Learn to replace the foods that are making you age faster

Tobacco, pollution, sun exposure or food are agents that affect the body accelerating cell deterioration. It is clear that we cannot stop time but we can stop premature aging caused by bad habits or an inappropriate lifestyle. These are the foods that make you age faster and healthy alternatives to preserve your youth for longer.



We know, they are very rich and you can not chop only one, but they are a food with a high glycemic index that will not only make you fat but also are related to an excess of free radical formation, those compounds that generate oxidative stress damaging the cells causing aging and diseases in the body.

Substitute: If you want to replace the fries with a similar food, opt for the sweet potato (or sweet potato) that It is rich in antioxidant vitamin C that fights the effects of free radicals delaying the signs of premature aging and taking care of the skin from the inside.


Breakfast cereals

They have been sold to us for years as an essential food for a weight loss diet. Well, not only do they have a high glycemic index, but also, breakfast cereals are usually loaded with sugar, preservatives and additives that are not recommended that affect cell aging. Read the labels very well!

Substitute: To replace these industrial cereals Choose to make your own homemade granola or muesli with oat flakes, nuts, natural dehydrated fruit, fresh fruit and seeds.



Soft drinks and soft drinks are formulated with very unhealthy ingredients, in addition to having low nutritional value. Sugar or artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives … a long list of ingredients that accelerate cell aging and they do your skinny favor.

Substitute: To replace these drinks choose infused waters, water, juices or smoothies from natural foods They give you vitamins and antioxidants and stay away from soda if you want to prolong your youth.


Processed meats

Processed meats usually contain additives that cause inflammation of the tissues and damage the skin's collagen. Forget hot dogs, hamburgers of doubtful origin and chopped meats loaded with starches and sugar if you want to keep your youth for longer. Beware of barbecues or elaborations at very high temperatures because they cause compounds that are very harmful to health, such as acrylamide, potentially carcinogenic and that accelerates cell aging.

Substitute: To substitute processed meat and fried and high-temperature processing, opt for vegetable proteins such as tofu or legumes cooked at medium temperatures and if you are a meat lover the best option is to consume organic or grass meat preferably.


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It is involved in cellular glycation, a process that favors the aging of the skin through tissue degradation. By consuming sugar, you alter the proteins that structure the tissues, so Collagen and elastin are compromised on the skin stimulating premature aging and causing sagging, roughness, dryness, wrinkles …

Substitute: It is very difficult to completely eliminate sugar because it is usually hidden in products that you do not expect such as serrano ham or fried tomato, but our recommendation is to eliminate the obvious sugar from the diet (pastries, sweets, refined sugar …) , read well the labels of the products you buy and replace table sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey, date syrup or similar alternatives. If you can't live without chocolate or chocolate, choose dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa, even better if it's 85% or more.

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