Learn to choose a healthy yogurt in the market

Most diets recommend us consume yogurt, a healthy food for our gastrointestinal health, however many of the yogurts We found in the market have much more sugar than necessary. At least this was demonstrated by a study conducted in the United Kingdom, of the 898 yogurts analyzed, only 9% pass the sugar sieve. So is there a healthy yogurt? How do we know which one to choose well?

Identifying a good yogurt is much easier than you think. Just look at the label and ingredients of this product. What you have to choose is one that is not loaded with sugars, "rare" ingredients or fat.

First you have to be clear what is a yogurt. We can say that it is basically bacterial fermented milk. These bacteria modify the composition of the milk so that it acquires a more solid consistency.

In order to call one of these yogurt products you must be fermented by these two bacteria: Lactobacillus blugaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

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Then there are two things that you should look at when we want to choose a yogurt: the nutritional table and the ingredients. A yogurt should have 3% fat, 4 or 5% sugar and 3% protein. This% of sugar is the one found naturally in milk, but if there is more eye, if it carries more, it is quite possible that it is added sugar. So read the ingredient list check if the word sugar appears.

In most cases you will find yogurts with some added ingredient, such as milk powder or milk proteins, which is not harmful, but you can also find sugar, syrups of different types and types, syrups and varied ingredients that do not interest you or the slightest.

Another tip we give you is to try choose a yogurt that has a maximum of 3 or 4 ingredients.

If you have to choose in the supermarket, choose a plain yogurt, 0% low in sugar or Greek.

The greek yogurt It is a normal one to which the serum is removed and which has a very creamy texture. That yogurt has to have more fat and protein, but it has no hidden ingredients.

Discard fruit yogurts, they usually have a low amount of fruits and a high percentage of added sugar.

Then the best yogurt is the natural as is, with nothing extra.

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