Know the reason why your ears get infected if you wear earrings that are not gold

We tell you what are the reasons that specialists have revealed about this condition and everything that must be done to avoid it.

Last update: December 10, 2021

Earrings are an accessory that women always want to wear with them, as they add a special touch to their style. What’s more, are ideal to combine with outfit, convey elegance and match look.

Due to all these reasons, every day more and more earrings of all types and materials are made. Well, the intention is that all women always find an alternative that goes according to their personality and the occasion they have in mind.

However, there are many women who love earrings, but they have a big drawback with them. This because of most materials cause an uncomfortable allergic reaction.

As a result, when they are put on, they begin to suffer from itching, redness and inflammation. Similarly, when the situation is not addressed in time, infections can develop.

That is how these women are forced to wear only earrings that are made with gold. This material can be worn comfortably without experiencing any kind of condition.

However, this is counterproductive for several reasons. In the first place, in economic matters they demand a greater expense, because gold is the most appreciated and exclusive material in the world.

Second, women have to give up buying the flashy metal designs for fear of hurting themselves. And as a third measure, There are many who make the decision to always wear the same earrings due to the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen if they wear other ones.

Why does the allergy occur?

The experts have determined that the cause of the problem is nickel. Also, it is important to note that this material is found immersed in most costume jewelry.

In these cases, the immune system detects nickel as a foreign and foreign material. In this way, at the slightest contact with the skin, it begins to activate the defense mechanisms.

This is how in a short time skin rashes, lumps and noticeable redness can begin to appear. For that reason, it is essential to remove the earrings as soon as the first symptoms are detected, to prevent the reaction from spreading to other areas of the ear.

Is there any solution?

Unfortunately, there is still no medical drug or treatment that can be applied to prevent allergic reaction to nickel beforehand. Thus, the main recommendation of the specialists is that these women do not wear earrings with nickel under no circumstances.

Another solution that has become popular in recent times is to apply enamel to the earring in question. Well, this acts as an insulator and does not allow the metal to come into direct contact with the epidermis.

By last, experts have also indicated that these women can wear earrings made with titanium, surgical steel and silver. These do not have any nickel content.

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