Last minute of the covid | Contagions fall in Andalusia but income and deaths rise

Immersed in the so-called second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Europe and United States they are still the two areas most affected by the virus in the world. There are already more than 50.4 million people infected by covid-19 globally, with the United States at the gates of 10 million and Spain, with 1.3 million infected, in sixth place by number of cases.

Experience is a degree: a second wave in Madrid is not the same as in Asturias

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The virus has stopped 1.25 million fatalities, most of them in USA (237,570), followed by Brazil (162,397), India (126,611), Mexico (95,027), United Kingdom (49,134), Italy (41,394), France (40,490) and Spain (38,833), according to the latest tally by Johns Hopkins University .

As regards recoveries, they are already more than 33 million people those that have managed to overcome covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus. India tops the list, with more than 7.9 million patients cured.

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18:31 – NAVARRA | Navarra maintains the limitation to freedom of movement at night between 11:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m., in the same terms that it has been operating since October 28, 2020, understanding that, Together with the rest of the measures, it is "effective" to reduce infections.

In a statement, the Regional Executive has explained that with the entry into force of the extension of the Royal Decree of the State of Alarm until next May 9, it is at the discretion of each president or regional president the maintenance or suspension of the curfew.

18:14 – ASTURIAS | Asturias added ten deaths from the new coronavirus yesterday, Sunday, eight less than on Saturday, although the new daily infections rose to 470, 190 more than the previous day, and positivity soared from 6.65 to 9.96 percent, one of the highest recorded to date.

18:04 – The Government of Melilla considers that the decrease in the number of coronavirus infections in recent days and in the rate of positivity among the PCR tests carried out show the effectiveness of the restrictive measures adopted and that the work dynamics being followed in the autonomous city "is correct."

Melilla orders the perimeter closure of the city until November 9

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17:59 – VALENCIAN COMMUNITY | The Ministry of Health of the Valencian Community has notified this Monday 711 new infections by covid-19, 53 outbreaks and 26 deaths, the highest figure in this second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the Valencian Community.

Since the last data update, last Saturday, 2,448 registrations have been registered, although There are still 1,554 people admitted, 248 of them in the ICU.

17:51 – The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, has tested positive for covid-19, so will self-isolate in the coming weeks while continuing to work remotelyThe president reported today on his official Twitter account.

"There are no lucky people for whom Covid-19 does not pose a threat. Despite all the quarantine measures I have tested positive. I feel good and take a lot of vitamins. I promise to isolate myself but keep working, "Zelenski said.

17:42 – PORTUGAL | Portugal once again registered a daily record of deaths of the entire pandemic, of 63 deaths, and added 4,096 infections, while the pressure continues to increase in hospitals, where the number of admitted is also at maximum.

According to the latest balance of the General Directorate of Health (DGS), in the country 2,959 people have already died since March from covid-19, and the total number of positives amounts to 183,420, of which more than 78,000 are in the active phase, a record number.

Coronavirus in Lisbon. (Reuters)

17:37 – ITALY | Italy registered today 25,271 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, a figure lower than that which has been detected for weeks, although much less tests have also been carried out, according to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The number of new infections in Italy is much lower than the almost 40,000 that were reached on Friday, for example, but since many fewer diagnostic tests have been done every Monday, 147,725, almost a hundred thousand less than that day.

17:31 – The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, has celebrated the "encouraging" news of the vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech, which they announced this Monday which is more than 90 percent effective.

"The world is experiencing unprecedented scientific collaboration and innovation to end the pandemic"Adhanom said in a post on his Twitter account.

17:23 – Catalan schools count this Monday 2,068 stable confined groups – 2.87% of the total-– and six centers closed due to coronavirus outbreaks, as reported by the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat in an update of data from the emptying that each center introduces in the 'Traçacovid' application.

Students from a school in the center of Barcelona. (EFE)

17:15 – EXTREMADURA | The autonomous community of Extremadura has registered 278 confirmed positive cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours, as well as nine deaths, which brings to 811 the total number of deaths in the region from coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

17:06 – The autonomous communities have notified that, until November 5, they have carried out a total of 15,023,294 PCR diagnostic tests to detect covid-19, as reported by the Ministry of Health. Specifically, between October 30 and November 5, the autonomous communities have carried out a total of 851,003 PCR, an average of 121,571 CRP per day.

VALLADOLID, 09 11 2020.- Carrying out a rapid PCR test to access the opening of the XVI National Contest of Pinchos y Tapas Ciudad de Valladolid, which has been held despite the closure of restaurants and hotels in the autonomous community. EFE NACHO GALLEGO

16:49 – Those responsible for a bar in the historic center of Pontevedra have been denounced by the Local Police for Failure to comply with the closure decreed for all hospitality in 60 cities of Galicia and to have attended this Saturday, with the new regulations already in force, to several clients. The agents detected that there was activity in the premises around nine in the morning and when they entered it they verified that there were three people inside.

A man fined for wearing a mask with two holes in Galicia


16:22 – The European Commission will sign "soon" the contract with the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Bionech to acquire up to 300 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine, which both firms announced this Monday it has an efficiency greater than 90%.

16:02 – CANARY ISLANDS | Canarias has registered a total of 18,575 cases of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, increasing in the last 24 hours by 118, a time in which he has also had to mourn a death in Tenerife that rises to 298 deaths from this virus in the archipelago.

15:04 – Toilets "run over" in the worst peak of the covid: the Board cancels transfers and breaks | Students in the last year will be hired to alleviate the lack of personnel and the physicians may be called to treat covid patients regardless of their specialty. By Isabel Morillo from Seville.

Toilets "run over" in the worst peak of the covid: the Board cancels transfers and breaks

Isabel Morillo. Seville

15:03 – 90% effective? Pharmaceuticals revolutionize the race for the coronavirus vaccine. The data belongs to a small sample and more scientific information is lacking, but the company hopes to request authorization for its commercialization soon. By José Pichel.

90% effective? Pfizer Revolutionizes Race for Coronavirus Vaccine

Jose Pichel

14:35 – MURCIA | The rate of infections slows but records another 365 cases and 11 deaths. The night curfew, the confinements and the regression to phase 1 made more flexible in ten Murcian municipalities in the last two weeks have allowed to reduce the speed of infections in this Region, although the curve has not bent a day after the community has registered 365 new cases of coronavirus and 11 deaths.

This has been indicated by the epidemiologist Jaime Perez, which has detailed that in the 10 municipalities in which the interior closure of the hotel industry was ordered, the number of cases in the last two weeks has dropped by 2%, while in the rest the infections have increased by 8%, slowing down their rhythm.

Thus, “it has been seen that the growth of incidence has stopped abruptly”And the cumulative incidence rate in the region is 777 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days and 396 in the last seven.

Terraces of the restaurants in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga in Murcia deserted this Saturday. (EFE)

The extension from this midnight and for another 14 days of the restriction measures, which "affect fundamental rights", is a decision "Difficult" and "uncomfortable" because "it alters the normality of life”, But Pérez has hoped that they will allow this downward trend to be maintained so as not to have to agree on new restrictions.

The number of new cases detected this Sunday is slightly lower than previous days, which in part is motivated because fewer tests are done on Sunday, specifically, 2,913 yesterday. However, Pérez has clarified that the positivity rate was slightly lower than on other days.

14:25 – The Municipal Police of Madrid has intervened in some 400 illegal parties Held at homes or in premises that exceeded closing time, municipal sources have reported.

In some of them there were a number of people greater than the allowed and no masks or other security measures were used against the coronavirus. This figure represents an increase compared to the past holiday of All Saints, when the interventions were 313.

These days' interventions are part of the special operation that the Madrid Municipal Police has been carrying out since the end of July to avoid the bottles, to which the control of illegal parties in homes and premises has been added since the entry into force of the different orders of the health authorities. To carry out these functions, the number of Municipal Police officers has doubled in recent months.

14:21 The Galician Community will keep the curfew set in the first phase of the alarm state, at least, between 23 and 6 o'clock, In the next weeks. In addition, they are not provided changes in restraining measures, neither soften nor harden them, so that the 60 municipalities currently closed on the perimeter will continue like this and with the limitations that already apply to them.

It is very fast to venture good news in the next days, we will continue on our itinerary of rigor

Initially, the Xunta adopted until the next December 4 the latest restriction measures, which have involved the closure of the hotel trade except in the 'take away' or 'home delivery' modality and which affect 60% of the Galician population.

Both the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, like the councilor of Sanidade, Julio García Comesaña, have confirmed these forecasts to questions from journalists and to the celebration of the clinical committee that meets weekly -except for exceptions- every Tuesday. "It is very fast to venture good news in the coming days, we are going to continue on our schedule of rigor and, as the weeks progress, we will take stock," he indicated.

14:20 – ANDALUSIA | Andalusia has added in the last twenty-four hours 3,329 cases of coronavirus by PCR and antigen tests, which represents a reduction of 426 compared to yesterday Sunday, although the number of deaths has increased to 49, twenty-nine more than yesterday.

Covid infections decrease in Andalusia but income and deaths increase


14:08 – CASTILLA Y LEÓN | Castilla y León has a total of 103,628 positive for coronavirus, 1,138 of them new, with 26 deaths reported in the last 24 hours (18 of them in hospitals and 8 in residences) and 43 discharges according to data provided by the Ministry of Health

Infections decrease slightly in Castilla y León, with 1,138 new cases in 24 hours

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13:25 – This is how Pfizer and BioNTech have overtaken all their rivals in the race for the vaccine | The small German biotech was a minority player in next-generation cancer treatments – and it took a turn when the Covid-19 outbreak broke out in China.

This is how Pfizer and BioNTech have overtaken all their rivals in the race for the vaccine

The Wall Street Journal

13:20 – LAST HOUR | The Ibex 35 soars almost 9% after the results of the Pfizer vaccine. The pharmaceutical company has announced that its vaccine is 90% effective against coronavirus infection.

The Ibex 35 shoots up 8.57% after the results of the Pfizer vaccine

Carla raffin

13:07 – LAST MINUTE | The Government of Catalonia will propose extend restrictions by 15 days to stop covid-19. The Secretary General of Health of the Generalitat, Marc ramentol, has stated that his department will propose extend the current restrictions in Catalonia by 15 days to continue curbing the covid-19 epidemic, since it considers it premature to think about de-escalation scenarios.

Ramentol has explained, in an interview with Rac1, that measures such as the curfew and perimeter confinement cannot be dispensed with because they are serving to reduce infections and the rate of contagion (Rt). In addition, the Secretary General of Health has warned that it is not appropriate to remove restrictions when the peak of healthcare pressure in the healthcare system has not yet been reached.

He has also stated that an "excessively fast" de-escalation it could lead to a coincidence between the second and third waves during the winter, which would have repercussions in an epidemiological situation much more serious than the current one.

Catalonia warns that a third wave of the pandemic is "feasible" this winter

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13:00 – BASQUE COUNTRY | Euskadi has detected this past Sunday 1,178 new positives in coronavirus, which means 67 less than the day before and the reduction of the positivity rate when 9.8%. In addition, 37 people with coronavirus have been admitted to the ward and 130 patients remain in the ICUs of Basque hospitals, which is eight more than the previous day.

As reported by the Basque Department of Health, throughout this past Sunday there were 12,037 PCR tests and antigens, above the 12,024 diagnostic tests performed the previous day, of which 1,178 were positive, compared to 1,245 the previous day. In this way, the positivity rate has dropped from 10.3% to 9.8%.

From November 7 to a month from now, hoteliers in the Basque Country will be closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. (EFE)

By territories, Biscay This past Sunday has recorded the highest number of positives, 620, compared to the 603 detected 24 hours earlier. For its part, Guipúzcoa has added 478 more infections, down from 528 on Saturday, and Alava it has detected 69 new cases, 37 fewer. There have also been 20 positive cases of people residing outside the Basque Autonomous Community, 12 more than the previous day.

According to the situation in hospitals, during the day of this past Sunday they have entered 37 people with covid on the ground, which means 37 less than the previous day. Currently, a total of 130 patients with covid-19 remain in the ICU, which is eight more than the previous day.

12:55 – The hardening of measures begins to bear fruit: infections fall in several communities such as Galicia or Andalusia while hospital tension increases.

Spain drives away the shadow of confinement with stricter measures

Paola Bruni

12:17 Castilla-La Mancha is appreciating "stabilization" of infections, with a slight descent, "anecdotal", after the data recorded in the last week -44-, so it could be found in "a new plateau"Well, there is no" exponential increase "of them.

ICU at the Hospital del Mar, in Barcelona. (Reuters)

"We are achieving that the curve, although it does not satisfy us, is considerably flatter," said the general director of Public Health, Juan Camacho, at a press conference on Monday. Camacho has indicated that he continues "the existence of admitted patients being worrying" -900 between conventional bed and ICU-, but has highlighted that Castilla-La Mancha is between eighth and ninth place in terms of the number of patients admitted to conventional bed and eleventh in ICU patients, although the figures of hospitalized patients and the total volume of the population in the Autonomous Community.

11:55 Cantabria goes to alert level 4 sanitary by high occupancy of ICUs, where there are entries today are 29, which represents an occupation of 27.6%. This Sunday they registered 236 new positives And, with updated data until this morning, there are four more deaths from covid that bring the number of victims to 269 in the region.

In addition, the number of hospitalized has risen to 179 (22 more than the day before) and the number of patients admitted to the ICU was 29 (five more), the latter being in the Valdecilla hospital. The situation is also "complicating" in nursing homes, where there are currently a hundred active cases and 21 admitted, according to the counselor.

11:36 – LA RIOJA | Generalized decrease in active cases in La Rioja with special relevance in Logroño, which has seen its active cases in 27 people in the last 24 hours, going from yesterday's 824 to 797 of this Monday. For its part, Calahorra, the second town in La Rioja with the most active cases, has also decreased its cases by 7 to 185 and Arnedo also decreases them by 24 to 158 cases.

For his part, Alfaro registers 60 cases, one less than yesterday; while Rincón de Soto rises by 1 to 57. In addition, Nájera has, to date, 49 cases (the same number as yesterday) and Fuenmayor is also placed in 49 cases (one more than yesterday). Lardero increases his active cases by three people and stands at 45 and Murillo de Río Leza sees his positives increase in one case, reaching a total of 32.

11:23 – LAST HOUR | CLM will decree the closure of the interior of bars in Toledo, Cuenca and Talavera. Castilla-La Mancha extends the perimeter closure of the region and the curfew between 00:00 and 6:00 hours and will not start "special measures" under the umbrella of the state decree alarm. Next Tuesday, November 17, the Governing Council will meet to assess the situation and decide if there are changes in this regard.

These modifications have been transferred by the general director of Public Health in Castilla-La Mancha, Juan Camacho, at a press conference, where he indicated that the hotel and restaurant businesses that are in municipalities in level 3 in Castilla-La Mancha They will have to close their service indoors, although they may serve on the terrace with a capacity of 50%. Likewise, municipal schools -which remained closed at this level- will be able to open at 50 percent of their established capacity.

Toledo, on All Saints' Day. (EFE)

The entry into force of these measures will materialize once it has been evaluated when the term of this level 3 in each locality is met. In the case of Toledo, Talavera de la Reina and Cuenca -large municipalities that are at this level- its application will be evaluated between this Monday and Tuesday.

11:14 – LAST MINUTE | Melilla has decided to extend another two weeks, at least until 00:00 hours on November 23, the restrictions for trips to the peninsula by plane or boat, only allowed for causes of force majeure or with justification, and is reduced from six to three the maximum number of people that can meet in public spaces, except for cohabitants or for work, study or sports reasons.

This is stated in decree No. 496 dated November 7, 2020, regarding preventive measures in the city of Melilla as a result of the evolution of the epidemiological situation of Covid-19, signed by the president of the Autonomous City Eduardo de Castro (Cs) to which Europa Press has had access.

11:10 – The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will not attend the Almudena mass this Monday, patron saint of the capital, for "Caution" before a positive case in your environment.

Ayuso does not attend the Almudena mass for "precaution" in the face of a nearby positive

Europa Press

11:00 – GALICIA | Active cases have fallen again for the second day in a row in Galicia after registering higher -486- than infections –399, of them 395 confirmed by PCR in the last 24 hours- and they are in 10,015. However, coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals of the region continue to rise and are in 605, which represents 33 more than those registered this Sunday, of them 94 in the Intensive Care Unit -five more- and 511 in other hospitalization units -28 more-.

A person walks a dog on Nigran beach on Saturday. (EFE)

This is reflected in the data updated on the morning of this Monday on the website of the Department of Health with figures until 6:00 p.m. this Sunday, from which it is clear that the positives confirmed by PCR in the last 24 hours rise to 108 in the sanitary area of A Coruña and Cee, followed by 65 in that of Pontevedra; 60 in that of Lugo; 57 in that of Vigo; 51 in that of Santiago; 29 in that of Ourense and 25 in that of Ferrol.

Active cases of coronavirus decrease in all Galician sanitary areas, except in A Coruña and Cee, where they increase to 1,887 -19 more than this Sunday-, and in Pontevedra and O Salnés, which has 1,254 -22 more.

On the other hand, they fell in Vigo to 2,469 -34 less-; to 1,209 in Santiago and Barbanza -17 less-; to 1,116 in that of Lugo -11 less-; 1,035 in Ourense -47 less-; and 1,045 in Ferrol -26 less-.

Till the date 31,148 people have been cured in Galicia, which is 486 more than those recorded this Sunday. And 752,416 PCRs have been carried out, 5,779 more than those made until the previous day.

10:49 – The counselor of Justice, Enrique Lopez, stated this Monday that the Community of Madrid would support a home confinement applied in areas of Spain in which a high incidence of covid-19 is recorded, if it is shown that "the measure is proportional" and is based "on scientific criteria."

Madrid supports home confinement in areas of the country with a high incidence


10:30 Andalusia wanted a curfew before 10 pm, but Health did not authorize it, the Andalusian Health Minister, Jesús Aguirre, has assured. Regarding whether the Board had applied a home confinement if it had powers to do so, that "not necessarily", because "we have to use the weapons we have before reaching home confinement."

A waiter collects the terrace of his bar in Córdoba. (EFE)

He has indicated that the Board has indeed raised the possibility of bringing the curfew forward to before 10 p.m. to the Ministry of Health, taking into account that non-essential activity will close, starting this Tuesday, at 6 p.m. : 00 hours, but nevertheless, the Government's response was negative.

Andalusia wanted a curfew before 10 p.m., but Health did not authorize it

Europa Press

10:28 – NAVARRA | Navarra registered on Sunday 183 cases of covid-19 and thus it continues with the downward trend that it has been registering in recent days, placing itself with this new figure in figures from two months ago.

The number of PCR tests and of antigens carried out on Sunday is 2,231 with a positivity rate of 8.2%, according to provisional data provided by the Government of Navarra. On Saturday 257 cases were registered in the Autonomous Community and 330 on Friday.

10:18 – 14 more days of perimeter confinement from Castilla y León from 2:00 p.m. From two o'clock this afternoon and for fourteen days, until November 23, Castilla y León will continue with the perimeter confinement that was operating since October 30 in the community, as published this Monday by the official autonomy bulletin, the Bocyl.

The popular Mesón de Cándido, at the foot of the Aqueduct of Segovia, remains closed fulfilling the order of the Junta de Castilla y León. (EFE)

This Sunday, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, already announced the extension of this measure. Since last Friday it is also prohibited in the community the opening of the hotel and restaurant industry, shopping centers and visits to nursing homes, and the limitation of family and social gatherings to six people and the curfew between ten at night and six in the morning remains in force.

Since last October 30, when the first stage of the perimeter closure came into force, and until this Sunday, Castilla y León has recorded 16,459 positives and 281 deaths in public hospitals. Last Saturday it reached the record number since the start of the pandemic of 2,237 cases in 24 hours, and the record of deaths in the second wave with 37 deaths.

10:16 – Ceuta prohibits trips to the peninsula and increases the night curfew. The Autonomous City of Ceuta launches this Monday new restrictions to reduce infections, and thus prohibits trips to the peninsula and increases the curfew hours between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. to reduce mobility.

Ceuta calls for confinement "similar to spring" and meetings of four people

Europa Press

As sources from the regional government have informed Efe, the measures are put into effect after the city has passed this Sunday the figure of 2,000 infections by adding another 18 new positives up to the current 624 active cases.

The restrictions will influence, above all, the movement of people since the Ceutí Government prohibits from 00.00 hours this Monday boat trips to Algeciras (Cádiz) as well as helicopter transfers to Algeciras and Malaga, except in justified causes. Trips can only be made with proof of medical, work or exam issues, among other reasons to be able to cross the Strait.

10:12 – CATALONIA | The number of new coronavirus infections in Catalonia has fallen to 1,919 in the last 24 hours, although the number of people who need hospitalization continues to increase and this Monday they are 2,793 those who are admitted, 106 more than the day before, of which 578 are in the ICU, 16 more.

A person walks across a bridge over the Ronda de Dalt in Barcelona (EFE)

According to the data updated this Monday by the Department of Health, the speed of spread of the virus (Rt) keeps descending but at a very slow pace, and this Monday it has dropped one hundredth more and has been placed at 0.92, that is, every 100 infected infects 92 people.

The number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic is already 14,631 people in Catalonia, 35 of them reported in the last 24 hours.

Contagions fall in Catalonia to 1,919, but those hospitalized continue to increase


09:43 – ANDALUSIA | Andalusian hospitals register this Monday, November 9, a significant increase in their healthcare pressure due to the coronavirus after two consecutive days of decline with 184 more patients admitted in 24 hours up to a total of 3,335 -the highest figure for the pandemic-, of which 457 are in an intensive care unit (ICU), two more than the day before and 19 more than those registered at the maximum peak on March 30.

These data have been provided by the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, during an interview on Canal Sur Radio, in which he regretted the "major rebound" in the daily number of hospitalized after the decrease registered during the two days of the weekend.

Aguirre pointed out that these data place the level of hospital use in Andalusia at "figures very similar to those of the end of March and the beginning of April", but he wanted to make it clear that there is "hospital tension" but "no type of collapse" and has argued that the Andalusian health system is "better prepared than in the first wave."

09:36 The Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) has published the new restrictions, for which measures such as advance curfew at 10 at night until 7 in the morning and limit non-essential commercial activity until 6 in the afternoon throughout Andalusia, except in Granada, where the total closure has been decreed.

In a special edition of BOJA published around 11:00 p.m. this Sunday, among other actions, the maintain the perimeter closure of the entire community two more weeks, until Monday, November 23 and, from midnight this Tuesday, the closure of all municipalities in Andalusia, of which you can only leave or enter for just cause.

09:24 – Sixty trackers of the Army will begin this Monday to collaborate with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria in the work of epidemiological surveillance for the coronavirus.

In this way, the Ministry of Defense doubles the troops, who spend from 60 to 120, dedicated to tracing contacts in the autonomous community. The Army collaborates with regional governments in managing the health crisis, supporting society in detecting infections and fighting COVID-19 through, among others, the use of military trackers.

Asturias joins the communities that ask for the help of military trackers


In the autonomous community, so far 60 are collaborating in the tracking and, as of this Monday, there will be 120 soldiers who will reinforce the active outbreak monitoring and control devices in Cantabria.

09:12 – Comes into force the fifteen-day extension of the curfew in Catalonia. The Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia (DOGC) publishes the extension for another fifteen days of the curfew or night confinement throughout the Catalan territory in order to contain the epidemic.

The resolution of the Department of Health has been published on the same day that the previous curfew decree expired, which prohibits going out between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., except essential travel.

A person walks his dog through the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​last Thursday. (EFE)

The Ministry of Health has approved this extension to consolidate the incipient hopeful data of the epidemic in Catalonia, where 3,234 new coronavirus infections were reported this Sunday, 1,135 less than the previous day, and 52 deaths, eight less than the day before. However, the number of hospitalized rose to 2,687, which is 66 more than on Saturday, and the virus transmission rate (Rt) remains unchanged at 0.93.

08:30 – The Community of Madrid will carry out throughout this week antigen test tests in 13 Basic Health Zones (ZBS) that respond to the health areas with the highest transmission of the coronavirus.

The thing in Madrid with the antigen tests is a savagery, but they are going well

Antonio Villarreal Data: Darío Ojeda

In this way, on Tuesday, November 10, the tests will begin in the municipality of Torrejón de Ardoz and in Coslada. On the 11th, the antigen tests will begin in the Madrid district of Tetuán, while on the 12th the residents summoned from the ZBS Puerta Bonita, in the Madrid district of Carabanchel, will have to go to the La Mina Municipal Sports Complex. In addition, the device will begin in the ZBS of Puerta del Ángel, in the district of La Latina.

The antigen tests will also begin in the district of Chamarín (ZBS de Núñez Morgado) and in the district of Moratalaz (ZBS de Vandel), the operation will be launched in the Moratalaz Municipal Sports Center.

On Friday 13 it will be the turn of the Madrid districts of Usera (ZBS de Orcasur) and Chamberí (ZBS de Guzmán el Bueno), and on November 14 the tests will begin in the district of Ciudad Lineal (ZBS de La Elipa).

08:00 In Madrid, as the decline expected by the regional government has not occurred, restrictions will continue in the 32 health areas where they had been implanted for two weeks in the capital and to which two were incorporated in Coslada last week (Barrio del Puerto and Doctor Tamames) and one in Majadahonda (Valle de la Oliva).

Madrid maintains the curfew and extends the restrictions to another 8 municipalities

Paola Bruni

The areas that already had restrictions since last October 26 in the capital Madrid are Núñez Morgado (Chamartín); Guzmán el Bueno (Chamberí); San Andrés, San Cristóbal and El Espinillo (Villaverde); Entrevías, Peñaprieta, Alcalá de Guadaira, Numancia, Pozo del Tío Raimundo, Rafael Alberti (Puente de Vallecas); Daroca (Linear City); Vinateros-Torito, Pavones and Vandel (Moratalaz); Puerta del Ángel (Latin); Virgin of Begoña (Fuencarral); Infanta Mercedes and Villaamil (Tetuán).

Also in Collado Villalba Pueblo; Guadarrama; Cerro del Aire (Majadahonda); Morata de Tajuña; The Boalo; Villarejo de Salvanés; Apiary of Oreja; San Juan de la Cruz (Pozuelo de Alarcón); San Blas y Pintones (Parla); Colmenar Viejo Norte; and Las Fonteras y Brújulas (Torrejón de Ardoz).

(Search engine | Do you live on a confined street?)

Among the measures that are applied in basic health zones with restrictions are the prohibition to enter and leave them Except for justified reasons (labor, educational, medical, administrative, legal, etc.), the prohibition to use playgrounds or capacity restrictions in places of worship or wakes.

The same commercial activity hours are maintained in these areas as in the rest of the region, with the difference that the commercial premises may not exceed 50% of the allowed capacity and places of worship may not exceed one third.

An AVE train accesses the Atocha station in Madrid, this Friday. (EFE)

The hotel and restaurant establishments will have capacity and schedule restrictions similar to those of the rest of the community (without bar service, 50% indoors and closing at 0:00 am without being able to receive new customers after 23:00) except that, in addition, they must reduce the capacity of their outdoor spaces to 50%.

Activity in academies, driving schools and private centers for non-regulated education is limited to 50% of its capacity. In addition, sports may be carried out in sports facilities as long as 50% of the capacity of the facility is not exceeded indoors and 60% outdoors. When the exercise is done in groups it is limited to a maximum of six people.

These measures will be accompanied by a reinforcement of the care provision and epidemiological surveillance in these population centers, intensifying the active detection of cases and close contacts through an increase in the performance of diagnostic tests.

Ramón y Cajal Hospital, in Madrid. (Reuters)

In these areas, the limitations that weigh on the entire Community of Madrid will also be in force: curfew between 00:00 and 06:00 and closure of all hospitality activities at the same time; or the limitation to 6 of the meetings of people in public or private spaces -except cohabiting-. The Community has recommended once again that during the curfew in the homes only the cohabitants remain.

Also throughout the Community, it is still in force for trade and professional services, not being able to start its activity before 6:00 am or finish after 10:00 pm (except for pharmacies, medical or veterinary centers, gas stations or essential services); and shopping centers where there is cinema, restaurants or entertainment may close at midnight.

07:50 – The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, chairs the follow-up meeting of the pandemic vaccine projects. The Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, attends.

Infections due to covid decrease but hospital pressure increases, especially in intensive care units, which has led the autonomies to extreme restrictions, such as Andalusia that this Sunday has advanced the curfew at 10 p.m. and has limited the non-essential activity until six in the afternoon except in Granada, where it has decreed the total closure.

07:45 – Madrileños from eight municipalities of the Community of Madrid will not be able to enter and leave their localities from this Monday when the restrictions on mobility and activity due to high incidence of the coronavirus come into force, which will be added to the 35 basic health areas where they continue to apply.

Is about Chinchón, Villaconejos, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Pelayos de la Presa, Moralzarzal, Alpedrete, Galapagar and the basic health zones of Sierra de Guadarrama and Collado Villalba Station, both in Collado Villalba, so the entire municipality is confined.

These are the 41 confined areas of Madrid with restrictions to contain the coronavirus

The confidential Graphics: María Zuil

After the perimeter confinement of the entire region due to the La Almudena bridge, which will decline at 00:00 this Monday, from this midnight until November 22, restrictions will be in force in 41 basic health areas of the Community of Madrid, which affect a total of 835,051 inhabitants, 12.5% ​​of the region's population, which accounts for 15.5% of confirmed cases in recent weeks.

07:30 – Good Morning! The autonomous communities intensify restrictions on activities and mobility to ease hospital pressure and curb the coronavirus after timid declines in infections have been recorded in several regions over the weekend.