one wall.

However, if you have a lot of space to spare, it can be an interesting option. This is accentuated if the place works under an open concept.

The islands are a great help to opt for a few extra inches when cooking. Certain recipes or a large number of diners may require more space. Try, in this sense, keep the concept linear to match perfectly.

Keep in mind the distribution of the elements

When organizing kitchen accessories you should not prioritize aesthetics over functionality. They must respond to a minimalist and linear style, it is true, but they must also be functional when allowing you to cook in a fluid way.

On the other hand, be careful with combinations. For example, never place the cooktop near the refrigerator. The contrast of hot and cold is not good for both parties.

Linear kitchens with metallic details point to a futuristic style that never goes out of style.

Linear kitchens solve functional problems

The above tips are key when creating a linear kitchen. As a complement to them, also keep in mind the following:

  • Keep a minimum distance of 50 centimeters between each accessory cooking.
  • If you are installing a range hood, try to keep it small or hidden.
  • Make the distribution of things based on how you usually cook.
  • Don't skimp on expenses if you think a certain modification will make a difference.
  • Try that the style of the kitchen (colors, shapes and design) is on par with other places in the house.
  • Consider keeping a folding table on hand or a stool to support you.

A specific advice on how to make the most of the space you have or what type of countertop texture to choose can make a big difference. In this way, don't be afraid to call on a linear kitchen expert to help you on how to remodel, taking advantage of what you already have.