Last minute of the coronavirus | Madrid will not close perimeter at Christmas

The coronavirus pandemic yesterday registered a new world record for daily infections, with 625,000 new cases and 13,988 deaths. Today, more than 734,000 new cases and 13,529 deaths are reported and the disease raises its accumulated to more than 73.5 million infections and 1.6 million fatalities, according to the balance of Johns Hopkins University, one of the main organisms in charge of monitoring the pandemic. With the new data, the global count already stands at 74,248,878 infected people and 1,649,032 fatalities.

U.S It touches the 17 million infected people, also leading the classification by number of deaths. The country has registered the worst case data of the entire pandemic in recent weeks and today adds more than 247,000 positives and 3,656 deaths in the last balance, beating the daily record of cases and deaths, with 307,501 fatalities.

India, the second most affected country in the world, continues with the downward trend in the rate of infections. It accumulates 9,956,557 cases and 144,451 deaths. In third position remains Brazil, which has registered more than 7 million infections and exceeds 182,000 deaths.

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17:46 – EXTREMADURA | The autonomous community of Extremadura has registered four more deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, which also leaves a new increase in the number of infections, that rise to 375 in the last 24 hours.

Hospitalized people also increased, up to 156, seven more than in the previous day, although admissions to ICUs were reduced, to 23 patients, two less than on Wednesday. In addition, 146 registrations have been made, which brings the accumulated to 29,587.

The last four deceased leave the balance since the beginning of the pandemic 1,022 fatalities in the community. They are four men, one 89 years old from Portaje, another 86 years old from Vegaviana, another 90 years old from Villanueva de la Serena and the fourth 57 years old from Mérida.

17:43 – Italy registered 18,236 new coronavirus infections since yesterday, the second worst data in the last ten days, and confirmed 683 deaths, according to today's bulletin from the Ministry of Health, which is studying new restrictions for Christmas. This is a rebound in the number of infections despite the lower number of tests performed, about 185,000. Yesterday 17,500 positives were reported with 200,000 tests.

In total in the country they have been infected 1,906,377 people since the emergency began, in mid-February, and a total of 67,220 lost their lives, according to official data.

17:40 – ARAGON | Aragon has registered since the beginning of the surveillance of covid-19 cases, and until yesterday a total of 77,951 confirmed cases, 1,313 of them in the last week, and 2,565 deaths from its cause have been counted since the beginning of the pandemic.

By provinces, 73.2% of the cases reside in Zaragoza, 17% in Huesca and 9.8% in Teruel, of which 47% are men, who present a fatality rate of 3.7%, compared to 3% in women. The average age is 45 years.

According to the Epidemiological Bulletin of Aragón (BESA) corresponding to the week of December 7 to 13, there are currently 418 cases of covid-19 hospitalized in Aragon, 57 of them in Intensive Care Units.

17:21 – COMMUNITY OF MADRID | The Community of Madrid has notified 2,471 new cases of coronavirus, of which 939 correspond to the last 24 hours, and 6 more deaths in hospitals, according to the report on the epidemiological situation of this Thursday, with data at the end of the previous day.

The Ministry of Health notified on the previous day 2,452 new cases of coronavirus, of which 930 corresponded to the last hours, and 14 more died in hospitals.

The number of hospitalized patients in the ward remains at 1,389, without variation with respect to the data of the previous day, and the number of ICU patients has dropped to 300 (3 less), with 133 highs. In addition, 4,461 patients are undergoing primary care home follow-up.

From Madrid to Coruña: why some provinces have 5 times more cases of covid than others

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17:18 – The Montevideo carnival, one of the most popular festivals in Uruguay and known for being the longest in the world -because it runs from late January to mid-March- suspended its 2021 edition due to the advance of covid-19.

The Municipality of Montevideo announced on Thursday the suspension a day after the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, announced containment measures -among which include the suspension of public shows from December 21 to January 10- and after several weeks in which the disease had an exponential increase of cases in the South American country.

"Before the announcements of the Executive Power, the Municipality of Montevideo has decided to suspend the activities of the Carnival, as they had been doing so far," published the Capital City Council -which co-organizes the carnival- on its website Alluding to the rehearsals and previous preparations, although it does not clarify whether the suspension is final.

Rio de Janeiro postpones carnivals for the first time in a century

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17:10 – CANARY ISLANDS | The Canary Islands have added 238 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, of which 184 have occurred in Tenerife, the total currently accumulating in the islands of 24,266 cases since the start of the pandemic, while in the last day there have been had to mourning five new deaths -four in Tenerife and one in Gran Canaria- which put the death toll at 370.

Thus, of the total number of cases that the Canary Islands have registered, 5,318 are active, which is seven more than a day ago, as can be seen from the data published by the Canarian Ministry of Health after 2:00 p.m.

The University Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. (EFE)

17:02 – LAST HOUR | The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has tested negative for coronavirus in the PCR test that he underwent this Thursday in the Moncloa medical service, after learning that French President Emmanuel Macron, with whom he was in Paris on Monday, had tested positive.

In any case, Moncloa has confirmed that it will continue in quarantine until December 24, as establishes the Covid-19 surveillance and Control protocol approved by the health authorities.

Sánchez tests negative for covid but will maintain quarantine until 24-D

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17:00 – UNITED STATES | The United States, the country in the world most affected by the pandemic, this Thursday exceeded 17 million cases of covid-19, with more than 337,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The country is currently going through the worst moment of the pandemic with daily records of infections, the last this Wednesday, when it had 3,784 new deaths.

With more than 3,000 deaths from coronavirus, the US breaks a new daily record


16:53 – Chile has exceeded the barrier of 16,000 deaths due to the coronavirus on Thursday, in a day in which has slightly increased their daily infections, with almost 2,000 compared to 1,400 verified during the previous day.

According to the latest data provided by the Chilean Ministry of Health, the country has reached 16,007 fatalities due to the disease, after adding an additional 48, which also represents a rebound Regarding the deaths found on Wednesday, ten in all.

Regarding daily infections, the Chilean health authorities have registered 1,998 in the last 24 hours, which have increased the global computation of the Latin American country up to 578,732.

'Covid trackers' | Scientists warn: third wave

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16:44 – The Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC) has warned of the dangers that the realization of serological self-tests of antibodies can entail, since "they do not have sufficient specificity or sensitivity", and has rejected that pharmacies carry out antigen test.

"Serological antibody tests do not have sufficient scientific endorsement of their evaluation and reliability and can cause more confusion than certainty. The idea of" I am negative, no problem "is an error and a danger for what we most want and a good news for the virus we want to fight "They have said from the organization.

Health and communities urge not to prescribe rapid self-diagnostic tests


16:19 – CASTILLA Y LEÓN |The positive cases by covid have been 409 this Thursday in Castilla y León, compared to the 502 newspapers notified yesterday, 18.5 percent less, with 18 deaths, 16 in hospitals and two in residences.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, the positives are already 134,332 and deaths in hospitals rise to 4,027 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Regarding residences for the elderly and people with disabilities, the deaths from confirmed covid totaled 2,530 this Thursday, nine more than yesterday, seven deaths in hospitals and two in the centers themselves.

15:49 – LAST MINUTE | The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, after holding a meeting with the Minister of Health and Family of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, has communicated to the spokesmen of the municipal groups that "the conditions are not met for the April Fair in 2021 ", which is thus suspended.

Seville suspends the April Fair of 2021 due to the coronavirus


As reported by the consistory in a statement, from now on, the municipal government and representatives of the political groups will begin meetings with the sectors most economically affected by this suspension for the second consecutive year, to analyze "how to establish measures that can serve as support ".

15:29 – LAST MINUTE | The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, is in quarantine due to the positive of a general director with whom he had a meeting in recent days, as confirmed to Europa Press in Ministry sources.

The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto. (EFE)

In accordance with the health security protocol, all those who were at the meeting must be quarantined. Minister Maroto underwent a PCR on Wednesday, which was negative, and canceled her public agenda from Thursday. In the next few days he will undergo a new PCR when ordered by doctors.

15:17 – CASTILLA Y LEÓN | The Castilla and leon meeting has approved a set of recommendations for Christmas celebrations in order to avoid crowds and protect people in residences, while progress has been made that decisions will be made on the limit of people in meetings, perimeter closure and hours before the Saturday.

His vice president, Francisco Igea, has insisted that municipalities be urged not to celebrate Christmas events such as New Year's Eve bells in squares or public roads. The Castilian-Leon government will dictate that drinks may not be consumed in these spaces to avoid removing masks, as well as in living nativity scenes that must be installed in limited areas and with passes that do not exceed 15 minutes.

The hospitality industry will close every day at 10:00 p.m., including 24 and 31, despite its curfews at 01:30

As to the hospitality, Igea has clarified that the closure is established every day at 10:00 p.m., including the 24th and 31st, despite the fact that on those days the curfew is extended until 1:30 a.m.

In addition, Castilla y León notifies today 409 new cases of coronavirus, so their current number is 134,332, of which 127,547 have been diagnosed by PCR.

15:17 – The president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has affirmed that, if it is possible to start a vaccination plan on December 28, it would be "absolutely fundamental" that the process be "simultaneously and strictly with the same conditions and with the same priorities in all the autonomous communities."

15:00 – He ELISA kit, the serological test for covid-19 antibodies developed by researchers from the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) together with the Madrid hospitals of La Princesa and La Paz, and which has a reliability close to one hundred percent, is already on the market.

14:58 – The president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, It has advanced that the regional government will announce tomorrow restrictions in basic health areas where there is a high incidence of coronavirus, following the strategy that they were taking so far to stop the pandemic.

14:20 – The Xunta de Galicia has given the green light this Thursday to your vaccination plan against covid-19, which includes initial coverage of 40,000 people with the antidote from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Biontech.

Galicia approves its initial vaccination plan for the elderly and health

Europa Press

This has been advanced in the press conference after the weekly meeting of the Council the first vice president, Alfonso Rueda, who has specified that, in this first phase, priority will be given to the 22,000 users of Galician residences, some 17,000 workers in these centers, as well as some 3,000 health workers who work on the "front line" against the virus.

14:20 – ASTURIAS | The Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias confirmed this Thursday the death of 10 people with covid-19. Four of these people lived in a residential center for the elderly. In addition, 91 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in the 24 hours of this Wednesday.

In this, there were 25 admissions of people with coronavirus: 23 in the ward and 2 in the ICU and 64 discharges were registered. Currently, in Asturias there are 409 hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 and another 83 affected people remain in Intensive Care Units.

13:47 – ANDALUSIA | Andalusia has registered 1,383 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours compared to 1,053 yesterday and 479 on Tuesday, while the deaths have been 27 and yesterday they were 25, which brings the deaths from the pandemic to 4,712.

13:27 – The territorial committees of the eight Andalusian provinces have agreed this Thursday to lower the level of health alert in most of the health districts of the autonomous community, so that in grade 1 of level 4 they will only remain from this Friday Jaén and Granada capital and the Serranía de Málaga area. This has been announced by the Andalusian Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre.

13:23 – The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has insisted this Thursday on asking citizens for "prudence" before the entry into force from midnight of the second phase of the de-escalation in the autonomous community with the extension of the hours of the hotel trade and the opening to mobility between provinces and has warned that "we remain vigilant and will act if necessary."

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, followed by the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo. (EFE)

13:22 – The 'Councilor' for Health of the Catalan Generalitat, Alba Vergés, has defended this Thursday that the new measures aimed at taking steps back in the Plan for the progressive reopening of activity after the restrictions of the second wave of coronavirus must be in accordance with the epidemiological situation, "whether unpopular or not."

13:10 – MURCIA | The number of new coronavirus cases in the Region of Murcia has stood at 190 in the last 24 hours, in a day in which six people, three men and three women, have died.

Thus, the number of deaths registered by this disease in the Community amounts to 688, according to the data provided by the Epidemiology Service. The total number of people affected by covid-19 in the Region of Murcia since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 56,713 cases.

12:27 – CANTABRIA | Cantabria has added five deaths from coronavirus in the last hours -4 on Wednesday and one this Thursday-, four men of 84, 87, 91 and 103 years old and a woman of 84, which brings the total of victims in the region to 368.

For the rest, infections continue to decline in the region, where 102 new cases have been registered (76 on Wednesday and 26 so far this Thursday), and there are 128 people hospitalized (5 less than yesterday), of which 21 are in the Intensive Care Units (ICU).

12:27 – King Carlos Gustavo of Sweden has lamented that the country has "failed" in its response to the pandemic, in its most explicit allusion to a health emergency that has left more than 7,800 fatalities in the country, which registers worse data than its Nordic neighbors.

12:23 – The director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, has affirmed this Tuesday that its troops are prepared in case the restrictions are increased at Christmas, but has asked citizens for responsibility to facilitate the work of the security forces.

The director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez. (EFE)

12:14 – The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio AguadoToday, a dinner has been "played" with the PSOE parliamentarians to which many of them are thinking about how to take a test before meeting their relatives at Christmas dinner while the central government wants to "ban" it.

12:09 – The president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has appealed to "citizen co-responsibility" during the Christmas season against covid-19 and has anticipated that measures around the celebrations will be taken "from serenity."

11:59 – LAST MINUTE | German Health Minister Jens Spahn, has advanced this Thursday that if the European Medicines Agency approves the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, the European Union could begin to administer it on December 27.

"The federal states will begin vaccination against the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus on December 27," the government of berlin city in a statement following a conference between Spahn and health officials from Germany's 16 states.

Brussels announces that vaccination in the EU will start on December 27

Nacho Alarcon

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has also referred to the start of vaccination on the continent. "On December 27, 28 and 29 vaccination will begin throughout the EU. We protect our citizens together," he wrote on his Twitter profile.

11:52 – The report of the General Directorate of Public Health of Galicia of December 16 collects that in Santiago de Compostela, which this Thursday has regressed to the perimeter closure, the highest rates of infections have occurred in the age group between 20 and 24 years, collective "in which the disease can be asymptomatic or pauciasymptomatic" and, in this way, "favor transmission by going unnoticed".

11:36 – LAST MINUTE | After knowing the positive of the French president, his Spanish counterpart, Pedro Sanchez, with whom he had contact last Monday in Paris, has suspended his schedule for the next few days. Sánchez will serve quarantine until December 24, the date on which ten days will have elapsed since his meeting Macron, Moncloa has detailed in a statement.

Emmanuel Macron (i) and Pedro Sánchez (d). (Reuters)

Moncloa has also reported that the chief executive will undergo a diagnostic test immediately to find out his situation and decide, based on the results, on his agenda for the next few days.

11:33 – The coronavirus pandemic has left in the last 24 hours in Russia 28,214 new cases and 587 deaths, bringing the total to 2.7 million infected people and more than 49,000 fatalities, as reported by the Russian center responsible for the fight against the virus.

Russia adds more than 28,000 coronavirus infections and 587 deaths in 24 hours

Europa Press

With the new data, the balance of the pandemic in Russian territory rises this Thursday to 2,762,668 infected people, which represents an increase of 1 percent compared to the previous day, and 49,151 fatalities. Most of the new infections have been detected in Moscow, with 6,711 positives, in addition to the 1,471 confirmed in the Russian capital region.

11:25 – The vice president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has assured that "in the next few hours" or this Friday the measures will be specified to stop the worsening of the covid-19 indicators in Catalonia, and has defended that they should be applied as soon as possible, since the measures have effect 10 o 15 days after executing them.

11:05 – The Vatican will allow priests to celebrate up to 4 Masses a day at Christmas to avoid crowds of the faithful.

10:46 – LAST MINUTE | The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has advanced that the regional government is not going to prevent "citizens from entering or leaving" autonomy to visit their families, nor will it close shops and hotels.

Ayuso announces that it will not confine Madrid at Christmas or close shops and hotels

Europa Press

This has been transferred in the Plenary of the Madrid Assembly, in response to a question about the mobility restrictions of the Vox spokesperson, Rocío Monasterio. Ayuso has stressed that they will continue with the same measures they have taken so far, since they have given "good results." These go in the direction of awareness, ventilation, night closings and measures in basic health areas with a high incidence of the virus.

10:42 – NAVARRA | Navarra registered a rise in new cases of covid-19 this Wednesday, with 124, compared to 93 the previous day, according to provisional data from the Government of Navarra.

In total, 1,830 tests were carried out yesterday in Navarra, both for PCR and antigens, of which 124 gave positive results. The positivity rate thus grows to 6.8 percent.

10:38 – The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel macron, has tested positive for covid-19, as reported by the French agency AFP and confirmed by El Elíseo. The leader will be quarantined for the next seven days.

Sánchez tests negative for covid but will maintain the quarantine until 24-D

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10:38 – The Health and Family Counselor, Jesus Aguirre, has ensured that Andalusia has the entire device ready to begin vaccination against the coronavirus when possible, even on Christmas Day. "I will drop two tears when the first Andalusian is vaccinated," said the counselor in an interview on Canal Sur Televisión.

10:26 – The Junta de Andalucía has criticized this Thursday that the central government has promoted "17 different Christmases", leaving all decisions in the hands of the autonomous communities.

Speaking to Cadena SER, the Andalusian Government spokesperson and counselor of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior, Elijah Bendodo, has indicated that the national Executive promised that there would not be "17 different Christmases" and, however, at the end yesterday it was confirmed, when the Inter-territorial Health Conference met, that there will be "17 different Christmases", while leaves in the hands of the communities the decision to "toughen or relax" measures depending on how the pandemic evolves.

10:16 – Twitter has announced the new measures it will take on misinformation around covid-19 vaccines, which will include everything from removing the most harmful content to labeling those that offer potentially misleading information.

10:03 – CATALONIA | The speed of spread of the coronavirus It continues to rise in Catalonia, with an Rt of 1.34 (this Wednesday was 1.22), 2,269 confirmed positive people and 30 more deaths reported in the last 24 hours, which brings the total since the start of the pandemic to 16,524 people.

According to data from the Department of Health, updated this Thursday, the risk of regrowth (EPG), which measures the potential growth rate of the epidemic, also rises to 274 points from 245 this Wednesday, while the pressure in hospitals begins to grow although slowly.

The epidemic worsens in Catalonia and exceeds 2,200 daily infections


Thus, 1,523 people are admitted to Catalan hospitals, 56 more than the previous day, of which 345 remain in the Intensive Care Units, the same as on Wednesday.

09:47 – LAST MINUTE | The King emeritus will not finally return to Spain at Christmas due to the situation of the coronavirus pandemic and his status as a high-risk person, as confirmed by the Royal Household, which also denies that he is currently admitted for covid-19.

King Juan Carlos I will not return to Spain at Christmas due to the pandemic situation

The confidential Agencies

Juan Carlos I would have transferred a message to his relatives in which he assures that he prefers the stability of the place where he is before the health situation improves.

09:26 – LAST MINUTE | The coronavirus pandemic has left in the last 24 hours in U.S a double daily record, with more than 247,000 new cases and 3,656 deaths, according to the balance of Johns Hopkins University.

The US breaks its daily record with 3,784 deaths and 250,458 infections in 24 hours


In the last day, in the United States there have been 247,403 new cases of coronavirus, thus surpassing the record of 233,133 daily infections reached on December 11, and 3,656 fatalities, which far exceeds the previous record, registered on December 11, with 3,306 deaths.

With the new data, the balance of the pandemic in the United States amounts to 16,979,777 infected people and 307,501 fatalities. New York remains the US state most affected by the pandemic, with 35,927 deaths, followed by Texas, with 24,920 deaths, and California, with 21,889 deaths.

08:46 – The coronavirus pandemic has left in the last 24 hours in Germany 26,923 new cases and 698 deaths, compared to the 27,728 infections and the 952 deaths of the previous day, according to the balance published this Thursday by the Robert Koch Institute, the German government agency in charge of the control of infectious diseases.

Germany adds more than 26,900 new cases of covid-19 and almost 700 deaths in 24 hours

Europa Press

With the new data, the balance of the pandemic in German territory amounts to 1,406,161 infected people and 24,125 deaths. As for recoveries, the figure rises to 1,047,600 people cured, including 22,600 who have been discharged in the last 24 hours.

08:28 – The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has stressed this Wednesday that the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus will reach everyone equally, "without pettiness", reaching "even the most remote communities."

07:52 – New Zealand It plans to immunize its more than 5 million inhabitants against COVID-19 for free in the second quarter of 2021, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Thursday after confirming the purchase of some 18 million doses of two vaccines.

07:51 – China announced today the temporary suspension of imports of the Argentine Cooperativa de Trabajo Espejo de Mar Limitada after detecting traces of the coronavirus in packaging of frozen products.

China finds coronavirus for the first time in nationally produced frozen foods


07:50 – The Ministry of Health of Argentina has diagnosed 6,843 new cases of coronavirus this Wednesday, which means that 1,517,046 people have already contracted the disease, of which 1,347,914 have managed to recover.

07:49 – Brazil, one of the three countries in the world most affected by the pandemic, surpassed this Wednesday the seven million confirmed cases and it is close to 184,000 deaths related to covid-19, according to the Government.

Bolsonaro confirms that he will spend 3,200 M euros on the anticovid vaccines that he rejects

Europa Press

As disclosed by the Ministry of Health in its most recent epidemiological bulletin, in the last 24 hours, 936 deaths and 70,574 new cases were registered, figures that confirm an upward trend registered in recent days and that stopped a slowdown that was had in the greater part of the country.

07:49 – The President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, announced this Wednesday a battery of measures to curb the rate of infections in the face of Christmas, including the suspension of entry to the country from December 21 to January 10.

07:42 – For the second day in a row, South Korea has diagnosed more than a thousand daily cases of coronavirus. On this occasion, the Agency for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 1,014 more.

South Korea breaks its record with 1,078 daily coronavirus infections

Europa Press

07:42 – The Minister of Health of Ecuador, Juan Carlos Zevallos, reported this Wednesday that the Health Regulation and Control Agency has approved the use of the candidate vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNTech against the coronavirus.

07:41 – Hong Kong It has managed to drop this Thursday to 82 cases after several days above a hundred, while China adds another seven infections, although all of them from abroad.

A PCR test in Hong Kong. (EFE)

07:40 – A health worker from the state of Alaska (USA) has suffered an allergic reaction to the vaccine against covid-19 developed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and it becomes the first reaction of this type registered in the United States, although it was already contemplated by the country's officials that an occasional allergy could occur.