Last minute covid | UK asks regulator to evaluate the effectiveness of the Oxford vaccine

The new coronavirus pandemic has passed the 60 million threshold of confirmed infections and close to 61 million, according to the latest update from Johns Hopkins University. So, so far, a total of 60,974,576 people have been infected with covid-19 all over the world. During the day, more than 581,000 new positives, according to the data offered by the aforementioned institution.

The hardest hit countries of the world in terms of infections are the United States, India and Brazil, which have registered more than 12.8 million cases, more than 9.3 million and 6.2 million, respectively.

Regarding deaths, the disease caused by the new coronavirus has already left 1,432,048, more than 10,739 during the day this Thursday.

(The curve flattens throughout Spain and ICU admissions fall by 10%)

13:56 – LAST MINUTE | The Xunta de Galicia will carry out audits in all residences for the elderly every fifteen days to verify that all the protocols against covid-19 are met and also to help with these security measures in the face of the pandemic. This was announced by the Minister for Social Policy, Fabiola García, at the press conference.

13:49 The Government does not contemplate exempting Spaniards who live abroad and want to travel to Spain this Christmas from the obligation of having to present a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours before traveling, an obligation that applies to everyone who travels to Spain from a list of countries that is considered "risky".

Andalusia allows the elderly with negative CRP to leave the residences at Christmas

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This has been explained to journalists the Secretary of State for Spain Global, Manuel Muñiz: "Discriminating groups in the tests that are requested in origin is problematic because it lacks epidemiological sense," he said.

13:40 – The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has insisted this Friday to the central government that the restrictions on the key days of Christmas be lowered in the region because the people of Madrid "have earned it hard" with their "effort".

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado. (EFE)

13:38 – MURCIA | The number of new cases of coronavirus in the Region of Murcia has stood at 247 in the last 24 hours, in a day in which nine people have died. They are 5 women and 4 men of 73, 75, 78, 91, 91, 91, 86, 92 and 90 years, six from Murcia and the rest from Moratalla, Librilla and Yecla. Thus, the number of deaths registered by this disease in the Community amounts to 596.

13:27 The Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, has announced that six Galician municipalities they are going to leave the maximum restrictions, while as many will be included in those limitations, which suppose the perimeter and hospitality closure.

At the press conference after the weekly meeting of the clinical subcommittee, in which the Regional Minister for Social Policy, Fabiola García, also participated, she said that the municipalities of Vedra, O Pino and Mugardos (A Coruña); Viveiro (Lugo), and Toén and San Cibrao in (Ourense).

A man with a coffee to go was enjoying the sunny day in A Coruña in the company of his dog. (EFE)

Conversely, will become closed, and therefore at level 3, those of Ribadumia, Meis and Meaño, in the O Salnés region, with a joint perimeter fence; and those of Cee, Dumbría and Muxía, in the region of Fisterra.

13:21 – Spain, in favor to have the activities of open ski safely | The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has indicated this Friday that Spain's position regarding the debate that arose in the EU on the advisability of keeping closed the ski resorts until after christmas is "have activities open safely".

Winter's star sport threatened: Germany seeks to shut down skiing across the EU


13:14 – The president of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has regretted this Friday that the minister Salvador Illa did not attend the inauguration from the Isabel Zendal emergency hospital and stressed that Health supports what Madrid does to fight against covid-19 "depending on the day and the circumstances."

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. (EFE)

At a press conference held in Barcelona, ​​where he met between yesterday and today with Catalan hoteliers and entities opposed to language immersion at school, Díaz Ayuso said feel that the Minister of Health "has decided not to be interested in meeting you (the new hospital), but we will be there with our doctors and health workers and the media to explain what "this project consists of, whose opening will be December 1st.

"There are times when they support us, who believe in what Madrid does, depending on the day and the circumstances"

Regarding the congratulations yesterday of the director of the Emergency Center for Health Alerts, Fernando Simón, to the Community of Madrid for the good results it is achieving, he pointed out that "there are times that they support us, that they believe in what Madrid does, depending on the day and the circumstances so they build the message ".

13:08 – CEUTA | The Autonomous City has achieved continue to reduce the number of active cases due to covid thanks to a gradual decrease in positives and an increase in patients cured, which is coupled with a decrease in hospital pressure.

According to data provided by the National Institute of Health Management (INGESA), the body that manages health in Ceuta and Melilla, between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning only 5 new positives have been detected by covid-19 and 23 cured have been confirmed, which leaves the situation in 254 active cases.

The figure is one of the lowest in recent weeks taking into account that on November 7, the peak of 649 active cases had been reached and the 400 cases had been exceeded since the end of October.

12:54 – ANDALUSIA | The figure fell for the third day in a row after falling by 136 people on Thursday and 140 on Wednesday, rising by 42 people on Tuesday and 58 on Monday and falling by 220 on Sunday.

Andalusia registers the lowest data of hospitalized by coronavirus this month

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For its part, the number of people admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) drops a dozen in 24 hours to 476, 43 less than seven days ago.

12:50 The Cuban health authorities have authorized the start of the clinical trials of two new vaccines against the coronavirus, with which there are already four projects under development on the island, which presented the advances in this matter as a sample of its medical and research potential.

The Center for the State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED) has authorized the beginning of the trials for two vaccine candidates baptized as 'Mambisa' and 'Abdala'. They add to 'Sovereign 1' and 'Sovereign 2', which are in a more advanced stage, according to the official press.

The Cuban Ministry of Health has reported 8,075 cases of covid-19 until Thursday, of which 443 are considered active. At least 133 people have died victims of the disease on the island, which has begun to progressively reopen its borders.

The Government has recognized that the arrival of travelers has led to an increase in positive in recent days, so it has urged to comply with the established protocols. Cuba imposes a PCR on arrival and on the fifth day, which forces them to remain in isolation until then.

12:49 – The vaccination plans against the coronavirus in Portugal, still under study, propose that the priority group to be immunized be citizens between 50 and 75 years old who have a serious disease, as well as workers and the elderly in nursing homes and health professionals.

Portugal studies first vaccinating seriously ill patients between 50 and 75 years old


12:36 – The Catalan schools they count this friday 885 stable confined groups -a 1.23% of the total- and two centers closed due to coronavirus outbreaks, as reported by the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat in an update of data from the emptying that each center introduces in the 'Traçacovid' application.

12:34 – LAST HOUR | The Balearic Islands will apply a system of five alert levels that will determine the restrictions. Level 0 "would be the level of new normality" and level 4 "the level of maximum risk where confinements are foreseen"

East 'COVID-19 traffic light' it was approved this Friday at an extraordinary meeting of the Government Council. The president of the Government, Francina Armengol, explained at a press conference that the objective is "to establish a stable framework that allow to live with the disease ", while they have "enormous hopes" in the state government's vaccination plan.

"They are the ones that will govern the measures that are applied at Christmas time. The virus infects the same whether there are parties or not"

At this level, 0 "would be the level of new normality" and 4 "the level of maximum risk where confinements are foreseen." The tiers will determine what activities are allowed and under what conditions. The system will take each island as a unit and will take into account the accumulated incidence, the incidence in people over 65, positivity rate, occupancy of hospital beds on the ward and in the ICU, data on outbreaks and their dissemination, among other technical variables.

Applying this system, the health alert level is currently 3 in Mallorca and Ibiza (high risk), 2 in Menorca (medium risk) and level 1 in Formentera (control situation).

12:23 – Education Inspectors have verified "significant gaps" in school infrastructure so that health standards and covid-19 protocols can be met and have alerted to the existence of a "socio-educational gap".

This was announced this Friday by the Union of Education Inspectors (USIE), after concluding the I Virtual Meeting of the Education Inspection, with the participation of 300 inspectors from all over Spain and under the title 'The inspection and education in a new social context '.

A high school student uses a tablet in class at the Reina Sofía school in Totana. (EFE)

12:15 – The 33% of hospitalized covid-19 patients developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), the 10.9% bacterial pneumonia and 6.2% sepsis, according to the 'SEMI-COVID-19 Clinical Registry', promoted by internists of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI).

In it they participate 686 researchers from 150 hospitals and currently has data from more than 19,000 patients included, as well as more than 70 investigations in progress that will allow obtaining more scientific evidence and knowing "more and better" how the virus behaves and how to fight it.

The four phenotypic groups of covid-19 patients for a good or bad prognosis

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Likewise, the registry has shown that the overall mortality rate stands at 20.9%, that of admission to the ICU in 8.6% and that of hospital readmission in 3.8%. The mean age of the covid-19 patient hospitalized in Spain is 69.4 years, with 57.2% of the patients admitted for covid-19 being men and, in terms of most common symptoms on admission, are fever (83.9%), cough (73.1%), respiratory distress (57.5%), fatigue (43.2%), diarrhea (24%), anorexia (19.7%), anosmia (7.4%).

In the physical exploration, the most frequent findings among patients hospitalized in Spain with covid-19 were: fever (52%), abnormal sounds on auscultation (53.8%), tachypnea (31.5%), tachycardia (24.8%), oxygen saturation less than 90% (17.9%), confusion (12%) and hypotension (6.3%).

A healthcare professional works in the ICU of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. (EFE)

According to one of the recent Registry studies that classifies covid-19 patients into four phenotypic groups, patients with the triad of fever, cough and dyspnea have been the worst prognosis. On the contrary, patients with fever, cough, and dyspnea, as well as hypegesia (difficulty detecting taste) and / or anosmia (loss of smell), have had the best prognosis.

12:00 – LA RIOJA | It does not notify deaths in the last 24 hours although Hospital pressure rises with 13 more admissions. In addition, active cases remain at the same figure as yesterday, with 994, while the hospital pressure has increased in hospital admissions by 13 more people. For its part, ICU has dropped in one admission and, as of today, there are 34 people in that unit for covid-19.

In relation to hospital pressure, and according to the same data, today There are 120 people admitted to the different Riojan centers for coronavirus (yesterday 107). In the case of the San Pedro hospital, there are 62 people on the floor (4 more than yesterday) and in the FHC the number admitted has risen by 10 to 24.

11:30 – The Italian Government prepares the new decree that will enter into force on December 4 with which it will maintain the prohibition to leave the region, the curfew and closed schools in high-risk areas, in fear of a third wave.

Italy to keep restrictions on Christmas for fear of a third wave: "It would be devastating"


11:20 The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, have been received upon arrival at the Hospital de la Paz with shouts of 'out', boos and the noise of a saucepan by a group of about thirty people who were waiting for him outside the hospital.

A score of people boo Sánchez and applaud Almeida at the La Paz hospital


The Chief Executive, Illa and the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, have come to this hospital to visit the Central Unit for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials, as Moncloa had announced in the president's agenda. During the visit they will also be accompanied by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has received applause from this group, although upon arrival it has also been heard that someone called him a 'liar'.

Pedro Sánchez during his visit to the Rovi laboratories in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid. (EFE)

11:11 The Madrid's community frees thirteen health zones from just one of the restrictions imposed and recalls that the closure of the region on the bridge will remain in effect. Which are?

These are the 13 basic health areas in Madrid that abandon mobility restrictions

The confidential

11:10 – CATALONIA | Until this Friday, 337,631 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus have been registered -306,324 with a PCR test or antigen test-, which is 1,652 more than in the count on Thursday, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has reported through its website .

Catalonia registers 1,652 coronavirus infections and 79 deaths in 24 hours

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11:00 – GALICIA | The positives detected by PCR in 24 hours in Galicia have suffered a slight rebound to 426 new cases, 11 more than those notified a day ago. In fact, they have been recorded promotions in the sanitary areas of Vigo, A Coruña-Cee, Santiago-Barbanza and Ferrol.

According to the update published this Friday morning on the website of the Ministry of Health, with data collected until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, around 25% of new infections confirmed in the Galician Community continue registering in the Vigo area, with 115, six more than the previous day.

However, the health area that has reported the most important rebound has been Ferrol, up to 19 more infections detected, which places the total in 24 hours at 66. They have also risen, although to a lesser extent, in the areas of A Coruña-Cee, to 91 (+5), and in Santiago Barbanza, to 57 (+9).

10:30 – The Junta de Andalucía maintains the instruction that allows family members remove users from nursing homes to take them to their homes as long as they have a negative PCR and their relatives sign a "responsible statement", a possibility that, thus, remains open for Christmas if the Administration does not introduce any changes in this regard in the next few dates.

In an interview on Canal Sur Radio, the general director of Social and Health Care of the Ministry of Health and Families, José Repiso, alluded to that instruction from said department of the Andalusian Government when asked about the possibility that some relatives wanted take your elders out of the residences in which they are to share with them in their homes the designated days of Christmas.

10:12 – The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has announced that has requested authorization from the Government for perform antigen tests in pharmacies. Likewise, he pointed out that the incidence rate has dropped to 252 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Madrid being "the peninsular territory with the best data."

Madrid requests authorization from the Government to perform antigen tests in pharmacies

Berta Tena

09:58 – Illa announced this Friday at a press conference the 15 population groups that, throughout three phases expected to begin in January and will end in summer, they will receive the coronavirus vaccine, as established in the 'Vaccination Plan against COVID-19', approved on Tuesday by the Council of Ministers.

Salvador Illa. (EFE)

As announced this week, the first to receive the vaccine will be residents and nursing home staff and centers for large dependents will be the first to receive the vaccine once the first doses arrive, from January 2021 until March, and then the rest of the health personnel and large non-institutionalized dependents will do so. In total, 2.5 million people will be vaccinated in the first stage of vaccination.

"As we receive information on vaccine availability, the groups will be assigned throughout phase two and three"

Likewise, and although it has not yet been decided which vaccination phase they will enter, the rest of the groups are: people with risk conditions, people who live or work in closed communities or environments, vulnerable people due to their socio-economic situation, people with essential jobs, teaching staff, children, adolescents, young people and people most affected by outbreaks, pregnant and lactating people, and HIV positive people of coronavirus.

"As we receive information on the availability of vaccines, the groups will be assigned throughout phase two and three," said Illa, to comment that the second phase will take place from March until the end of May or the beginning of June. and the third throughout the summer.

09:55 – ARAGON | He communicated this Thursday 349 new cases of coronarivus, 23 more than the day before, on a day in which six deaths have been reported, according to provisional data published this Friday on the Regional Government's Transparency Portal.

According to these data, 208 of the new cases correspond to the province of Saragossa, 55 with that of Huesca and another 78 with that of Teruel, while in 8 the provenance has not been determined.

Aragon abolishes the confinement of its capitals on Monday, but maintains the provincial

Europa Press

The confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic amount to 73,468 and the people recovered to 61,197, 1,186 in the last 24 hours, while the reported deaths amount to 2,314.

The fatality rate stands at 3.2%, although in the province of Teruel it rises almost one point more, to 4.1, while in Zaragoza it is 3.2% and in Huesca 2.6%. The mortality rate per 10,000 inhabitants continues to rise, reaching 17.6%, and it is also the province of Teruel that has the highest average (20.7). In Zaragoza it is at 17.6 and in Huesca at 15.

09:37 – The coronavirus does not remit in Russia: a record of 27,500 daily cases and 496 more deaths. It already accumulates 2,215,533 total cases, an increase of 1.3 percent over the previous day. The total number of deaths in the country now stands at 38,558.

Moscow. (EFE)

09:20 – The British government has formally requested the Health Products and Medicines Regulatory Agency (NHRA) to evaluate the covid-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

That request "marks a significant first step in obtaining approval for the vaccine for distribution," provided it complies with the required standards of safety, efficacy and quality, according to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said this Friday. Just a week ago the Conservative Executive of Boris Johnson also requested an evaluation of the antidote developed by Pfizer / BionNTech.

Spain will acquire vaccines for twice its population. The rest of Europe, for half

Antonio Villarreal

The news comes after the investigative team behind that antidote had to defend the antidote as a result of the growing doubts that have arisen in recent days around the preliminary results of phase three of the clinical trial.

The Swedish-British pharmacist AstraZeneca values ​​carrying out a "additional study" to validate the first results of the efficacy of the vaccine, after revealing that there was dosage changes not provided for in your first trial. The group recognized that their results – which yielded an efficacy of up to 90% in a subgroup of participants who were administered a lower dose than that given to another group of volunteers – was the product of an error, which will now need to be validated.

Effects and immunity: what still remains to be known about the 3 vaccines that will arrive in Spain

Jose Pichel

AstraZeneca is confident that a new global clinical trial will not delay regulatory approval in different countries, including the United Kingdom. The British Government has ordered 100 million doses of this vaccine in advance.

08:54 Ukraine registered this Friday for the second consecutive day a record of new infections Covid-19 newspapers, adding 16,218 infected to the balance in the last day, despite the weekend quarantines introduced by the Government. With that figure, they amount to 693,407 cases of coronavirus notified since the start of the pandemic.

Ukraine also recorded the death of 192 people from covid-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the number of deaths to 11,909. In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the Ukrainian government imposed on the 11th quarantines on weekends until the end of the month in order not to shut down the entire economy.

08:45 – Germany exceeds one million infections and sets a new record for daily deaths. Germany this Friday joined the group of countries with more than a million total infections of coronavirus after registering, in the last 24 hours, more than 22,800 new cases and another 426 deaths, the latter figure representing a record of daily deaths since the declaration of the crisis in the country, according to the balance published by the Robert Koch Institute, the government agency in charge of monitoring infectious diseases.

Germany exceeds one million infections and sets a new record for daily deaths

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08:32 – The Government works in two scenarios to face the pandemic at the present time: agree on a plan with all the autonomous communities for Christmas and the vaccination strategy, reported this Friday at a press conference by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

Illa appears a day after Health recorded 12,289 new coronavirus positives, which bring the total number to 1,617,355, and the number of deaths amounts to 44,374, 337 in the last 24 hours, while the cumulative incidence stands at 325 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

08:30 – Good Morning! The brake on new coronavirus infections it was found this week in Spain. Already on Sunday, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, predicted that the country's incidence would once again be below 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.

Although the trend at the national level is good, recovery will take time. The Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community and Extremadura have increased their figures.

The curve flattens throughout Spain and those admitted to the ICU decrease by 10%

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