Last minute coronavirus | CyL limits family trips to the community at Christmas

The coronavirus pandemic has registered in the last 24 hours more than 732,000 new cases and 13,171 dead, two figures that they are the second highest in the daily count of infections and deaths of the entire historical series, according to the balance published this Thursday by Johns Hopkins University. With the new data, the global count already stands at 75,019,857 infected people and 1,663,523 deathly victims.

The United States has registered the worst case data of the entire pandemic in recent weeks, adding more than 233,000 positives and 3,270 dead in the last balance daily, beating the daily record of cases and deaths and already exceeding 17.2 million people infected with 310,782 fatalities.

India, the second worst hit country in the world, continues with the downward trend in the rate of infections. It accumulates 9.97 million cases and 144,789 deaths. In third position remains Brazil, which has registered more than 7.1 million infections and exceeds 184,827 deaths.

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17:31 – EXTREMADURA | Extremadura has registered a decrease in the number of covid-19 positives in the last 24 hours, going from 375 this past Thursday to 289 that have been notified this Friday.

Likewise, there are 160 people admitted to Extremadura hospitals, four more than the previous day, of which 21 are in ICUs, two less. The last balance leaves a new death, that of a 59-year-old woman from Miajadas, which brings to 1,023 the total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic.

17:23 – COMMUNITY OF MADRID | The Community of Madrid has reported 2,386 new cases of coronavirus, of which 924 correspond to the last 24 hours, and 19 more deaths in hospitals, according to the report of the epidemiological situation of this Friday, with data at the close of the previous day.

The Ministry of Health notified 2,471 new cases of coronavirus on the previous day, of which 939 corresponded to the last hours, and 6 more deaths in hospitals.

The number of hospitalized patients in the ward has increased to 1,397 (8 more), and the number of ICU patients has decreased to 295 (4 less), with 138 highs. In addition, 4,428 patients are under home follow-up by Primary Care.

Madrid limits meetings to 6 people and 2 family nuclei and puts measures in 4 areas

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17:12 – VALENCIAN COMMUNITY | The Valencian Community has registered 2,189 new cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test or through antigen testing and 18 deaths, three of them corresponding to users of residences, according to the data of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal.

The new positives put the total number of positives at 126,256 people. By provinces, 186 cases have been detected in Castellón (13,777 in total); 567 in Alicante (42,240 in total), and 1,436 in the province of Valencia (70,237 in total). In addition, there are still 2 unassigned cases.

On the other hand, 18 deaths from coronavirus have been registered since the last update, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,718 people: 356 in the province of Castellón, 964 in Alicante and 1,398 in Valencia.

17:04 – CANARY ISLANDS | The Canary Islands have recorded 294 new positives for coronavirus this Friday, of which 217 are registered in Tenerife, until a total of 24,520 since the pandemic began on the islands, according to the updated data balance of the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands.

In addition, four deceased people have been registered that raise the deaths in the islands to 374, three in Tenerife and one in Gran Canaria, and 231 new registrations with what 18,807 people have already passed the disease in the archipelago.

The Canary Islands currently have 5,339 active cases of coronavirus (+21), of which 43 are in the ICU (-3), 301 admitted to hospitals (-12) and 4,995 in hospital isolation.

16:54 – CASTILLA-LA MANCHA | Castilla-La Mancha closed the last epidemiological week registering again downward statistics regarding the level of new cases of coronavirus, registering a total of 2,603 ​​in the seven calendar days between Monday, November 30 and Sunday, December 13, although this data supposes a sharp stop in the fall of new weekly cases when representing only a decrease of 1.25% and 33 new positives less.

This means that the accumulated incidence in this last full week has been placed in 128 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, when the previous week they were 130, according to the data offered this Friday by Sescam.

Third wave or continuation of the second? The curve rises again in half Spain

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In this way, Albacete has gone from 467 cases to 602 in the last week; Ciudad Real increased from 609 the previous week to 650; and Cuenca scales from 252 to 204.

16:42 – The Global Access Fund for covid-19 Vaccines, known as COVAX, a mechanism proposed by the GAVI alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO), has announced that it has reached agreements to be able to access some 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines.

For the vast majority of these agreements, COVAX has guaranteed access to a part of the first production line, followed by volume scales as more offer becomes available. The announced agreements will allow all countries participating in the fund to have access to the doses in the first half of 2021.

Likewise, the first deliveries are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021, although this will depend on regulatory approvals and the preparation of countries for delivery. In addition, they will be delivered in 2021 about 1.3 billion doses of vaccines, funded by donor countries, to 92 low- and middle-income regions.

Two healthcare professionals prepare to handle and collect all the data regarding the Janssen vaccine trial. (EFE)

15:33 – The Prime Minister of Greece, Kiriakos Mitsotakis, announced this Friday that the national vaccination campaign against the coronavirus will begin on Sunday, December 27, just one day after the arrival of the first supplies to the country.

15:23 – The Supreme Court of Brazil has endorsed that the vaccination campaign against covid-19 is mandatory, which opens the door for state and municipal authorities to adopt measures against those, like the president, Jair Bolsonaro, are not willing to join. to the general immunization campaign.

15:20 – LAST MINUTE | Slovakia's prime minister, the populist Igor Matovic, has tested positive for coronavirus. He participated last week in the summit of leaders of the European Union, which was also attended by the French president, Emmanuel macron, which has also been infected.

15:12 – The President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, has insisted on ask everyone for "responsibility" for these Christmas dates and has indicated that daily monitoring of covid-19 cases in the Autonomous Community will continue to make timely decisions since "garments will not hurt us if we have to take more restrictive measures."

Chivite has indicated that, "as the Minister of Health has always said and we have defended from the Government, everything will have to see with the evolution of the data ". "It is true that yesterday we had a little rebound and today the cases are half that of yesterday, we are going to monitor day by day and if we have to make decisions because the incidence increases, we will take them as we have made them throughout the entire pandemic. "He pointed out that, if necessary , more restrictive measures would be adopted before or in the middle of Christmas.

15:01 – The Second Vice President and Minister of Health and Social Services of Extremadura, Jose Maria Vergeles, has apologized to the public for the "confusion" that may be generating the possibility of changing the measures approved for the Christmas plan a few days before the dates depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

A plan developed when the incidence figures allowed it but that now run the risk of being modified or suspended in case of reaching a rate of 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants after 14 days, something that the Extremaduran president himself foresees that it may occur over the next week.

14:53 – The president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced this Friday that the vaccine against the coronavirus developed by the pharmaceutical company Moderna has been "approved" and that its distribution will start "immediately".

Trump announces that Moderna's vaccine has been approved and distribution begins

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"Moderna's vaccine has been overwhelmingly approved. The distribution will begin immediately, "said Trump, in a message posted on his personal account of the social network Twitter." Europe and other areas of the world hit hard by the virus in China -Germany, France, Spain and Italy, in particular -. Vaccines are on the way!", said the US president in a later message.

14:41 – The Balearic Government will deploy from this Sunday to 215 health controllers at airports and ports to ensure that all travelers arriving from the rest of Spain to the islands have access to a negative PCR test recent or have an appointment to do it and agree to quarantine until they have the result.

The president of the regional executive, Francina Armengol, has released this Friday the device prepared to apply the sanitary control of entry to the islands, agreed with the central government jointly with the Canary Islands, which provides that those who appear as residents in the archipelago PCR can be done free of charge in 222 concerted analysis centers in the peninsula.

14:29 – The spokesperson for the Principality of Asturias, Melania Alvarez, has warned this Friday that the region could even reach close "a cal y canto" in the event that the epidemiological situation recommends tightening the measures against the coronavirus.

"If the situation it is recommended to tighten the measures, it would be done, even going so far as to close Asturias tightly, "the spokesperson for the Asturian Executive announced this Friday at the press conference after the Governing Council.

"If the situation recommended hardening the measures, it would be done, even going so far as to close Asturias tightly"

14:17 – There is a municipality in Spain that seems to have left behind this pandemic that has plagued the world since March, as they do not stop celebrate activities and events that invite socialization. Concerts, bullfighting days and even a fair of attractions, these have been the initiatives that the city council has promoted to "reborn" from a pandemic that is not over yet.

The municipality that lives as if it has already defeated the covid (despite having a very high incidence)

L. Albiol

He Vila-real municipality, located in the province of Castellón, presented last July the festival ‘Vila-real reborn’, an initiative motivated by the city council with the aim of "reactivating consumption and promote cultural activities that energize the city. "Since this summer, initiatives to try to alleviate the social and economic consequences that the coronavirus has brought have not ceased.

14:05 – MURCIA | The number of new cases of coronavirus in the Region of Murcia has stood at 177 in the last 24 hours, in a day in which six people have died, three men and three women 81, 79, 88, 72, 86 and 99 years old, three of them from Murcia, two from Ceutí and one from Totana.

Thus, the number of deaths registered by this disease in the Community amounts to 694, according to the data provided by the corresponding Epidemiology Service this Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

13:52 – The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, has warned this Friday that the island of Tenerife is close to confinement being close to alert level 4 set by the interterritorial Health Commission, when the whole of the Canary Islands is at level 2.

At a press conference held after the meeting of the Security Board with representatives of Fecam, Fecai and the bodies and security forces, among others, has once again asked citizens to be responsible for "bend the contagion curve" and the "maximum involvement" of the police forces.

13:37 – The Valencian Community, the Community of Madrid, Galicia, Asturias, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, for the island of Mallorca, have already communicated their willingness to modify the initial Christmas plan to reduce from ten to six the number of people can meet on the 24th, 25th, 31st, 1st and 6th. The rest of the autonomies have assured that they are studying further restrict measures depending on the epidemiological situation.

In this way, already seven autonomies have ruled on the modification of limiting social gatherings to six people, although for the moment the most bet on delaying the curfew on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, and allow the entry of family members and friends, except the Valencian Community, which prohibits it.

Restrictions at Christmas: what can and cannot be done in each autonomous community?

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13:23 – The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has warned that the current evolution of the transmission of the coronavirus in Spain is "worrisome" for what he has asked the population "maximum prudence" in the next few days and especially during Christmas.

At a press conference, in which he announced that next Sunday December 27 vaccination against covid-19 will begin in Spain, Illa has warned that there is a "change in trend" in the evolution of the virus and that the effects that the bridge has had on it have not yet been observed December.

Illa encourages the CCAA to reinforce restrictions and guarantees vaccination from day 27

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13:00 – LAST MINUTE | Castile and Leon limits entry to the community to family members who come to celebrate Christmas from December 23 to 26 and December 30 and January 2, and increases the number of people who can meet on those dates from six to ten.

Castilla y León limits family members to enter the community for Christmas


This has been announced the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, at a press conference to publicize the measures for this Christmas, in which the perimeter confinement of the community is maintained until January 10 with those exceptions for family members – not for close friends – on those festive days. Family groups at dinners are limited to two at Christmas dinners and lunches, the Chairman of the Board recalled

12:46 – ANDALUSIA | The community adds this Friday 1,017 cases of coronavirus, 366 less than the day before and 145 less than last Friday, according to data from the Ministry of Health and Families, which counts 42 deaths, 15 more than Thursday and eight more than seven days ago.

In addition, the community reduces in 1.8 points on this day its incidence rate of covid-19 cases by 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days up to 134.9. For its part, in the whole of Spain the rate stood at 207.26 as of Thursday, compared to 201.16 on Wednesday, 198.77 on Tuesday and 193 on Monday.

Andalusia adds 42 deaths and 1,017 cases of coronavirus and keeps the incidence at bay

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12:19 – LAST MINUTE | The Community of Madrid reduce from 10 to 6 people all gatherings during the holidays, including holidays.

This is one of the measures to be announced this Friday by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero placeholder image, and the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, at a press conference. In addition, new restrictions have been established in the four new basic health zones.

Madrid limits meetings to 6 people and 2 family nuclei and puts measures in 4 areas

Berta Tena

12:10 – Last night the local police of Salamanca processed more than a hundred complaints for not wearing a mask or for breaching the touch curfew in what should have been University New Year's Eve, which since the 90's It is held in the Plaza Mayor of the Salamanca capital and brings together thousands of young people.

According to sources from the City Council, the police were alert to the possibility that there were young people who wanted to celebrate your particular New Years Eve University and after several faculties finished classes. From 7:00 p.m., young people began to fill the terraces of youth areas of Salamanca.

More than a hundred complaints on the University New Year's Eve in Salamanca


12:02 – The Ministry of the Interior is already designing, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, a security device to ensure transportation and storage of the coronavirus vaccines, the first doses of which are expected to arrive in Spain in the last days of the year.

Sources from the Ministry of the Interior assure that the security forces and bodies of the State, as they did during the first wave of the pandemic when they carried out special escorts in material transfers.

UME soldiers in disinfection work. (EFE)

11:49 – Progress in vaccine research that immunize against covid-19 and in treatments that attenuate its effects on health allow us to envision a hopeful future but still have to study and monitor the consequences that it can leave in people who have suffered it.

Some of the best doctors in SpainAccording to the list in Forbes magazine collected by the Servimedia agency, they analyze the footprint that the new disease may leave.

The aftermath of the coronavirus, analyzed by the best doctors in Spain


11:36 – The health authorities of India have reported this Friday that 22,889 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with which the total balance of accumulated is close to 9.98 cases registered since the start of the pandemic.

A total of 9,979,447 infections have been detected in the Asian country, of which 9,520,827 correspond to patients who have already overcome the disease, after they have been issued in the last day 31,087 hospital discharges.

India adds almost 23,000 coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours

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11:17 – The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, stated this Friday that "everything seems to indicate that there will not be" Easter in the community in 2021. That would be the second year without the celebration of the traditional Andalusian Holy Week with the exit of brotherhoods to the streets, since this year it had already been suspended.

In statements to Telecinco, he indicated that the ecclesiastical authorities, which with those who have to make the decision in the religious sphere, also agree with the health authorities that it will be very complicated, "in just three months, to organize a Holy Week" that generates crowds of tens of thousands of people .

Juanma Moreno: "Everything seems to indicate that there will be no Easter in Andalusia in 2021"

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11:03 – The Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies has established measures for residences for the elderly and functional diversity for the Christmas period in alert level function due to coronavirus in which a territory is located: departures without overnight stay will be allowed only in level 1 and holiday departures of seven or more days and visits of relatives up to level 3.

This is established by two resolutions of the department that appear published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana, with which the measures in this area are adapted to the alert levels introduced by the Government with the state of alarm. Will be in force between December 24 and January 6.

Two old men embrace in a residence. (EFE)

10:57 – The vice president of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, José Luis Martínez Guijarro, has warned that the Governing Council to be held next Tuesday could take hardening measures With a view to the celebration of Christmas, depending on the evolution of data on infections by covid-19, since the figures have increased and are being "worrying".

"We will be very vigilant of evolution of the data in the next few days. We already said it, yes there was worsening situation We do not rule out tightening the measures proposed for Christmas. Let's see how this weekend evolves and on Tuesday the Governing Council will make a decision with enough time in advance"Martinez Guijarro insisted.

10:44 – The Supreme Court does not agree with the Prosecutor's Office regarding the existence of a crime in the covid-19 management by public administrations. In a car notified this Friday, it considers that certain behaviors during the pandemic should be investigated, against the criteria of the Public Ministry, which was betting on a generalized file of the complaints and complaints presented.

The high court thus requests that at least those based on the lack of protective material for sensitive groups such as doctors, purchases be investigated fraudulent tests or masks and the management of residences.

The Supreme Court sees crime in part of the management of the covid and asks to investigate

Beatriz Parera

10:13 – The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has indicated this Friday that he expects that during "days, maybe weeks", infections continue to grow, so "you have to adjust the measures to the new reality";" We may be at the beginning of the third wave if adequate measures are not taken, "he warned.

Speaking to Catalunya Ràdio, the minister has defended that it is "very easy to say" now that the reopening of activities should have been more gradual, and added that he gives his "full support" to all the autonomous communities.

09:55 – The Basque Government spokesman, Bingen Zupiria, has warned that mobility is not allowed at Christmas to "go partying", go to a hotel gang to celebrate New Years Eve or move to other autonomous communities to be with friends.

In his opinion, "it is not a question of blaming anyone or of blaming anyone", but he has stated that he knows that there are gangs of young people who are making plans for the 30th of "getting into a hotel facility", the 31 home for dinner and then back to the hotel at "make the party". "They are people who do not live together regularly, any of them can be infected," he pointed out, to also remember the illegal party in Derio (Vizcaya).

"They are people who do not live together regularly, any of them can be infected"

09:41 – China will vaccinate 50 million people of high priority groups for the lunar New Year holidays, which start in 2021 on February 12, with the aim of preventing outbreaks during the largest internal migration in the world that occurs each year on those dates, local media reported today.

Fifty million people is a figure higher than the population of countries like Spain, although it represents just 3.5% of the total of the Asian giant. Health workers and members of the police will be the first among the groups in that massive vaccination campaign, according to the Hong Kong private newspaper 'South China Morning Post'.

China to vaccinate 50 million people for fear of flare-ups in its New Year

Europa Press

09:27 – LAST MINUTE | Catalonia announces new restrictions for Christmas that will begin next Monday and that They will be in force until January 11, with specific exceptions for the central days of the festivities. He perimeter closure is maintained, but trips to visit relatives are allowed.

As of Monday, the maximum number of people in social and family gatherings will be six people. However, during the Christmas holidays it will be increased to a maximum of ten people, as long as they are only two bubbles of coexistence.

I know restricts mobility to the local area throughout the week and not just on weekends as before. However, trips to second homes or habitual residences outside this region will be allowed, but only if they are people of the same "bubble of coexistence".

The curfew is established from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., but on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the night of Kings the start of the curfew will be delayed until 01:00 a.m.

In addition, it will establish slots in bars and restaurants so that they are open only at meal times.

09:09 – The German authorities posted in the last 24 hours 33,777 new infections with coronavirus, after registering a new daily maximum yesterday with some 30,400 positives, while the country added another 813 dead, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) updated last midnight.

The new infections reported today include some 3,500 cases from Baden-Württemberg Wednesday that this federal state communicated late yesterday throughout the day and that the RKI adds only today to the official count.

Even so, if today's data did not include these 3,500 cases, Germany would have registered anyway. more than 30,000 new infections in 24 hours for the second consecutive day. The last maximum of new infections in a day had been registered last Friday, with 29,875 positives in 24 hours.

Germany once again exceeds 30,000 infections in 24 hours and adds 813 deaths


08:52 – The Government of the Autonomous City of Ceuta has considered this Thursday that the word relatives used by the Government of the Nation is a "strainer" and has warned that it will allow travel at Christmas but "duly justified."

The Minister of Health of the Government of Ceuta, Javier Guerrero (PP), has argued that he has transferred the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, that this word "not a legal justification and he is a strainer because a friend is a friend. "

The Ceuta government has indicated that will not allow "close friends" se sumen a las celebraciones navideñas, que en el caso de Ceuta están restringidas a diez personas.

08:37 — La farmacéutica estadounidense Pfizer ha solicitado este viernes al Ministerio de Salud de Japón la aprobación de su vacuna del covid-19 para que pueda administrarse en el país, informa en un comunicado la división japonesa de la empresa.

Pfizer es la primera farmacéutica en presentar una solicitud de este tipo en el país. De aprobarse, las vacunaciones en Japón podrían comenzar en marzo de 2021.

Pfizer solicita la aprobación de su vacuna en Japón para comenzar a inmunizar en marzo


08:23 Andalucía ha iniciado en la medianoche de este viernes, 18 de diciembre, la segunda fase del plan de 'desescalada' de restricciones que anunció la semana pasada el presidente de la Junta, Juanma Moreno, y que contempla, entre otras medidas, que vuelvan a quedar permitidos los desplazamientos entre provincias de la comunidad, y que los establecimientos de hostelería puedan abrir en la franja de 20:00 a 22:30 horas, además de hacerlo hasta las 18:00 horas como hasta ahora.

No obstante, el Gobierno andaluz no descarta tener que endurecer de nuevo las restricciones en los próximos días en función de la evolución de la pandemia, según han venido advirtiendo en las últimas fechas desde el propio gabinete que preside Juanma Moreno, desde donde se ha subrayado que las decisiones se irán adoptando a partir de la "evaluación diaria".

El presidente de la Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno. (EFE)

08:00 — ¡Buenos días! En el último viernes antes de comenzar el periodo navideño, el país amanece con la incertidumbre que provocó ayer el anuncio de la Comunidad de Valencia sobre el endurecimiento de medidas y a la espera del efecto dominó en el resto de autonomías.

Así, Valencia limita a partir del próximo lunes las reuniones sociales y familiares a un máximo de 6 personas, incluso en las fechas señaladas de Navidad, donde ya no podrán ser diez, y adelanta el toque de queda a las 23 horas, con la única excepción del 24 y 31 de diciembre, que empezará a las doce de la noche.

Además, se refuerza el cierre perimetral fijado hasta el 15 de enero, de manera que solo podrán entrar quienes tengan su domicilio habitual en la región y se suprimen las excepciones que se habían fijado hace doce días para los días señalados de Navidad.

Restricciones para la Navidad en Comunidad Valenciana: medidas y cambios de movilidad

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