Last minute | New cases of covid-19 amount to 1,523 in Madrid

The new coronavirus pandemic has passed the 60 million threshold of confirmed infections and close to 61 million, according to the latest update from Johns Hopkins University. So, so far, a total of 60,974,576 people have been infected with covid-19 all over the world. During the day, more than 581,000 new positives, according to the data offered by the aforementioned institution.

The countries hardest hit of the world in terms of infections are the United States, India and Brazil, which have registered more than 12.8 million cases, more than 9.3 million and 6.2 million, respectively. As for deaths, the disease caused by the new coronavirus has already left 1,432,048, more than 10,739 during the day this Thursday.

In Spain, the autonomous communities have reported this Saturday, for the moment, more than 6,500 new infections and 200 deaths. It must be remembered that the Ministry of Health does not publish data during the weekend, although this Friday it recorded 10,853 new positives Y 294 deceased. The Government hopes that its vaccination plan will reach the entire population in three phases during the first three quarters of next year and for this it has established a division into 15 groups based on risk, level of exposure, socioeconomic impact and possibility of transmission.

(The curve flattens throughout Spain and ICU admissions fall by 10%)

22:34 | This is how we have told the news of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain and in the world. Thanks for reading us. See you tomorrow.

22:24 – UNITED STATES | The president-elect of the States, Joe Biden, announced this Saturday three new members of his team to fight the coronavirus: the mental health specialist Jane hopkins, Dr. Jill Jim, specialized in the impact of chronic diseases among the indigenous population, and the epidemiologist specializing in environmental impact David Michaels.

All of them will join a team led by Dr. David Kessler, Dr. Vivek Murthy and Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, whose mission will consist, for now as a transition team, to prepare plans to combat the pandemic until Biden officially assume office on January 20.

22:10 – MADRID | The Cathedral of Santa María la Real de la Almudena has hosted this Saturday a funeral mass in homage to the 62 deceased doctors from Madrid During the pandemic, which has been attended by the relatives of the deceased and the main political representatives of the region, among other guests. The ceremony has been organized by the Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid (Icomem) and presided over by the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Carlos Osoro.

21:43 – GALICIA | The Department of Health has notified two deaths linked to covid-19 in Galicia, bringing the total number of fatalities from the pandemic to 1,193 people. Specifically, the death of a 79-year-old man has been reported at the Domínguez Hospital in Pontevedra and a 92-year-old woman at the Hospital da Mariña.

The number of victims is of the lowest communicated by Health for more than a month. However, as it is a Saturday, this can be affected by the effect of the weekend. In fact, last Monday the figures with deaths were updated during the previous weekend that their death with covid-19 had been confirmed.

21:18 – COSTA RICA | The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, and the first lady, Claudia Dobles, tested negative for covid-19 to which they were subjected after being in indirect contact with an infected person, the Presidential House reported this Saturday. Alvarado and Dobles were in preventive isolation and teleworking since last Wednesday, and will rejoin to your classroom tasks after giving negative in the PCR tests that were carried out on Friday, details the official information.

Doubts and errors with the Oxford vaccine that jeopardize its rapid commercialization

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20:50 – BURGOS | The eight days of mass screening in Burgos They ended this Saturday with a total of 243 positive covid results in a day in which more than 4,000 tests have been carried out and 25 new positives have been registered, according to data provided by the University Hospital of Burgos and collected by Europa Press.

In total, since last November 21, 43,029 people they have answered the call to carry out the massive screening that has taken place at the El Plantío Sports Complex. Of these, 243 have yielded a positive result and 97 have been invalid.

20:25 – FRANCE | France added this Saturday 12,580 confirmed cases and 213 deaths from coronavirus in hospitals in the last 23 hours, bringing the total number of positives to 2.2 million since the start of the pandemic and the number of deaths to 52,127. The death toll in nursing homes and dependency centers is updated twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

20:14 – LONDON | According to the British newspaper 'The Guardian', the British health system (NHS) will receive doses of the covid vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech from 7 December. Various sources from UK hospitals have revealed to the outlet that they expect to have stocks of the vaccines on December 7, 8 or 9.

Europe's key month: UK expects vaccine in 10 days and France reopens stores

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19:41 – SOUTH AMERICA | Belize registered 10 deaths from covid-19 in the last 24 hours, the highest number of deaths due to the virus in a single day in that country of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) since the pandemic began in the region last March. The Office of the Director of Health Services reported this Saturday through a statement that three women are part of the 10 registered deaths, bringing the total to 141.

The statement indicates that during the last 24 hours, 266 samples were processed that resulted in 72 additional positive cases throughout the Central American country. According to health authorities, the country has so far registered 5,587 positive cases, of which 2,390 remain active.

19:23 – CATALONIA | The Department of Health of the Generalitat the geriatric "Sant Hospital" has intervened, from Tremp (Lleida), where it has been verified a coronavirus outbreak with 150 infected, of them 120 residents, and the rest, workers. The Ministry has reported this Saturday in a statement that "Gestió de Serveis Sanitaris" will from now on be in charge of managing the center, in which care for residents has been reinforced with members of primary care and the Emergency System Medical (SEM).

18:41 – GREECE | The European country broke a new record for deaths from covid on Saturday with 121 deaths in one day, despite the fact that today marks three weeks of confinement with much of the economic activity paralyzed and a night curfew. According to data from the National Public Health Organization (EODY), a total of 1,747 new infections were registered, a slight decrease compared to the previous days, although there is no clear flattening of the epidemic curve.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez (c). (EFE)

18:25 – MADRID | The coronavirus infections in the Community of Madrid have been 1,523 new cases, of which 657 correspond to the last 24 hours, and the deaths from covid-19 have increased in one day from 21 to 31, according to the daily epidemiological report communicated this Saturday by the Ministry of Health. The number of infections in the Community of Madrid since the start of the pandemic It amounts to 356,103 and 12,361 have died with coronavirus in hospitals in the region.

18:17 – TURKEY | The Ottoman country has counted 30,103 new infections in the last day and 182 deaths, both unpublished figures in the Asian country since the first outbreak of the pandemic in March. "The health 'army' is under a great burden," Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca warned this Saturday in a message posted on his Twitter account, where he highlights that there are currently 4,903 covid patients in serious condition in the country .

18:15 – ITALY | The transalpine country has registered 26,323 new cases and 687 deaths in the last 24 hours, numbers lower than those of Friday, but the Government will not relax measures to prevent the spread of the virus during Christmas and will maintain the curfew. With these figures, the deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in February are already 54,362 and the total cases of coronavirus 1,564,532.

It is confirmed that contagions are decreasing and the situation in hospitals is improving, since they have fallen in 405 hospitalized, which are 37,061 and also those admitted to the intensive care units that are 3,762, with less 20 patients compared to Friday.

17:57 – CANARY ISLANDS | The Ministry of Health of the Government of the archipelago has notified 111 new cases, of which 70 have been registered on the island of Tenerife, where the restrictive measures to contain the spread of the virus have been extended for two more weeks, until December 10. The total number of accumulated infections in the Canary Islands is 20,835 with 4,329 active, of which 40 are admitted to the ICU and 179 remain hospitalized.

In the last 24 hours, we must also mourn the death of two men in Tenerife, 75 and 87 years old, both with previous pathologies. The Accumulated Incidenceat 7 days in the Canary Islands it stands at 37.85 and at 14 days at 74.39.

17:10 – EXTREMADURA | The autonomous community has registered in the last 24 hours 144 positive cases of confirmed covid-19, which represents a significant decrease compared to the data of the previous day, 210. Patients admitted to hospitals in the region also they have descended, in this case in 30 people, up to 216 people, although in the ICU there is one more, with 46.

In the last day they have deceased five people with diagnosed covid, bringing the total number to 945 since the start of the pandemic; and 256 registrations have been registered, which is equivalent to a cumulative 25,723.

16:40 – EUROPE | The continent faces a month of December that is expected decisive both because of the wave of displacements for the Christmas holidays and because of the hope of the imminent arrival of the vaccine for the coronavirus. UK hospitals are expected to be the first to receive doses of the drug from Pfizer and BioNTech, with an announced effectiveness of 95%, expected on December 7; While other countries relax their restrictions such as France, where non-essential businesses – such as clothing stores, shoe stores or bookstores – were able to receive customers again almost a month later due to the forced closure due to the pandemic.

Europe's key month: UK expects vaccine in 10 days and France reopens stores

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16:30 – MURCIA | A total of 35 teachers and 630 students remain isolated for having had contact with any of the 1,269 people (146 teachers and 1,123 students) who have tested positive for covid-19 in 350 educational centers in the Region of Murcia since the beginning of the school year. This supposes five new positives —All of them students— regarding the last balance provided by the Community this Friday.

The Ministry of Education recalls that there are 280,000 students and 27,000 teachers in the Region, so the 35 isolated teachers represent 0.13% of the total, and the 630 students, 0.22%. In addition, 9,420 students and 985 teachers they have already returned to the classrooms after exceeding the quarantine period.

16:25 – FOOTBALL | The Spanish women's team has put an end to its concentration in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas (Madrid) after its match against Poland was postponed next Tuesday, qualifying for the Eurocup in England 2022, when it was known that seven Polish players have tested positive by coronavirus.

Although the suspension is not yet official, as UEFA "must now confirm the postponement "and set a new date, according to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Jorge Vilda's team has already ended the concentration after agreeing to the request of the Polish team.

16:05 – EUROPE | The Government of Spain has extended the order of July 17 that temporarily restricts non-essential travel from third countries to the EU and Schengen associated countries due to the covid-19 health crisis until December 31 and maintains the same countries that were already exempt from that restriction. The Official State Gazette publishes this Saturday the order, which responds to a community recommendation to restrict non-essential travel to the EU.

The Government has extended the restrictions this time until December 31 no modifications, as the European Union did not carry them out either. Despite its extension until December 31, the order may be modified to respond to a change in circumstances or new recommendations within the European Union.

15:56 – USA | Los Angeles County will begin a three-week partial confinement starting this Monday in the face of the rebound in coronavirus cases, as reported by the Department of Public Health after verifying, late on Friday, 24 new deaths and 4,544 new contagions, within an average of 4,700 infections per day during the last week. The new ordinance recommends residents to stay home as much as possible and to always cover their faces with their nose and mouth when they are away from home and around other people.

15:35 – NAVARRA | The Institute of Public and Labor Health of the provincial community indicates that yesterday there were eight new admissions related to this disease in the Provincial Community, none of them in the ICU, and they were registered two deaths: two men, 83 and 35 years old. In addition, three more deaths from previous days were reported, two women aged 91 and 88 and a man aged 66. The total number of deaths from this cause is therefore 870.

15:25 – MADRID | The government delegate in the community, Jose Manuel Franco, you are sure that the Ministry of Health will not "no objection" to the regional plan to carry out tests in pharmacies if the protocol presented guarantees all security measures.

From Navacerrada, where he has been accompanied by the socialist spokesman in the Assembly, Angel Gabilondo, the delegate has remarked that "the government of Spain has no nothing against the government of the Community but he has to look for a minimum of security so that these tests are carried out in pharmacies in optimal conditions ".

Madrid hopes that the Government will allow tests in pharmacies from December

Berta Tena

15:20 – ANDALUSIA | The community reaches this Saturday the 4,001 deaths from coronavirus covid-19 by adding 74 in 24 hours -half of them between Seville and Granada-, according to data from the Ministry of Health and Families, which counts 1,864 cases of covid-19 confirmed by PCR and antigen tests, 941 less than the day before and 1,560 less on Saturday of last week.

15:00 – CATALONIA | The Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Miquel Sàmper, has assured this Saturday that "they are talking" about exclude children from social gathering limitation – currently located at six people – due to its low rate of contagion of coronavirus. In an interview with 'Rac 1', he explained that this decision will be made by "the health part of the Procicat and the Government" and would allow the exclusion of children from the total sum for the limitations of people who can meet at Christmas meals , which in principle will be ten.

"What we must be clear about is that this Christmas will be very different", and has stressed that the second wave will not be able to be overcome and a third one will be prevented if the Christmas holidays are like those of 2019.

ERC and JxCAT agree on "discretion" and "loyalty" in the Government in the fight against the covid


14:45 – GALICIA | Coronavirus cases in Galician educational centers decrease one more day, to 1,062, which is 44 less than 24 hours earlier, although the number of closed classrooms increases by one, to 52. This is evidenced by the report sent this Saturday by the Department of Health, with data from the Education departments and Social Policy, which cover the situation until Friday.

14:39 – MADRID | Traders of the Rastro have indicated that the Consistory "breached the agreed agreements" on the conditions of reopening and they trust that tomorrow Sunday "the serious errors of the previous device" will be solved. As reported by the merchants association in a statement, a week ago "the continuous two-way axis" from Calle San Millán to Ronda de Toledo was not respected, which was "the basis of the agreements with the City Council" because it is the "articulator of the entire historical space".

14: 24— ANDALUSIA | Between Seville and Granada, half of the 74 deaths in the autonomous community are added. The 74 deaths of this day represent the highest figure since Tuesday, when the record of deaths was registered with 94. On Friday 61 deaths were added, on Thursday 54, Wednesday 64, Tuesday 94, Monday 37, Sunday 18 and last Saturday 50.

14: 01— CASTILLA Y LEÓN | The Autonomous Community has a total of 126,630 positives for coronavirus, 734 of them new, with 28 deaths reported in the last 24 hours (23 of them in hospitals and five in residences) and 186 more discharges, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health .


13:41 – ASTURIAS | The principality registers 22 new deaths. It also confirmed 261 new cases of covid-19 diagnosed this Friday. A day in which there were 83 admissions of people with coronavirus: 77 in the ward and 6 in the ICU. In addition, 110 discharges were registered. However, currently, in Asturias there are 702 hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 and another 132 affected people remain in intensive care units.

13:20 – UNITED KINGDOM | British hospitals will receive the first doses of the vaccine against covid in less than ten days, on December 7, according to the newspaper 'The Guardian'. The health authorities will approve the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, which announced an effectiveness of around 95%, in a matter of days. The directors of the hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS) have been notified of the arrival of these doses by the indicated date, according to the British newspaper. Health personnel, workers in nursing homes and those over the age of eighty will be the first receivers of the pharmacological supply.

13:15 – VALENCIAN COMMUNITY | The Levantine region has registered 1,201 new cases of coronavirus, 16 sprouts and has 68 people admitted less than in the update on Friday, as reported by the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal, which has not updated the number of deceased people. The total number of positives stands at 102,654 people. By provinces, 104 new cases have been detected in Castellón (11,535 in total); 394 in Alicante (35,124 in total), and 704 in the province of Valencia (54,791 in total). Additionally, the two cases that were unassigned have been reassigned.

13:10 – MADRID | The mayor of the capital and national spokesman for the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has declared that he hopes that the Ministry of Health will authorize the plan of the Community of Madrid to make rapid antigen tests in pharmacies, because "it is a good measure" that should be in effect "soon". In statements to the media after visiting the nativity scene installed in the Palacio de Cibeles, Almeida has indicated that, although the final decision will fall on the technicians of the Ministry of Health, he considers it positive thatthat "all procedures" are enabled that increase the diagnostic capacity.

What can you and cannot do in your community based on coronavirus restrictions?

Maria Zuil Marta Ley Dario Ojeda

He also added that it has been shown that antigen tests "help fight the pandemic" and therefore "should be well received". As stated in the Community proposal, the participation of pharmacies would be voluntary and only the regular pharmacists, adjuncts, regents or accredited substitutes by the Official College of Pharmacists they could take the tests after passing some refresher courses.

13:00 – ANDALUSIA | A total of 151 municipalities Andalusians follow exceeding 500 cases of coronaviruses confirmed by PCR and antigen tests in the last 14 days, a rate that the Ministry of Health qualifies as "very high risk", according to the latest data updated by the Ministry of Health and Families, which represents 135 fewer towns than it does one week. In addition, 42 of these municipalities exceed a thousand confirmed positives in the last two weeks, 56 less than on November 20.

Andalusia has achieved lower your average incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days below the 500 cases that Health classifies as "very high risk", but it continues to exceed the national average by registering a rate of 356.2 cases despite reducing it by 148 points in the last seven days.

Andalusia allows the elderly with negative CRP to leave the residences at Christmas

Europa Press

12:45 – CANARY ISLANDS | The president of the archipelago, Ángel Víctor Torres, is "convinced" that within a year and on the same dates the coronavirus crisis it will have "exceeded" in its main dimensions, despite acknowledging that "a complex journey" still awaits. For this reason, in an interview with Europa Press, he asked Canary and Spanish society for "the last sacrifice" of this 2020, to celebrate "the strangest Christmas of our life"respecting the norms of prevention against the coronavirus.

"Today ending this year that we will never forget, sure, what I want to launch is a message of optimism. We have come out of very tough stages. And here we are also going out. The Canary Islands have a plan, which we have closed with all the social and economic agents. And although I recognize that it will not be easy, that we have to overcome a complex journey, we will move forward, "he said.

Sophia's fiasco: why sending the Navy to the Canary Islands would be "counterproductive"

Alicia alamillos Javier Bocanegra

12:30 – LA RIOJA | The region has to regret this Saturday 5 new deceased with coronavirus, according to the latest data updated by the autonomous government. According to the same data, in addition, La Rioja has seen its active cases rise again by 57 and, again, exceeds 1,000 until reaching 1,051. The fatalities are two women and three men, all with risk factors and three of them elderly. Four also lived in a senior center.

For his part, the healthcare pressure has dropped In the last 24 hours, going from the 120 admitted yesterday to 111 this Saturday (9 less) and the ICU of the San Pedro de Logroño hospital has three fewer patients with Covid in the last hours until they reach 31.

12:25 – SPAIN | The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has assured that the circumstances "are difficult and they will remain so for at least a few months"Celebrated that the central government and the PSC have faced the coronavirus pandemic away from" populisms and denials. "

This was said this Saturday during his speech at the National Council of the PSC, in which he advocated "acting responsibly, constructively and proactively, next to science and in front of populisms and deniers, as the Catalan socialists have done ".

12:20CANTABRIA | Cantabria has registered this Friday a new fatality of coronavirus and 128 new cases (29 more than the previous day), although the number of people hospitalized continues to decrease and that of those admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) continues.

Specifically, there are 158 admitted, which is seven less than yesterday, and 28 of them are in the ICU. In this way, the hospital occupancy of Covid patients drops to 10.9% and the occupancy of Intensive Care continues at 25.7%.

12:15 – VALENCIAN COMMUNITY | The Department of Universal Health of the Valencian Community will intervene in a nursing homes of the Valencian town of Benirredrà after registering this center an outbreak of 94 positive cases, between residents and workers, and six deceased. This has been confirmed to Europa Press by sources in this department, which is preparing the file to proceed to intervene in the center and that it is under active surveillance of health control.

12:10SPAIN | The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, explained this Friday that the "excess" dose purchased that, according to her, is expected to exist in Spain after vaccinating the entire population, will be to the poorest countries of its surroundings.

"Spain will have, because it has bought vaccines probably in excess to vaccinate all citizens, an amount that we will allocate to other countries, starting with neighboring countries that may need it most, "he said at a press conference at the end of the V Ministerial Forum of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).

Spain has bought an "excess" of vaccines and will send them to the poorest countries

EC / Agencies

12:05 – GALICIA | The positives for coronavirus detected in 24 hours in Galicia have fallen back to 355, which represents a decrease of 71 with respect to those notified a day ago. However, upturns have been registered in the Lugo-A Mariña-Monforte health area, in Pontevedra-O Salnés and, although to a lesser extent, in the Ourense-Verín-O Barco de Valdeorras area.

Specifically, according to the part of this Saturday on the website of the Department of Health, with data collected until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, in the entire province of Ourense 17 new infections of covid-19 have been detected in one day. This implies a little spike of two with respect to the 15 of the previous day, but that maintains it like the sanitary area less affected.

11:55 – CATALONIA | The autonomous community has registered until this Saturday 339,177 confirmed cases accumulated coronavirus -307,760 with a PCR test or antigen test-, 1,546 more that in the count on Friday, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has informed through its website. The figure of deceased total stands at 15,797, 61 more than those recorded on Friday.

Regarding the admitted patients Currently, the figure stands at 1,655, which represents a drop of 93 from the last count. The regrowth risk rate It has also fallen (on Friday it reached a level of 234 and 24 hours later it is at 216), as well as the speed of disease reproduction (rt), up to 0.76 and the cumulative incidence in the last 14 days is 304.14 per 100,000 inhabitants.

11:45 – SPAIN | Sanchez: "We must meet the objective that we have set ourselves, to reach an accumulated indecency of 25 infections per 10,000 inhabitants. "In addition, the president has asked that this Christmas"we need to put healthcare before any purpose".

11:20 – SPAIN | Pedro Sánchez is appearing this Saturday to present “The Spain that we deserve 2021-2026”, an online recovery plan with European funds in order to face the difficulties derived from the covid-19 pandemic. The president of the Spanish government will speak.

"The pandemic has caused the greatest crisis on the planet. The virus did not figure in our plans, nor in those of the other governments," says Sánchez. "When others wavered, like other governments turning their backs on the virus, we acted with a goal that was to save lives and prevent Spain from the health collapse ".

With this government of progressive coalition, no one will be left behind.

10:58 – CATALONIA | Catalan schools count this Saturday 866 stable confined groups – 1.2% of the total – and two centers closed due to coronavirus outbreaks, as reported by the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat in an update of data from the emptying that each center introduces 'Traçacovid' into the application. The closed centers are the Escola de Salàs del Pallars-ZER Pallars Jussà (Lleida) and the Escola Santa Margarida-ZER Alt Berguedà de Gòsol (Barcelona), which represent 0.04% of all centers in Catalonia.

10:30NAVARRE | The provincial community registered this Friday 105 positive cases of covid-19, which represents a decrease compared to the 162 infections detected the previous day. Yesterday a total of 2,688 tests, between PCR and antigen test, which yields a positivity rate of 3.9%, according to provisional data from the Government of Navarra.

The positive cases descend thus after a week in which there have been several days with increases in infections. Thus, 141 positives were detected on Monday, 106 on Tuesday, 141 on Wednesday, 162 on Thursday, and 104 cases this Friday.

10:15CATALUÑA | Profesionales de hospitales catalanes y del Collegi de Metges de Barcelona (Comb) han mostrado su malestar e impotencia ante el movimiento negacionista manifestado durante la segunda ola de la pandemia de coronavirus, en declaraciones a Europa Press. El secretario del Comb, Gustavo Tolchinsky, ha acusado al movimiento de "frivolidad" y ha cuestionado que pueda haber gente que haga estas afirmaciones tras haber vivido el impacto de la pandemia.

Tolchinsky ha lamentado que figuras públicas como el presidente saliente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump; el presidente de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, y el cantante Miguel Bosé, entre otros, den visibilidad a un fenómeno como los negacionistas, "muy minoritario".

Bolsonaro niega la efectividad de la mascarilla: "Será el último tabú en caer"

Europa Press

09:30ESPAÑA | El Ministerio de Sanidad contabilizó este viernes 10.853 nuevos positivos de coronavirus, que elevan la cifra total a 1.628.208, y 294 fallecidos en las últimas 24 horas hasta llegar a la cifra total de 44.668, mientras la incidencia acumulada se sitúa en 307 casos por cada 100.000 habitantes. Según los datos notificados a Sanidad por las comunidades autónomas, la presión hospitalaria en toda España por la covid es del 11,95%, mientras que los ingresos en UCI alcanzan el 28,44%. Estas cifras suponen una bajada o estabilización de la curva epidemiológica en el territorio nacional.

09:15ESPAÑA | El ministro de Sanidad, Salvador Illa, anunció este viernes los quince grupos de población que recibirán las vacunas frente al coronavirus y que se contemplan en la estrategia de vacunación covid-19. El plan se desarrollará en tres etapas.

In the primera etapa, de enero a primeros de marzo, se da prioridad a residentes y personal sanitario y sociosanitario en residencias de mayores y con discapacidad, personal sanitario de primera línea, otro personal sanitario y sociosanitario y grandes dependientes no institucionalizados

El resto de grupos, que se irá vacunando de manera progresiva en las etapas dos y tres, se irán acordando de manera progresiva a medida que vayan llegando las dosis. La segunda fase será de marzo a primeros de junio y la tercera y última se desarrollará durante el verano, según informó el ministro.

Sanidad esperará a tener más datos para fijar la fecha de vacunación del 95% de la gente

Javier Bocanegra

09:00ESPAÑA | ¡Buenos días! El Gobierno espera que su plan de vacunación contra el coronavirus llegue a toda la población en tres fases durante los tres primeros trimestres del próximo año y para ello ha establecido una división en 15 grupos en función del riesgo, el nivel de exposición, el impacto socioeconómico y la posibilidad de transmisión.