Latin America: red zone of transmission of COVID-19

In recent weeks, the region has become the epicenter of COVID-19. The eyes of the world now rest on Latin America. Health systems are beginning to be under pressure and we have not yet reached the peak of the pandemic. According to specialists, the focus should be on strengthening these systems, which are the basis of the fight against the virus. Otherwise, it will be difficult to face the upcoming situation.

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There are several factors that influence the increase in cases. Those most affected are those who live in vulnerable environments. These facilitate the rapid circulation of the virus, due to the lack of essential resources. Those who live in big cities are also more exposed due to a higher concentration of the population.

Likewise, some of the countries took measures following the recommendations of experts, while others are absent or there are shortcomings in their actions. As the pandemic progresses, union and solidarity are essential. "No one is safe until we are all safe," says the WHO Director of Emergencies.

Those countries that suffered the consequences of the coronavirus and are slowly recovering are the guide to know what decisions to make. In this way, we will know which are the most effective measures and which ones we should avoid.


Getting informed is the first step and we should always do it with reliable sources. It is important to maintain recommended hygiene and care habits to prevent the virus from spreading further. These are disinfecting surfaces, washing hands frequently, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Equally important is staying in our homes and, in the case of those essential workers who must leave, maintaining a safe social distance. Also, cough or sneeze over the crease of the elbow or sleeve, or over a tissue.


Beyond the current circumstances, it is key to be able to obtain learnings that serve us to build a better future when the pandemic has ended. The entire world was affected, to a greater or lesser extent, by a virus that we had never known before. Asking ourselves what lessons the situation we are experiencing leaves us with a positive view.

This will strengthen us both individually and collectively. In times when technology closes the gap with the people we love, taking care of ourselves must be our priority to find ourselves again. Hugs, family reunions and gatherings with friends will be waiting for us when the virus is gone to enjoy them much more.

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