Learn how to cure heat stroke with natural remedies

The insolation, also called heat stroke, occurs when the body's temperature rises rapidly. The causes are prolonged exposure both in the sun, and in places where the climate is very hot.

However, there are some people who are more at risk of heat stroke than others. In this sense, the elderly, children, the chronically ill, heart disease and tourists who travel to warmer countries from cold areas with few hours of sun are the most exposed. To know how to cure sunstroke at home it is always a great knowledge when it comes to having to act.

It is important to know how to treat heat stroke with home remedies.

Heat stroke: symptoms and treatment

The symptoms are varied and depend first on the condition, and second on the person affected. Some of the most frequent are:



-Dry Skin.

-Excessive sweating.

-Nausea and vomiting.

-Reddened skin.


-Accelerated pulse.

– Agitated breathing.

-Fainting, which can be the first sign in older adults.

-Changes in mental state or behavior, such as confusion, agitation, difficulty in speaking.

While it cannot be specified how long does heat stroke last or heat stroke, when suspecting one, the ideal is to try to control the symptoms and, in the case of not achieving it at home, go to a medical guard to check that it is not a more serious condition than the common ones.

Did you know how to prevent and cure heat stroke?

Sunstroke: treatment

In principle, when noticing symptoms compatible with heat stroke, it is recommended to get out of the sun immediately. What is least needed at that time is to continue exposed to high temperatures.

Then, it is advisable to remove the clothes and take a cold shower. Meanwhile, clothes can be chilled with whatever is on hand. For example, with cold water in the bathtub, with a hose in the garden, or with a bucket of ice.

On the other hand, to counteract some of the effects of heat stroke, you can also drink cold water to rehydrate. However, one of the most common mistakes when it comes to heat stroke is drinking sugary or alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine. This is never recommended during heat stroke, as it will not help rehydrate the affected person.

Showering with cold water is one of the recommendations to lower body temperature.

Other methods to help heal heat stroke

"Sunstroke home remedies" it is a rather particular quest that grows every summer. Is that when you feel the first symptoms, it is somewhat intuitive to try to counteract them.

For this reason, every year there are those who resort to other remedies or natural methods, such as the cure through a glass of water, or other methods, how to cure heat stroke by word or how to cure heat stroke with cotton. However, prayers to cure heat stroke through words are not very effective, and have no scientific support or verifiable results. The same goes for the cotton technique.

For this reason, it is always recommended to go to heal the sunstroke with the appropriate treatments: rehydration, cold showers and immediate sunrise, and medical attention if necessary.

Getting out of the sun and staying hydrated are the keys to heat stroke.

Method: How to cure sunstroke glass

The method of the glass to cure heatstroke comes from ancient times from generation to generation. Although it does not have scientific support, the idea of ​​the glass of water on the head is to help the heat rise to the glass, and thus reduce the headaches and mental fatigue caused by heatstroke.

The technique to do it correctly and make it work is to do it during noon, looking for the clarity of the sun. You just have to place a glass of water on a cloth, towel or cloth upside down and gently place it on the head for 10 minutes.

However, contrary to what is often thought, for it to take effect it must be done for at least three days. If symptoms persist, it may recur for another three more.

The glass technique is used to ease headaches and other symptoms of heat stroke.

How to prevent heat stroke

Preventing heat stroke is just as important as treating it early. For this reason, the health professionals who treat it recommend taking a series of measures during the hot season to prevent heatstroke.

Hydrate well: During summer and hot days, it is essential to keep the body hydrated, drinking about 2-2.5 liters of water per day. In addition, the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will also contribute to good hydration.

-Do not expose yourself to the sun at inappropriate times. At this point, it is advisable to avoid the hottest hours, which are between 12:00 and 17:00.

Avoid exposure to the sun between 12 and 17 hours.

-In case of having to leave home, walk in the shade.

-As for clothing, you will need garments that allow perspiration, ideally cotton. It is recommended to use loose-fitting white or light-colored clothing, since unlike the dark ones, they reject sunlight. and cotton, which allows perspiration.

Use hat and glasses Sun.

And YOU, do you know other ways to prevent or cure heat stroke?

Source: Mayo Clinic and Better with Health