Last Hour | The new strain of covid is already in Europe, according to an Oxford professor

The new coronavirus pandemic has registered in the last 24 hours 616,228 new cases and another 10,686 deaths to exceed 76 million infections worldwide, according to the global balance updated this Sunday by Johns Hopkins University.

With the new data, the global count already stands at 76,306,498 infected people and 1,685,834 fatalities, while the patients who have recovered rise to 43 million, with India leading the way with more than 9.5 million of cured people, a day after the Asian giant exceeded 10 million infections, the second country to cross that threshold, after the United States.

The latter has registered the worst case data of the entire pandemic in recent weeks and has added almost 200,000 new positives and 2,571 deaths in the last few hours, which exceeds 17.4 million infected people with 316,176 fatalities. India accumulates, for its part, 145,477 deaths.

In Spain a few days before Christmas, the increase in infections and accumulated incidence has forced some autonomous communities (CCAA), such as Aragon and the Balearic Islands, to impose more restrictions this Saturday, in which a second illegal party has been known in a high school in Valencia, which has already suffered an outbreak of covid-19.

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21:45 | This is how we have told the news of the pandemic in Spain and in the rest of the world. Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

21:37 – GALICIA | The Department of Health has notified this Sunday night another three deaths from coronavirus in the last hours, which raise the global count of Galicia since the start of the pandemic 1,341 victims. The three deaths registered this Sunday in Galician hospitals represent one more than the two reported on Saturday afternoon -the lowest figure since November 28-, although they are less than the four on Friday and the five on Thursday.

21:16 – BARCELONA | The Urban Guard of Barcelona has evicted 135 people of a nightclub located in the Eixample of Barcelona where they were holding a party, prohibited due to restrictions due to the covid pandemic. The local police of Barcelona reports this Sunday that it detected yesterday that the premises were open and that there were several dozen people inside who, in many cases, did not comply with the regulations dictated by the coronavirus.

21:05 – EXTREMADURA | The first vice president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Miguel Ángel Morales, has tested positive for coronavirus this Sunday, so the president of the autonomous Parliament, Blanca Martín, will be quarantined as she is in close contact. Specifically, the quarantine of the president of the Extremadura Assembly will last until December 27, according to the regional Chamber in a press release.

Extremadura limits the capacity of the terraces to 50% and declares the high level of alert


20:49 – ANDALUSIA | The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has asked the Government of Spain for "speed" to decide on flights with the United Kingdom, given the appearance of a new strain of the coronavirus covid-19.

This is what Moreno has claimed this Sunday in an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, in which he explained that flights with the United Kingdom are scheduled at Malaga airport for the next few days.

20:21 – CATALONIA | The Catalan Government has demanded this Sunday the Executive to act before the new strain of coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom, more contagious and with special incidence in London and the southeast of England.

The Minister for Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Bernat Solé, and the Minister for Health, have done so in two tweets, Alba Vergés, after the announcements of the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy to ban flights to the United Kingdom – France and Germany study it.

18:56 – BALEARIC ISLANDS | The president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, will present this Monday, together with the 'minister' of Social Services and Sports, Fina Santiago, the informants who will be deployed throughout the Islands to reinforce the information on current restrictions to stop the expansion of the pandemic.

As reported by the Government this Sunday to the media, Armengol and Santiago they will greet and be photographed in the courtyard of the Consolat de Mar with a representation of these workers who have been hired by the regional Executive. The graphic media will be able to take images of this moment at 11:45 am.

18:46 – NETHERLANDS | The RIVM Institute, in charge of giving the official figures for the coronavirus in the Netherlands, has reported 13,066 infections and 32 deaths this Sunday, a record number of infections. In total, the country adds 689,705 positives and 10,491 deaths. The figure is notably above the 10,823 daily infections on average of the last seven days. The number of hospitalized patients has also risen, 2,113, of which 580 are in intensive care units.

18:28 – ARAGON | The Government of Aragon has notified 163 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, corresponding to the results of 1,908 diagnostic tests, corresponding to this Saturday, December 19. From them, 54% are asymptomatic. There have been five deaths and 187 epidemiological discharges.

This is stated in the Transparency Portal of the Government of Aragon. By provinces, 150 cases have been registered in Zaragoza, 8 in Teruel and 4 in Huesca.

The autonomous communities tighten the restrictions to face Christmas


18:05 – MADRID | The Community of Madrid has registered 1,046 new infections of covid-19 this Sunday (193 of them diagnosed in the last 24 hours), which represents a decrease in cases compared to the 2,376 reported on Saturday, but the deaths in hospitals have risen from 15 to 19 people.

Hospitalized patients admitted during the day have risen slightly to 1,415 compared to at 1285 on Saturday, and the number of patients admitted to the ICU has also risen, from 294 to 298, according to the report published daily by the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health.

18:01 – ITALY | Italy announced 352 deaths from coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours, the smallest increase in a month and a half, and registered 15,104 new infections, the Ministry of Health reported today, on the last Sunday before the Christmas confinement.

The 352 new deaths follow the 331 of last November 8, and the number of people who have lost their lives due to the virus increases to 68,799 since the pandemic broke out in the country, in the middle of last February.

Italy, the country with the highest fatality, plans to tighten its restrictions further at Christmas


17:42 – UNITED KINGDOM | British authorities have confirmed almost 36,000 new infections, historical record, and 326 deaths during the last 24 hours, as reflected in the new balance of coronavirus victims published this Sunday, the first day of the new confinement in London and the southeast of England due to the rebound in cases, associated in part with the appearance of a new strain of contagion that spreads 70 percent faster than the original.

17:31 – PORTUGAL | The Portuguese Ministry of Health has reported 3,334 new confirmed cases and 71 deaths due to coronavirus during the day on Saturday. In total, Portugal accumulates 374,121 positives and 6,134 deaths from the new disease since the epidemic arrived in March. There are 2,419 patients recovered in the last day to add 297,233 in total. There are 844 new active cases, 70,754 in total.

There are 3,027 hospitalized patients for covid, 54 more than in the last bulletin, of which 483 are admitted to intensive care units, two less than Saturday.

Portugal studies first vaccinating seriously ill patients between 50 and 75 years old


16:20 – GALICIA | The Servizo Galego de Saúde (Sergas) has summoned throughout this weekend "all" attendees to the act of the PP held last Friday in A Coruña with the presence of the party's national president, Pablo Casado, and the Galician leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. This screening "by protocol", as provincial sources of the training have explained to Europa Press, occurs after it has been revealed that the Regional Minister of Mar de la Xunta, Rosa Quintana, who was precisely present at the event, has tested positive.

16:01 – EUROPE | The new variant of the coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom could be infected citizens of several European countries for a few weeks, according to the professor of pharmaco-epidemiology at the University of Oxford, Daniel Prieto Alhambra, has declared this Sunday.

Prieto Alhambra, in an interview this Sunday on RAC1, explained that for a month there had already been talk in the scientific field of a possible mutation of the virus, which would now be more contagious, a change that would have been detected in several European countries. He has indicated that it is still too early to indicate whether this mutation is the cause of the sudden increase in cases in London, Germany, Italy or Spain, although he has specified that it is almost certain that it is already present in several European countries.

The catheter is also a member of the expert council that advises the European Medicines Agency on new vaccines against the virus, he explained that the first signs point to the change has been produced in the protein S of the virus, which allows you to hook up better and, consequently, be more contagious.

UK prepares for 'black week' with new strain "out of control"

Celia Maza. London

15:42 – SPAIN | The Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, has shared on her social networks that after the announcement, made by some countries, of suspending flights with the United Kingdom. "Spain has asked the EU for a coordinated response to this new situation. The objective is to protect the rights of community citizens, but from coordination."

Likewise, he has said that they are waiting for a quick response from the European institutions, but he anticipates that If there is not, it will act in defense of the interests and rights of Spanish citizens

15:24 – SOUTH KOREA | South Korea has registered a new daily record of cases after exceeding the threshold of 1,000 infections for the fifth consecutive day, to 1,097 affected, while the authorities try to postpone the measure if possible, an increase in the restrictions to their maximum level due to the economic impact it could cause.

Of the total daily cases, South Korea has registered 1,072 local infections while the total number of infections in the country has already reached 49,665, according to the South Korean Agency for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA, according to its acronym in English).

The figure represents a further increase compared to the 1,053 cases recorded on Saturday and 1,062 on Friday. The country reported on Wednesday its, to date, historical record with 1,078 cases.

14:56 – CANARY ISLANDS | The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has provisionally registered 221 new positives for coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while for the second day it has not reported deaths in the archipelago.

According to the regional department in a statement, by islands, Tenerife has added 181 cases with a total of 11,978 accumulated cases; and Gran Canaria has had 34 positives, up to a total of 10,048 cases.

14:39 – NAVARRA | The CCAA detected 72 new positive cases of covid-19 infection yesterday, according to data provided by the Navarra Institute of Public and Labor Health (ISPLN), after carrying out 1,808 tests in the public health system (1,042 PCR and 766 antigen tests), with 4% positives.

From the epidemiological point of view of the evolution of the pandemic, the Navarra Institute of Public and Labor Health indicates that yesterday there were five new admissions related to this disease in the Autonomous Community, two of them in the ICU. In addition, yesterday's session registered the death of two people, an 83-year-old man and a 92-year-old woman; Three more deaths from previous days were also reported: three men aged 60, 84 and 88 years. The total number of confirmed deaths from this cause in Navarra stands at 943.

14:26 – BASQUE COUNTRY | The Minister of Health of the Basque Government, Gotzone sagardui, has stated that if new measures are necessary to fight covid-19 and tighten the restrictions set for Christmas "this will be done."

In statements to Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, Sagardui has analyzed the impact of the covid-19 pandemic in Euskadi, as well as the statement from the Academy of Medical Sciences of Bilbao, together with about twenty groups of the Basque health sector, in which they have made a call to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities during Christmas, and have warned that "it must be assumed that an emergency handbrake may be necessary in the face of a change in epidemiological trend."

The other Asturias in Europe: one in three provinces has suffered more from the second wave

Marta Ley Maria Zuil

In this sense, the counselor has stated that what the statement does is "reinforce the actions of the Basque Government"because those mentioned are" current preventive measures. "

13:56 – EXTREMADURA | The autonomous community of Extremadura has suspended the so-called Christmas Plan, which contemplated a certain flexibility in the imposed measures to contain the spread of covid-19, such as extending the meetings to 10 people and delaying the curfew to 1.30 on the dates indicated, due to the increase in the incidence rate of infections, which has risen this Sunday to 267 per 100,000 inhabitants to the 14 days.

This was announced by the second vice president and minister of Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, in an appearance after the Governing Council meeting this Sunday in extraordinary session. A meeting in which the data of new positives left by the pandemic have been analyzed, and that according to Vergeles will continue to rise in the coming days as they reflect the contagions caused by mobility during the Black Friday weekend and, fundamentally, the December bridge.

In this way, the community will continue during Christmas at alert level 3, so family gatherings and restaurant tables will be for a maximum of six people, and the curfew "Without exceptions" will continue at 00.00 hours. It should be remembered that the aforementioned Christmas plan allowed on designated days to extend the meetings to ten people and delay the night mobility restrictions to 1.30 hours.

13:24 – GALICIA | The Councilor for Health, Julio García Comesaña, has announced that this Monday the Xunta will open the registration system for Galician students who return to their family home during the Christmas season to take a PCR test. This was confirmed by the councilor in an interview granted this Sunday to Radio Galega, collected by Europa Press, in which he also recalled other mechanisms for tracking positives that are still in force, such as the registration of travelers "which was launched in July"for those who visit Galicia from places of risk.

For this reason, he has predicted that "yes, there will be demand" for the system for students to register to take the tests, which will be available from this Monday.

12:40 – ANDALUSIA | The patients admitted to Andalusian hospitals for Covid-19 have dropped this Sunday, December 20, to a total of 1,129, 59 less than the day before and 200 less than last Sunday, of which 249 are in an Intensive Care Unit ( ICU), two less than Saturday and 52 less than seven days ago. These data appear in a graph published on social networks by the Junta de Andalucía, consulted by Europa Press, which reflects the daily evolution of hospital admissions for Covid-19 in the autonomous community.

Specifically, the number of admissions to the ICU decreased after they dropped by eleven on Saturday, they went up on Friday, although it was only one, and on Thursday they fell by ten, at 13 on Wednesday, six on Tuesday, eleven on Monday and 13 last Sunday. The 249 ICU patients counted this day are 52 less than the 301 hospitalized in these units a week ago, 189 less than the 438 counted on March 30 at the maximum peak of the first wave and 279 less than the 528 peak in ICU of the second wave on November 18.

12:33 – MURCIA | The number of new cases of coronavirus in the Region of Murcia has stood at 146 in the last 24 hours, in a day in which four people have died, three women and a man of 57, 96, 48 and 65 years old; three from Cartagena and one from Ceutí. Thus, the number of deaths registered by this disease in the Community amounts to 704, according to the data provided by the corresponding Epidemiology Service this Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

The total number of people affected by covid-19 in the Region of Murcia since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 57,378 cases. Of the 146 new cases, 40 correspond to the municipality of Cartagena, 30 to Murcia, 12 to Lorca, 9 to Santomera, 7 to Los Alcázares, 6 to Fuente Álamo, 5 to Molina de Segura, 5 to Torre Pacheco, and 4 to Alcantarilla . The rest are distributed among various locations.

12:29 – SPAIN | The American laboratory Moderna is going to use Spain as one of its nerve centers for its worldwide distribution, which is going to mean that more than 600 million vaccines will pass through the country. This is how a police instruction collects it, as reported by the 'Cadena SER', which establishes in detail and for the first time how the phases of the distribution of the vaccines that are going to reach Spain have been developed.

Of those 600 million vaccines that are scheduled to pass through Spain, some games will be distributed to different parts of Europe that have not yet been detailed. The police instruction reveals that the Moderna laboratory has foreseen "that this vaccine will reach the centers of the autonomous communities from a single national center." The vaccination teams will travel to these centers enabled by the different autonomous territories to collect the products.

Trump announces that Moderna's vaccine has been approved and distribution begins

Europa Press

The vaccine from the Pfizer company will arrive in Spain first with a first shipment from Belgium by land. At the moment it has not been revealed where the doses will be stored, so "the places of destination and storage will remain secret until the last moment." This distribution process will be permanently coordinated between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior.

12:12 – CATALONIA | The Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, said this Sunday that Catalonia will begin to vaccinate against Covid-19 next Sunday, December 27 "if they arrive" the doses. "When the vaccination strategy begins, I trust that people will assume that the vaccine is a very positive thing, that it gives hope," he said in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press. Even so, he has highlighted the importance of continuing to investigate Covid-19, "because the vaccine will surely not be enough", for which he has called to participate in La Marató de TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, which is held this Sunday and is dedicated to the coronavirus.

Regarding the new measures against the pandemic before Christmas, he stated that his Ministry opted to introduce more restrictions: "Health always advises the measures that they know work, and that therefore they have a stricter point because they have an exclusive focus on health. "In this context, and given the rebound in the pandemic in Catalonia, he has asked to restrict social interaction during the celebrations:" The main message I believe which has to always be the same: the fewer people we meet, the better".

11:56 – GALICIA | The number of covid-19 cases detected in Galicia remained in the last 24 hours below 350 positives in a day in which some 200 more PCR tests were done than the day before and with the hospital pressure on the rise as the overall number of hospitalized patients increased despite the decrease in ICU patients.

11:26 – CANTABRIA | The CCAA has registered three other fatalities with coronavirus, two women of 91 and 96 years and a man of 82, which brings the total of deaths in the region so far from the pandemic to 375, of which 163 have been registered in the second wave of the pandemic.

On his side, the number of infections has been reduced in the last hours to less than half, if the data for this Sunday -32, detected on Saturday- are compared with the 71 recorded the day before by the Ministry of Health.

10:38 – UNITED KINGDOM | More than 20 million people have been confined in England since this Sunday when strict measures come into force restrictive measures due to the alarming increase in covid cases-19, which the British Government links to a new strain. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed draconian measures on Saturday for London and large areas of south-east England, which as of today are at risk level 4 -severe-, with the closure of non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers, as well like the prohibition to go to other areas of the country.

Johnson confines London as a new strain of the most infectious virus advances


With these rules, the flexible plans that the Government had authorized between December 22 and 28 have also been modified so that families and friends could get together for Christmas. Those who live on level 4 they will not be able to join other people living on lower levelsAs long as the rest of England is between levels 1 to 3 – low, moderate and substantial – this flexibility will be reserved only for Christmas Day, a measure that will also apply in Scotland and Wales.

10:25 – CATALONIA | THE CCAA has registered 372,111 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus until this Sunday –339,050 with a PCR test or antigen test -, 1,575 more than in the count on Saturday, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has informed through its page Web.

The total death toll stands at 16,583, which is 7 more than those registered on Saturday: 10,270 in a hospital or social-health center, 4,356 in residence, 974 at home and 983 that are not classifiable due to lack of information.

Regarding patients currently admitted, the figure stands at 1,567, which represents an increase of 47 compared to the last count. A total of 320 patients are admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) – of public centers and private companies–, 9 less than in the previous balance.

9:56 – AUSTRALIA | The Australian authorities this Sunday increased the restriction measures to the inhabitants of the city of Sydney, who will not be able to travel to the neighboring state of Victoria, given the increase in cases of covid-19. The Government of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney, announced in a statement the limitation of private meetings to ten people and banned most concerts and dance halls until next Wednesday, among other restrictions.

These measures are in addition to the confinement declared last night in the Northern Beaches district, the heart of an outbreak with more than thirty local infections in Sydney, until next Wednesday.

9:34 – NETHERLANDS | The Government of the Netherlands has announced during the early hours of this Sunday that it will suspend flights with the United Kingdom until January 1 after a sample with the new variant of covid-19 has been detected in the country, more contagious than the previous one, detected in the islands. The sample would belong to a case from early December, according to the local newspaper 'De Telegraaf', which would have motivated the scientific authorities to recommend that the Government "limit as much as possible" the introduction of this strain of the virus from the United Kingdom , while the event is being investigated.

9:29 – ASIA | China has detected a new case of locally transmitted coronavirus in Liaoning city and 22 imported cases from abroad, as reported this Sunday by local health authorities.

In addition, three asymptomatic cases have been detected in Heilongjiang province, northeast China. The health authorities have not detected new suspected cases or deaths in the last 24 hours, a period in which 21 COVID-19 patients have been discharged in the Asian country.

9:20 – SOUTH AMERICA | Peru was this Saturday only 4,101 cases of reaching one million infected since the covid-19 pandemic arrived in the country, last March, in addition to having exceeded 37,000 deaths from the disease.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health (Minsa), in the last 24 hours another 980 cases and 65 deaths were confirmed, bringing the total number of cases to 995,899 and deaths to 37,034. With the average of 900 daily cases reported in the last two weeks, the Andean country can reach the million mark during Christmas.

Balearic airport. (EFE)

9:13 – BALEARIC ISLANDS | The negative PCR control in airports and ports of the Balearic Islands to travelers from the Peninsula will begin this Sunday with a device of 215 people hired by the Balearic Government and in collaboration with the Red Cross.

As reported by the Government to the media, those responsible for the health control devices for passengers at the airports and ports of the Balearic Islands will make an assessment of the start of the activity this Sunday. It will be at 10.30 am at each of the airports of the Islands, outside the arrivals area. The Government will also offer both video and photographic images of the Palma airport device.

9:07 – GERMANY | The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has left in the last 24 hours in Germany 22,771 new cases and 409 deaths, according to the balance published this Sunday by the Robert Koch Institute, the German government agency in charge of the control of infectious diseases.

This balance represents a significant decrease compared to the record of 33,000 infections registered on Friday. With the new data, the balance of the pandemic in German territory amounts to 1,494,009 infected people and 26,049

9:00 – CANADA | Canada has passed this Saturday the 500,000 cases of coronavirus detected in the country due to the impact of the second wave in the North American country. In the last month, cases have increased exponentially and in the last week states such as Ontario and Quebec, the latter this same Saturday, have broken their record of daily cases, according to the CTV television network.

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