Know which are the best juices for constipation

Between the gastrointestinal diseases, one of the most common is constipation. Today, there is a wide variety of ways to alleviate and prevent this condition, one of these is to consume juices and smoothies. For this it is very important to have the ingredients, combining fruits rich in fiber and other elements such as oats etc. Know which are the best juices for constipation.

What is constipation?

Currently, anyone can suffer from constipation, making this condition one of the most common in people. It is a digestive disorder caused by various alterations in the functioning of the intestine. This alteration causes movements to be increasingly slow and at the same time, prevents an optimal exit of the evacuations.

If not treated, the waste is retained in the colon area and with the passing of the days the consequences begin to be noticed. The abdominal area swells, gas is produced and in addition, quite acute pain appears. The origin of this condition is due to the fact that some substances that certain foods contain are difficult to digest. To prevent it, the consumption of food and juices for constipation.

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Juices to prevent and treat constipation

The home remedies for constipation fast are very effective against this type of digestive condition. However, the best thing to do before consuming any of these remedies is to see a doctor. The waters and juices for constipation They are usually made with fruits and foods rich in fiber and best of all, they are natural. That is, they have a laxative effect that facilitates evacuations and improves bowel movement.

At present, this type of drink has become quite popular, since most are juices for constipation and weight loss. The latter being another reason why many people tend to drink them frequently.

Now, with so many fruits and foods rich in fiber, it is somewhat difficult to know how to make a rich and effective combination against constipation. So it is very important to know which are the best juices for constipation.

Smoothies for constipation and weight loss

These drinks are the most sought after, since their has a double objective. The first is to relieve constipation and the other to lose weight. This is one of the reasons why smoothies for constipation and weight loss they have become very popular.

Papaya and apple juice

Papaya is known for its rich flavor and digestive enzymes, while the apple contains dietary fiber. In addition, the consumption of these fruits provides a significant amount of energy to the body, increasing its performance. This makes this combination a natural laxative drink.


  • Three medium pieces of papaya.
  • An apple (preferably green).
  • A small spoonful of honey.
  • 100 ml of water.

For its preparation it is necessary to cut the fruits into small squares to blend them together with the 100 ml of water and honey and that's it. It is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach or once a day to treat constipation.

Pear juice and flax seeds

Pears are one of the fruits for constipation more effective and easier to prepare. In this case, they are combined with flax seeds to increase their effectiveness and thus alleviate this digestive condition.


  • Two ripe pears.
  • 10 grams of flax seeds.
  • 100 ml of water.

The preparation of this smoothie is very simple, you just have to cut the pears into squares without removing the peel. Next, they are placed inside the blender with the rest of the ingredients and mixed until a homogeneous shake is obtained. It is usually drunk on an empty stomach.

Green juices for constipation

The color green is used very often to represent healthy and ecological. In food, green juices for constipation they become more popular every day.

Kiwi and orange juice

When it comes to calming the effects of constipation, kiwi consumption is highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists. By combining this fruit with orange, the laxative properties of both are quickly activated.


  • Four oranges.
  • Three ripe kiwis.

The first thing is to extract all the juice from each of the oranges and reserve it. Now, the kiwis are peeled and cut into small pieces. Both ingredients are placed in the blender and mixed until making sure there are no lumps. It is advisable to serve the mixture without straining and consume immediately. In this way, the properties of this drink will be better used.

Smoothies for constipation with oatmeal

One of the foods richest in fiber is oatmeal, so it cannot be left out when preparing smoothies for constipation with oatmeal.

Plum, papaya and oat juice

For more severe cases of constipation, the plum, papaya, and oatmeal smoothie is among the best for constipation.


  • Half of a ripe papaya.
  • A plum (preferably black).
  • A tablespoon of oatmeal (preferably flaked).
  • Two glasses of milk.

Chop the papaya and plum and then mix them in a blender with the other ingredients. As an additional option you can add a little honey.

Chamomile for constipation

In addition to the shakes mentioned above, the chamomile for constipation it is also very effective. One of the best ways to consume it is in an infusion, which is very easy to make.

You only need to boil a little water, add a tablespoon of chamomile and wait for it to infuse. After this, let it cool for a few minutes and it will be ready to drink. Some people often add a few drops of lemon or honey to increase their effectiveness in relieving constipation.


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