Learn about these natural remedies to combat thyroid problems

The gland in the central part of the neck is called thyroid. It is responsible for secreting hormones (T3 and T4 for example), which act on metabolism and human growth. Therefore, it is capable of regulating certain vital functions for the body. And when thyroid problems occur, these functions are not fulfilled normally. Then, it will be necessary to combat these drawbacks, and for that it is possible to implement some Natural medicine.

Thyroid hormones are of great help to use body energy, also maintaining the appropriate temperature in the body, and promoting proper brain function. But they also help the muscles, heart, and other organs in the body function. For reasons, they are hormones of great importance for blood circulation, and for good mood.

As with any other gland in the body, conditions and imbalances can also occur in the thyroid. Therefore, thyroid problems They cause lack of control in hormonal activities, which at the same time would trigger other reactions in other parts of the body.

They are imbalance that are often not very evident, in the early stages of the thyroid problems. However, as time passes, symptoms appear that considerably reduce the quality of life of the affected person.

Signs that indicate the presence of thyroid problems

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Between the thyroid conditions Most common are the following:

– Thyroiditis

– Hyperthyroidism

– hypothyroidism

– Goiter

– Cancer

– Nodules

Each of these problems manifests itself in different ways at the clinical level. Even so, there are generally certain symptoms, which help to identify the existence of a thyroid malfunction.

– Chronic fatigue and ongoing trouble sleeping.

– Depression, anxiety and also nervousness.

– Sudden changes in weight.

– Decrease in sexual desire.

– Nails, skin and also dry hair.

– Menstrual cycle with irregularities, in certain cases accompanied by infertility.

– Pain in the joints, as well as in the bones.

– Lack of control in blood pressure.

– High levels of cholesterol.

– Excessive sweating and constant hot flashes.

Differences between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

It's about two thyroid problems, in which there is always great confusion. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the gland produces excess hormones, and hypothyroidism is the opposite, since it produces too little. The reasons why these diseases occur are various, and may be due to genetic defects, some viral diseases, radiotherapy to fight cancer, or poor diet. Normally for the latter case, the diet is very low in iodine.

Important facts about the thyroid

Thyroid conditions occur more often in women, especially when they are over 60 years old. However, currently there have been more cases of these diseases, in women under 30 years of age. Most of them suffer from hypothyroidism, which is one of the most common problems affecting the thyroid.

If there is a family history, a series of clinical studies will need to be done. In the world, one of the main causes of these thyroid problems, is related to iodine levels in the body.

Natural remedies to combat thyroid problems

Here are a number of Natural medicine to treat symptoms of thyroid problems.

Eating foods that contain selenium

According to some scientific studies, selenium plays a role of great importance for the natural regulation in the thyroid. It is a good idea to eat foods that contain a lot of selenium.

A mineral like this is easily found in certain fish and meats. It is also possible to find it in large quantities in certain foods, such as oats. Other examples of foods rich in selenium are walnuts (especially Brazilian walnuts), garlic, pumpkin seeds, and beans.

Eating foods that stimulate the production of hormones

Consuming flax seeds helps in the secretion of hormones in the thyroid, as well as for its proper functioning. Effects like these are due to its high content of alpha-linoleic acid.

They are seeds that are consumed in different ways; either as a complement to breakfast, as an ingredient in some meals, or even as a dessert.

The best way to get the full benefits of flax seeds is by finely grinding them. This is how you can make a gomasio (Japanese seasoning) based on flax seeds. But it is also good to accompany these seeds with chia, and a little toasted sesame. In this way the body will better absorb the content of these seeds.

If you add a little salt to the seeds, it will be a good idea to use them as a seasoning in some preparations. However, it is always better if it is sea salt; since it is much healthier.

Foods containing iodine

For the thyroid problems, consuming foods with a lot of iodine helps maintain control. It is an element that has an extremely important role, in regard to the production of hormones. When it comes to supplements, it is recommended not to exceed 150 micrograms daily.

It should be borne in mind that by consuming iodine in excess, the imbalances of the gland could be more serious. The main sources of this nutrient are iodized salt and seaweed.

Eat foods that have more zinc

Usually, women who suffer from these problems have a zinc deficiency in the body. To consume this mineral, the recommended daily dose is about 10 mg.

This nutrient improves the function of thyroid receptors, and also strengthens the actions of DNA. Those foods that are high in zinc are cocoa, beef, nuts and oysters.

Vitamin D and calcium

Among the consequences that thyroid problems generated, is the thinning in the bones. Because of this, it is suggested that people with these conditions consume more calcium. Dairy products are not the only ones that contain this nutrient, since green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium.

On the other hand, the adequate assimilation of this mineral requires an additional consumption of vitamin D. A deficiency in this vitamin is also one of the symptoms of diseases that affect the thyroid. Most foods contain vitamin D; but it can also be consumed in supplements, or through exposure to the sun.

Increase the consumption of crucifers

They are biciogenic foods that help block the use and absorption of iodine, offering calm to the thyroid functions. The most common foods within crucifers are cabbages, cauliflower and also broccoli.

By cooking these vegetables very little, all their healing properties will be enhanced. So steaming is recommended, so that they are crispy. Although another option is to prepare them fermented, or as a complement to salads.

Eating fermented soybeans

exist Natural medicine thyroid gland suppressants, including miso and tempeh. They are foods that have a high content of soy, and this is very effective in treating thyroid conditions. To consume soy, the best thing to do is always be of organic origin. This is because for the most part, soybeans are usually GMO.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the consumption of soy is that it has phytic acid. And together with other components of soy, they could generate counterproductive effects, in the correct absorption of nutrients. So, it will be necessary to be cautious when ingesting soy.

Infusions to regulate the thyroid

Certain medicinal herbs have the ability to relieve thyroid problems, to keep a check on the production of hormones. Thus, the components of these plants help prevent future complications.

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It is among the best known natural remedies, as it also has benefits that help the thyroid. Taken as an infusion, it is good for relaxing the entire nervous system. Thus helping to control sleeping problems, which are so common in thyroid conditions.

Its preparation is quite simple, and only requires a tablespoon of this plant, plus a cup of water. You just have to add the valerian to the hot water and cover it. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and then strain it. The infusion has to be taken before going to sleep.


Natural ginseng drinks are used as treatments. Especially for problems that have to do with metabolism, which usually have to do with an inadequate functioning of the thyroid. It has active components that reduce inflammation, and help in the optimization of hormonal production.

A tablespoon of ginseng powder in a cup of water will be more than enough. Add the ginseng powder to the hot water, cover it, and let it steep for 5 minutes. After that time strain the preparation, and drink 2 cups per day.


It's one of the Natural medicine traditional, used to regulate immune functions. Its organic components help improve the health of people with thyroid diseases. Especially in cases of thyroiditis and hypothyroidism.

Add about five grams to a cup of hot water and cover the preparation. Once it has rested for 10 minutes, strain the infusion and it should be taken in the morning.


This plant has positive effects to treat both hyperthyroidism, as well as hypothyroidism. Its benefits are usually attributed to the ability of lemon balm to regulate the activities of hormones.

Five grams of lemon balm for every cup of water is enough. The preparation is the same as in the case of the plants mentioned above. When the infusion is ready, it has to be ingested at least three times a day.


Nettle has nutrients that offer significant benefits for those patients who have an underactive thyroid. They are properties that regulate metabolism, and also reduce weakness both physically and mentally.

It is preferable that the nettle leaves are dry when preparing the infusion, but the procedure is the same as in all cases. A maximum of two cups of nettle infusion should be ingested daily. One has to be in the morning and one at night.

Infusion of lemon balm and mint

Consuming this combination of lemon balm and mint is one of the best Natural medicine for the thyroid. For its preparation you need a teaspoon of lemon balm and some mint leaves.

If you want to give the infusion a better flavor, it is recommended to add a little honey, agave syrup, panera or even a quantity of molasses to taste.

Other tips for regulating the thyroid

Exercising constantly improves the condition and circulation of the blood, being of excellent help so that the freshest nutrients are spread throughout the body. Likewise, toxins will be released more easily.

Another excellent idea is to do relaxation therapies, such as yoga or tai chi. They are very good methods for regulating thyroid functions, especially when problems are due to trauma or even depression.


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