Laughter therapy has great health benefits

Laughter has been linked to numerous health benefits. Already in the seventeenth century, the English doctor Thomas Sydenhman said that "the arrival of a clown is more beneficial for the people than a caravan of remedies." Sigmund Freud also claimed that laughter helps release negative energy.

At present, this theory has been demonstrated by the psychoneuroimmunology, the field of research that studies the interactions that occur between human behavior, the nervous system, the endocrine and the immune system.

Science argues that laughing out loud has physiological effects that carry psychological benefits. A good laugh helps to release stress, improve mood and think positive, by stimulating the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that contribute to a feeling of well-being and reduce levels of depression and anxiety.

As for their effects on the body's immune system, laughter improves cardiovascular health, increases blood oxygenation and helps prevent the onset of infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Developing the habit of laughing can modify the subjective perception of conflict, help find a solution more easily and adopt a more optimistic attitude towards life. In addition, laughter helps create emotional bonds and strengthens relationships.


Laughter therapy is based on the premise that the body cannot differentiate between a forced laugh and a natural laugh: both are related to the same brain patterns and, therefore, have the same effects on the body. There are different types of laugh therapy. Some of them are:

Regular Laughter Therapy: This method of treatment involves the provision of a psychologist in group or individual sessions, which begin with a warm-up followed by a variety of activities designed to make the person laugh out loud.

Clown doctors: in many hospitals, laughter therapy is used as a supplement for children, patients with cancer or HIV, and in general with income from long periods, having proven that it improves their prognoses. Laughter is available to everyone and has no contraindications.

Laughter Yoga: consists of facial exercises to stimulate laughter. Studies show that the benefits of 1 minute of laughter have been equated with those of 45 minutes of relaxation.


If you want to experience the multiple benefits of laughter and release the so-called "happiness hormones," try to fake laughter until you really laugh. Start with a short "ha" and repeat this little by little, increasing the speed. You will see that in a few minutes you will laugh genuinely!

Did you know the benefits of laughing out loud?


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