Kumquat, the most mini and unknown citrus of all

The vitamin C It is one of our essential allies if we talk about health. When we talk about Vitamin C, the fruit that first appears in our mind is orange, and that is that, citrus fruits have innumerable properties for health when we talk about nutrients.

The Vitamin C is not stored in the body, that is, it is water-soluble, so we must consume products that contain it almost daily (the orange is not the only one, papaya also contains this vitamin), it also has a fundamental role in the assimilation of the iron that we ingest through of legumes or vegetables, so the more Vitamin C dose we incorporate into our body, the better.

If you are tired of the naranaja, lemon and tangerine, there is a type of citrus that has gone unnoticed and has infinite properties. You can even eat your shell: it's the Orange from China or Kumquat, a fruit that has the shape of an orange, but in a 'mini' version. In addition to being super nutritious it is instagrameable to more no power and it does not surprise us: it is so adorable that it is a pity to eat it.

Therefore, we have proposed to discover this citrus, which for sure, had not yet entered your shopping list. By its name, its flavor and its properties, we must incorporate it to the cart (and to our life) sooner rather than later.

Why should you eat kumquat?

This fruit from Asia that has the shape of a dwarf orange is the only citrus fruit that has an edible skin and it is not necessary to peel, which makes this type of orange the perfect snack between meals. You can even use it as food to regain strength after a gym session. You will replenish liquids and thanks to its high fiber content, you will feel satiated. Something super important to avoid falling into the temptation of some ultra-processed snack.

The orange of China is not only rich in Vitamin C, but it is also rich in potassium, folic acid and carotenoids, which make it a strong antioxidant and a very cleansing fruit. It seems incredible that something so small can be so beneficial. But it is true. We already carry it in your bag as a healthy snack.

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