Lessons from “The Little Prince” that will help you be a better person

This children’s story offers valuable advice to live better. Discover them!

Last update: 25 September, 2022

Throughout history, a large number of texts have been created that, apart from entertaining with their plot, leave a large number of lessons. They allow people to reflect on the most essential values ​​of life.

Such is the case of The little Prince, the novel written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry during World War II and has been translated into some 250 languages. In this article we tell you the most valuable teachings of him. Do you want to meet them?

What is “The Little Prince” about?

This story is about a pilot who is in the Sahara desert, trying to fix his plane. Nevertheless, While making every effort, a child is found, whom he decides to call “the little prince”.

He tells her that he is from an asteroid and that he began to explore the universe with the intention of finding a friend. He took care of a flower, but it had a very capricious behavior.

He was able to get to earth and on the way he met a large number of beings who had the similarity of paying attention to banal aspects. Among these, a king, a drunkard, a businessman, a lamplighter, a vain man and a geographer.

Nevertheless, also to a fox, which made him realize the true meaning of friendship. Consequently, after that learning, the little prince helps the pilot to see the world from a more conscious perspective.

After this important task, he is encouraged to return to his asteroid, with the desire to see his flower again and not leave that bond. But despite the departure, the pilot is always remembering it. He feels lucky to have received the lessons mentioned below.

1. What is really important is seen through the heart

After his experience on earth, the little prince realized that there are a lot of dangerous stereotypes. For this reason, he stated that beyond looking at the physical aspect, you have to give yourself the opportunity to love to connect with others and know them in depth.

2. Instead of criticizing, you have to know yourself

Judging others only causes conflicts, inequality and does not help other people to improve. Because of this, the right thing to do is realize your own mistakes. Only then is that everyone can worry about being a better person and promote a much more tolerant world.

3. Give no space to greed

Focusing only on obtaining more and more economic wealth is a mistake. People deny themselves the possibility of appreciating other things that are also worthwhile, especially the simple ones.

As a result of that situation, they can never feel completely happy. In addition, they do not appreciate each of the achievements achieved.

4. Everyone is responsible for what they do

Each person has to know that their actions, however simple they may be, have a considerable impact on themselves and others. Therefore, always act responsibly and bear the consequences.

5. Time is used if special relationships are built

Having an unconditional friend is the most precious treasure. Well, apart from rejoicing at achievements, they are also present in bad times and help find sufficient motivation to move forward.

Because of this, you have to give yourself the opportunity to get to know people in depth. Otherwise, time is wasted.

6. Do not demand too much

People must be clear that excessive expectations are harmful. They prevent people from appreciating what others offer them.

In this way, they should receive everything they are given with a lot of love and make the most of it. The only truth is that a good intention can never become a burden.

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