Know what are the foods that delay the appearance of gray hair

Gray hair is a concern of the vast majority of adults; since, when presented in the hair, they convey a slightly aged image. However, these white hair can occur at any age. Gray hair is directly associated with age; But the truth is that this is not the only favorable condition for gray hair to appear, diet also plays an important role.

In other words, from the diet, it is possible to delay in a representative way the appearance of gray hair.

Products that delay the appearance of gray hair:

The foods that help delay the appearance of gray hair are those that are high in vitamins and minerals. Among the most prominent, the following can be mentioned:


This drink has a high content of silica, which is a mineral that promotes energy in the body and strengthens the natural color of the hair.

Horse tail

This is a plant with a great diversity of properties. Among the most beneficial for delaying the appearance of gray hair, silica stands out; that favors the natural color and strength of the hair.


An infusion of dandelion provides a variety of benefits for the hair; including healthy and strong hair growth. Also, this product has the ability to reduce the chances of gray hair.


Thanks to the high content of vitamin B12, these products are of great benefit to delay the appearance of gray hair and promote healthy hair growth.


Legumes have a large amount of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B; which prevents the early appearance of gray hair.


This food has a high content of copper and zinc that favors strong growth and the production of melanin. Thus, gray hair will not appear early.


This product has a high protein content that substantially promotes hair nutrition. To obtain the benefits of the egg, you can ingest or administer masks to the hair directly.


This fruit has a high content of vitamin B12 that favors healthy hair growth; but it also has potassium that has an effect on the body, providing strength to the hair.


Avocado has a high copper content, which favors healthy hair growth and melanin production; A fundamental substance to maintain the natural color of the hair and prevent the early appearance of gray hair.

You can take advantage of the benefits of this product through the intake of avocado or with the application of a mask directly on the hair.

Foods to avoid

It is not only important to add certain foods to the common diet; It would also be beneficial to avoid the continuous intake of certain products such as: caffeine, fried foods, alcohol, acidic and spicy foods. These weaken the melanin in the hair and can promote the appearance of gray hair.

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