Last minute covid-19 | Contagions decrease and income increases in Madrid

The new coronavirus pandemic accumulates more than 54.4 million cases worldwide after adding more than 443,000 infections in the last 24 hours, according to the balance published this Monday by Johns Hopkins University.

Specifically, 443,028 new cases have been registered worldwide in the last day, while the global figure of deceased stands at 1,317,812. More than 34.99 million people have overcome the disease around the world.

Experience is a degree: a second wave in Madrid is not the same as in Asturias

Hector G. Barnés

The United States has registered in recent days the worst case data of the entire pandemic and computes in this balance more than 133,000 positives, with which it counts 11 million infections and 246,217 fatalities.

India, on the other hand, has managed to reduce the rate of infections in recent weeks, although it already exceeds 8.84 million cases and accumulates 130,070 deaths. Meanwhile, Brazil remains in third position in this classification, which is configured from the data from 190 countries and territories with coronavirus cases. The South American giant has registered more than 5.86 million cases and 165,798 deaths.

(Moderna's vaccine, almost 95% effective)

08:46 Pfizer has launched a pilot project in four US states to verify and help define the logistical plan for storage and delivery that will be necessary for your coronavirus vaccine, developed together with the company BioNTech and that needs to be kept at temperatures of minus 70 degrees.

The states chosen are Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico, and Tennessee, and have been selected, as explained by the pharmaceutical company in a statement, due to their differences in size, demographic diversity and immune infrastructure, as well as offering the possibility of being able to check logistics in urban and rural environments.

Modern vs. Pfizer vs. AstraZeneca: what differentiates the vaccines that you are going to inject

Jose Pichel

08:44 – Downward trend in high-risk area. The week in which the effectiveness of the measures against the high incidence of the coronavirus in Spain should be assessed has begun with this premise, supported by notifications in clear decline, and the announcement of the high effectiveness of another vaccine, Moderna.

Despite the caution that the Monday data always implies (324 positives in Madrid, half that of Sunday), everything indicates that the stabilization has given way to a positive inclination of the curve, which is postponed for a few weeks in the hospital admissions and deaths, given the high levels of infections reached.

08:30 – Good Morning! The Minister council approves this Tuesday the reduction of the VAT of the masks from 21 to 4% and the extension of the subscription periods, grace period and repayment of the loans to freelancers and companies guaranteed by the Official Credit Institute (ICO).

The reduction in VAT is added to the reduction in the maximum sale price of disposable surgical masks, which since this Tuesday nor they can cost more than 0.72 euros, compared to the 0.96 euros that could reach until now.

This measure will be included in a decree law that also contemplates that freelancers, SMEs and companies who requested financing with a State guarantee, will now have up to three more years to repay the loans with the ICO guarantee.

The Government lowers the price of surgical masks from 96 to 72 cents

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