Last minute coronavirus | Valencia and CyL extend the closure until the end of the bridge

The new coronavirus pandemic accumulates more than 55.6 million cases worldwide after adding more than 610,220 infections in the last 24 hours, according to the balance published this Wednesday by Johns Hopkins University.

The global death toll stands at 1,338,130. More than 35.36 million people have overcome the disease around the world. The United States has registered in recent days the worst case data of the entire pandemic and computes in this balance more than 158,000 positives, with which it counts 11.35 million infections Y 247,220 deathly victims.

India, on the other hand, has managed to reduce the rate of infections in recent weeks, although it already exceeds 8.8 million cases and accumulates 130,519 deaths. Meanwhile, Brazil remains in third position in this classification, which is configured from the data from 190 countries and territories with coronavirus cases. The South American giant has registered more than 5.91 million cases and 166,699 dead.

(The pandemic gives globalization a blow to 1.5 trillion euros)

16:41 – BALEARIC ISLANDS | The Balearic Epidemiology Service has notified the Ministry of Health 178 new positives and one death from the virus in the last 24 hours, so that the accumulated total is 22,604 reported cases and 401 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the Islands. Furthermore, the positivity rate stands at 4.5%.

16:37 – The Guidelines Development Group of the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a report, published in the journal 'The BMJ', in which it advises against the use of Remdesivir in patients admitted for covid-19. He maintains that there is no evidence that it improves survival or reduces the need for ventilation. This drug has been used around the world as a potentially effective treatment for severe cases of coronavirus and is increasingly used to treat patients admitted to hospitals, although the role it plays in clinical practice remains "uncertain."

16:19 – MURCIA | A total of 163 teachers and 1,482 students remain isolated in the region of the Region of Murcia due to having had contact with one of the 1,208 people (143 teachers and 1,065 students) who have tested positive for covid-19 in 347 educational centers since the beginning of the school year. It supposes 17 new positives (14 students and three teachers) with respect to the last balance provided by the community this Wednesday.

15:12 – ASTURIAS | The autonomous community has decided to increase the search for asymptomatic positives in certain age groups and areas through population screening, both with PCR tests and antigen tests, and to increase the frequency of those made to the staff of nursing homes to treat to contain the spread of the virus even further

14:10 – VALENCIA | The president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has announced that it will maintain the perimeter closure in this community until next December 9 and the validity of the current restrictive measures to deal with the coronavirus.

After submitting a awareness campaign Faced with the attacks on health personnel and questions from journalists, Puig has reported that this Friday he will sign the order to extend the perimeter closure of the Valencian territory until Wednesday, December 9, once completed the Constitution bridge, and that week the situation of the pandemic will be evaluated and the decisions estimated by experts.

Puig announces the perimeter closure until December 9 of the Valencian Community


13:44 – LAST MINUTE | The Junta de Castilla y León has announced this Thursday that it is extending the perimeter closure of the Community until December 3, a period in which the hospitality and shopping centers and the restrictions for the practice of sport in closed spaces and in meetings, which it approved a fortnight ago to stop the covid-19, will remain in force.

Igea has announced that the Board opens a period of dialogue with the hospitality sectors, commercial and sports to analyze "how to relax" restrictive measures in the future, as the incidence of the disease decreases.

12:59 – EUSKADI | The Basque Country has detected this Wednesday 1,069 new positives in coronavirus, which means 19 more than the day before and a rate of 7.2% positive. In addition, there have been 56 new admissions in Basque hospitals, 23 less than during the day on Tuesday.

According to the bulletin published today by the Health Department with the update of incidence data, 14,886 PCR and antigen tests have been carried out this past Wednesday, down from 14,929 the previous day. Of these, 1,069 have been positive, compared to 1,050 on Tuesday, so that the rate of positives has risen by two tenths, from 7% to 7.2%.

By territories, Guipúzcoa has posted 478 positives, compared to 459 yesterday. In Biscay 432 new infections have been detected, 27 less than on Tuesday, and in Alava they add 136 new positives, 14 more than the previous day. In addition, 23 positive cases of people residing outside the Basque Autonomous Community have been detected, 13 more than the previous day.

In Basque hospitals, 56 patients have been admitted to the ward during the last day, which means 23 fewer hospitalized than on Tuesday.

12:51 – CANTABRIA | A 78-year-old man with previous pathologies has joined the victims of covid-19 in Cantabria this Wednesday, where 292 have already been charged since the pandemic began. However, the number of hospitalized has been reduced by seven people since yesterday, up to a total of 192, and the 35 admitted to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital remain.

Hospital occupation (129 patients in Valdecilla, 41 in Sierrallana, 19 Laredo and six in Tres Mares) is 13%, while that of the ICUs amounts to 30.3%.

12:35 – ANDALUSIA | The community adds this Thursday 49 deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours, a figure lower than the 72 deaths recorded the day before and 89 on Tuesday, according to data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), which counts 3,296 positives confirmed by PCR and antigen tests, 472 more than the day above and higher number of positives so far this week.

Andalusia registers 3,296 positives, the highest rise this week, and 49 deaths

Europa Press

The 49 deaths this day are less than the 72 of the eve and 89 on Tuesday, but they exceed the previous six days: 22 on Monday, 35 on Sunday, 41 on Saturday and 46 on Friday. These 49 deaths they are 19 less than the 68 registered last Thursday.

12:27 – The World Health Organization (WHO) has detailed this Thursday the need to keep schools open during the coronavirus pandemic and believes that lockdowns can be avoided if protection measures are increased.

"We must ensure the teaching for our children ", said the WHO Director for Europe, Hans kluge, highlighting that children and adolescents are not the main drivers of contagion and that the closure of schools is not effective.

WHO believes that lockdowns are avoidable and advocates keeping classrooms open


12:19 – The Autonomous City of Ceuta has announced that it will maintain during the Constitution bridge the travel restrictions for reduce infections by covid-19 and curb hospital pressure.

According to sources from the regional government, the restrictions influence, above all, in the movement of people, since the Ceutí Government will continue to prohibit boat trips until Algeciras (Cádiz), as well as helicopter trips to Algeciras and Malaga, except for justified reasons.

12:08 – ARAGON | The cases of positive covid-19 in Aragon have returned to rebound to 546 new notified on Wednesday, 83 more than on Tuesday, and one deceased in the province of Huesca, according to provisional data published this Thursday by the Transparency Portal of the Government of Aragon.

Confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic amount to 71,018 and 54,139 people who have overcome the disease, 1,287 more than the day before, while the deceased reported rise to 2,160.

11:39 – LA RIOJA | The community has notified this Thursday two deaths with coronavirus, according to the latest data updated by the regional government. On the other hand, the positives in nursing homes for the elderly have dropped by 37 people, as well as the healthcare pressure, with 23 fewer admissions, while there has been an increase in active cases in the Community, going from 1,269 yesterday at 1,291, 22 more.

Specifically, the deceased are two elderly men with risk factors. One of them lived in a Residence of the elderly.

11:24 – Nearly a million people have received one of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine candidates to date "without presenting significant adverse effects", according to the president of the state pharmaceutical Sinopharm, Liu Jingzhen.

Liu assured in an interview echoed by the company's social networks that "the vaccine has been tested in almost a million people"and that" only a small group (of them) had mild adverse effects. "

He added that "diplomats and students who traveled to more than 150 countries they did not test positive for coronavirus after being vaccinated. "

"Diplomats and students who traveled to more than 150 countries did not test positive for coronavirus after being vaccinated"

11:08 – GALICIA | Covid-19 infections detected by PCR in 24 hours amount to 667, a figure that represents a total of 166 cases more than those notified a day ago. The greatest increase occurs in Vigo, where the positives detected skyrocket to 282.

This is clear from the updated data on the morning of this Thursday on the website of the Department of Health, with figures up to 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday that reflect a new increase in cases active after several days of declines. Specific, go up in 47 and they stand at 9,098.

10:57 – Ponferrada (León) has become the first Spanish city to measure the ventilation of your public spaces closed against the coronavirus thanks to an application of the local company Redytel IoT that allows to monitor air quality in order to stop contagions.

Thus, by virtue of the agreement recently signed with the City Council of the capital of Bierzo, close to a one hundred sensors to measure -free of charge and through a QR code- the quality of the air in closed public spaces before entering and thus prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus without spending more than necessary on heating.

10:31 – CATALONIA | Epidemic indicators continue to improve in Catalonia although it has still added 2,501 new infections in the last 24 hours, in which other 50 deaths from covid-19, while the number of patients hospitalized for this disease has decreased by more than a hundred.

According to epidemiological data updated this Thursday by the Department of Health, the speed of virus spread (Rt) is still stuck in its decline for the third day and remains at 0.76, the same as the two previous days, while the number of hospitalized is 2,300, a total of 102 less than the day before, of which 553 are seriously ill in the ICU (21 less than Wednesday).

Catalonia continues to improve its epidemic situation, although it adds 2,501 infections


09:28 – The South Korean authorities have activated this Thursday a tightening in the social distancing measures in the capital region after registering the last maximum days of daily contagions of covid-19 since the summer.

The level 1.5 restrictions (second on a scale of five) took effect at midnight today in Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi province, the two areas that have concentrated the most new cases, and will keep for at least two weeks.

South Korea tightens restrictions after recording peak cases since summer


09:19 – The German health authorities recorded 22,609 new infections with coronavirus in the last 24 hours, almost 750 more than a week ago and more than 5,000 more than yesterday, although below the maximum of 23,542 last Friday.

According to data from the Robert Koch Institute updated last midnight, the positives recorded since the first contagion in the country was announced at the end of January amounts to 855,916, with 13,370 deaths, 251 in the last 24 hours, after 305 yesterday, the highest figure of this second wave.

09:03 – The Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities plan to present next week a series of recommendations for the Constitution bridge and Christmas. The Interterritorial Council of the National Health System agreed on Wednesday to create a working group that should present a document for your approval.

The objective is to guarantee a "safe way" of meeting during the next weeks to avoid "an increase of the contagions in the following days", said the minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

Health and communities prepare common recommendations for Christmas

Darío Ojeda

08:54 – At least 365 people have been arrested during the demonstrations called this Wednesday in Berlin to protest the restrictions adopted to contain the coronavirus pandemic, which have concluded with the use of tear gas and water cannons by the Police.

The protests have also left a ten officers injured, as reported by the authorities. Among them is a police officer who was kicked in the head while removing his helmet.

More than 350 detainees at a protest against pandemic restrictions in Berlin

Europa Press

08:37 – The Ministry of Health has announced that the final price of the disposable surgical mask will finally be 0.62 euros after this Wednesday the Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices adjust the price to VAT of 4%.

08:28 – Africa has exceeded this Thursday the barrier of two million infections of covid-19 with slightly more than 48,400 deaths, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Africa (CDC Africa), an institution of the African Union (AU).

Since the first continental contagion was detected, the last February 14 in Egypt, the 55 Member States of the AU accumulate 2,013,388 cases, 48,408 deaths and 1,703,498 recoveries, according to data collected by the agency up to 09:00 local time (06:00 GMT).

Africa exceeds two million infections, but represents only 4% worldwide


08:20 – Good Morning! The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has assured that the rate of covid-19 tests being carried out in Spain is of the "higher" of Europe, and has indicated that the fourth wave of the seroprevalence study will be the one that reflects the percentage of cases that are being detected in Spain.

"The more diagnostic tests we perform the better it will be, but it is important to do them well and by qualified personnel when administering any type of test, in the spaces needed to make them and whoever needs it, "he said.

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