Know which are the 5 foods that can damage the kidneys the most

Among the vital organs of the body, we can mention the kidneys; They have the function of filtering waste from the body's fluids, secreting certain hormones, and removing excess fluid from the body; in addition to maintaining a balance between certain substances in the body, for example salts and minerals.

The diseases that affect the kidneys they are usually very quiet and therefore very dangerous. These conditions are usually diagnosed when they have already complicated and compromised the health of the person. It is for this reason that prevention is the best way to take care of these essential organs for the body.

One of the essential ways to maintain kidney health is taking care of food. The following products can pose a threat to the kidneys:


Research led by Harvard scientists showed that ingesting excess salt has a very negative impact on the kidneys, as these organs are forced to retain more water to be able to dissolve the mineral. In other words, the greater the amount of salt consumed, the kidneys are forced to work more than they should and this deteriorates the organs.

In addition, foods with excess salt also deteriorate in the long term by liver.

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Artificial sweeteners

Two studies at the Hospital de Brigham have determined that artificial sweeteners have a very negative impact on the kidneys. The studies were conducted by looking at kidney activity in people who drink artificially sweetened beverages. The reason is that this substance I don't know metabolizes and therefore it is eliminated directly through the urine. It can even affect the bladder in such a way as to cause cancer.

It is estimated that stevia it is the only sweetener that does not have negative effects on the kidneys.

Fizzy drinks

Due to the constitution of carbonated beverages, which are high in sugars and other substances, they alter the body's chemistry and, therefore, force the kidneys to work harder in order to maintain balance in the body. In the long term, this habit can become a determining factor in causing kidney problems; in addition to the possibility of developing diabetes and other chronic conditions.


Caffeine is an excellent drink to energize the body; however, when its consumption is excessive it can cause health problems. By consuming more than 5 cups of coffee a day, kidney blood pressure is affected, which over time can lead to chronic disease in these organs.

In addition, it can cause anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and decreased appetite in the short term.

Transgenic foods

Through a variety of studies, it has been concluded that this type of food has a very harmful effect on the kidneys and also on the liver. This type of food generates a alteration in body chemistry and they add toxicity to it; so the kidneys become overloaded and deteriorate over time.

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And do you already regulate your consumption of these foods?