Kobido massage: what is it, what are its advantages and contraindications

Subtracting years from the face without undergoing surgery could be possible with massage kobido. This oriental technique focuses on trying to stop the aging of the skin. It has been applied since the time of the samurai warriors and Japanese empresses.

Today, women and men turn to the movements of the kobido to tone, illuminate and relax the face. It also works for the neck, shoulders, and upper chest.

It would favor lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and the production of collagen. Aesthetic health centers offer it on their menu as one more option.

What is kobido massage?

"Ancient way of beauty" is the meaning of the word kobido. It is a therapy that focuses on the facial musculature and is considered a lifting natural, as well as a sensorineural experience based on slow and fast movements.

16 muscles and 24 points are touched from the face, head, jaw, and neck. The maneuvers are manual and digital pressure.

The results would be the elimination of wrinkles without the need to apply other substances, such as botox. In addition, it provides elasticity and shine to the face, because it prevents fluid retention.

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What are its advantages and benefits?

The massage kobido It has its greatest application in combating aging that manifests itself with wrinkles on the face and neck.

According to the beauticians who apply it, this Japanese technique has multiple benefits and they would be noticed from the first sessions. These are its main advantages:

  • Eliminate stress: well-dosed movements would ease headaches, and eliminate facial stiffness.
  • To stimulate: the rhythm with which it is applied balances the energy flow of the face and tones the body.
  • Relax contractures and facial tension: softens, above all, the deep muscles of the face.
  • Fight wrinkles and sagging: makes the skin look young thanks to the toning of the muscles and the contribution of nutrients by the increase in blood supply.
  • Suppress dead cells: This massage removes the dirt that remains on the skin from makeup and environmental pollution.
  • To drain: Like a lymphatic massage, it favors the circulation of lymph.

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Contraindications of kobido massage

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy massage. kobido. Although it does not cause side effects, it is essential to take precautions.

In people with dermatological conditions, such as allergies, this rejuvenation therapy is contraindicated, as it damages their condition. Sensitive, oily, irritated skin, with erythrosis or acne requires several sessions, less pressure and slower intensity.

In case of recent scars, massage kobido it is not effective. It must be clear that it does not erase them either.

What is a kobido massage session like?

Weekly therapy is suggested. Then, with the esthetician's instructions, go to one every two weeks until reaching a monthly one. The room has to be quiet, clean and the materials for exclusive use by each client.

A massage session kobido lasts between 50 minutes and an hour. During this time, the face, neck, scalp and neck are worked intensely, always starting with the face. The procedure is the one discussed below.

1. Washing and draining

The face is prepared with a session of shiatsu. The masseur drains by pressing the skin and stretching to certain points to purify toxins. The goal is smoothness and energy through elasticity in the facial muscles.

2. Stretching

This phase addresses fine lines and bags under the eyes. It lights up using non-cosmetic oils for better gliding and friction, while the face regains luminosity.

3. Lifting Japanese

Increase the speed of the massage without causing pain. The pressure does not exceed in force; what is sought is to oxygenate and temper furrows. It helps if the patient breathes deeply.

4. Back to shiatsu

Finally, acupuncture points are pressed to relieve stress. Concentrating on these areas relieves tensions in the person. The key is in the movement of the fingers to achieve relaxation and a noticeable and instantaneous change in facial expression.

Some acupuncture principles are applied to this massage to release tension.

What should you remember for a Japanese massage session?

You already know the benefits of kobido And, if you have to remember something, it is that not everyone can do it. It is necessary to choose an aesthetic center with proven experience, especially if in your country there are no regulations on the technique.

A suitable room has a massage table, futon, or reclining chair. The light is subtle, it is set with aromatherapy and instrumental music to promote relaxation.

All patients have to come prepared, that is, with their face without makeup. The specialist will determine the type of skin and the rhythm, since the intensity varies according to the skin class. When you leave the session drink a glass of water or an herbal infusion and try not to stress yourself.

The massage kobido It works as a gift of tranquility on a tiring day and rest your eyes if you spend a lot of time in front of your mobile or computer screen. It is a method of mental relaxation in the face of worries.