Learn to purify your home with the sage plant

The sage plant gets its name from Latin I will save, which means 'save'. Throughout history it has been used in search of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Therefore, with this article you can learn how to purify your home with the sage plant.

From traditional medicinal use to varieties that cause hallucinogenic effects, this plant has a multitude of presentations that it is necessary to distinguish. But do not worry. Read on to find out how to use it at home.

What is sage?

Sage is a shrubby plant of the mint family which has its origin in southern Europe. It has been used throughout history as an expectorant and cold cleanser.

In addition, it has been considered an ally of women during their menstrual season. It was traditionally prescribed to help relieve dysmenorrhea, which are severe pain during cyclical bleeding.

Scientific studies have revealed the possibility of its antihypertensive use, that is, to reduce blood pressure figures. Anyway, this was verified in animals and not in humans.

However, it also has other uses that are beyond medicinal. It can be decorative, aromatic, cosmetic and part of incenses to purify environments and clean energies, according to some anecdotal data.

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Sage incense tradition

Sage has been used for more than 4 centuries by different civilizations. Its use has always been in order to purify the environment, expand the wisdom of the people and increase the defenses against diseases that may afflict them.

From there arises the tradition of burning the dried sage leaves as if it were an incense, in order to purify the environments that we frequent and invite good energies so that they are part of our daily lives.

Sage has many uses. Some are studied by science, but others are just anecdotal and unsubstantiated.

Benefits of purifying your home with the sage plant

Surely you already want to know the benefits of purifying the home with sage. Here we leave you the most relevant and they are the following:

  • Drive away bad energies: se says that sage smoke drives away negative energies and low vibrations.
  • Increase spiritual connection: lSalvia enhances spiritual connections thanks to the thujone in the plant, a substance that is associated with increasing intuition and enhancing the senses.
  • Improves mood: hIt has been a tradition to use sage to calm down.
  • Eliminates bad odors: toYes like any other incense, sage produces a pleasant smell that will eliminate odors and make you feel even more at home.
  • Contributes to better sleep: pDue to its calming properties, sage will generate a state of tranquility that will allow you to fall asleep more quickly. This is not attributed to a direct effect of the plant on insomnia, but to the associated relaxation, as some research clarifies.

Contraindications to the use of sage

Despite these benefits, the plant has certain contraindications if you exceed its use. Therefore, remember that, if you are going to purify your home with sage, you should not use more than necessary.

Similarly, if you are pregnant, you should bear in mind that the use of sage is associated with uterine contractions and other hormonal imbalances, due to the presence of the substance known as thujona.

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How to make sage incense to purify the home?

If you are new to this practice of clearing energies and would like to try it, follow our step by step to purify your home with the sage plant.

Necessary materials

  • A stuffed bunch of sage.
  • Cotton or thread to tie the bunch.
  • Container to collect the ash.
  • Candles and matches.
  • Bowl or container with sand.
  • A fan, pen or some tool that allows you to ventilate.

Step by step to purify your home with the sage plant

  1. Gather your supplies Y be sure to open a window so smoke doesn't condense in the home, so you also allow negative energies to come out.
  2. Remember to have the time and space to perform the ritual, so you can do it without feeling rushed and with full concentration.
  3. Intent is the key! Visualize what you want for your home. Take a moment before lighting the incense bundle to say out loud and clear what your intentions are and what you want.
  4. Turn on the bunch of sage using a match or candle. It is very important that you start the ritual at the door of your house and spread the smoke as you enter. Then mgo clockwise.
  5. If there are stairs, go up or down them and purify the space they take you to.
  6. Purifies your personal belongings. Bring the sage closer and surround the object with it, making circular movements.
  7. Close the ritual repeating your mantra one last time. Extinguish the flame in the sand bowl until the smoke stops coming out. It is important that you do this step correctly.

The purification rituals must be carried out from personal conviction, so it is important to follow the step by step.

Purifying with sage is the first step to continue with good energy

Although you are performing a purification ritual, it is important that you be alert to any accidents that may happen during the process. Thus, nor leave the sage burning by itself or bring it too close to a wooden surface that may be flammable. Be careful with the smoke and try not to inhale it directly.

This is a beautiful and simple technique to purify different spaces: your entire home, your new desk, a car and even on special dates, such as New Years Eve or birthdays. Perform the ritual annually or as often as you like.