Know the benefits of drinking black tea frequently

Much research has determined that green tea has a wide range of properties, which generate positive health effects. Know the benefits of taking black tea frequently.

Black tea: what is it?

It is known as black tea that variety that has 100% with respect to its degree of oxidation. A characteristic like this is due to the breakdown of the cells in the leaves of the plant in the process to make the product, causing the oxygen in the air to react with the components of the plant; until you get that black or brownish color in the tea. Due to that color, it is very easy to identify this type of tea.

By taking an infusion like this, you experience the most intense flavor of the leaves of the plant. This being very different from what happens when you try an infusion of green tea or even a white tea. In certain varieties, it is possible to perceive a smoky flavor, a woody flavor or even a taste similar to cocoa. There are also other varieties where floral or fruity notes are appreciated. Therefore, each variety of black tea offers a very different flavor profile from the others, regardless of whether it is part of the same family.

These differences that exist between the varieties of a product like this are usually due to the type of land where the plant is grown, as well as the climatic conditions of the place.

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How is your production process?

The procedure for the production of this product is very similar to that of the production of Green Teaas they come from the same tree. What changes is the oxidation that the leaves of the plant receive to become the final product. This oxidation process is quite delicate, where temperature and humidity levels are essential. Although so is the time required for each of the stages of production. Well, an excellent quality tea is achieved with perfectly synchronized stages.

Once the ideal point is obtained, the oxidation of the leaves is stopped, having finished the drying process of the leaves, the black tea is classified taking into account the leaves obtained. Those that were not damaged in the course of making the tea, are those that acquire a better quality in flavor.

Benefits of drinking black tea

Among the main characteristics that stand out within the components of this product, is theine. However, the best benefits of black tea they fall on the large amount of minerals it has. Some of the minerals found within its composition are: calcium, aluminum, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, among others.

In just one cup of this preparation, it is possible to take advantage of its content of flavonoids, which have the ability to improve contraction and dilation in blood vessels. This translates into a significant improvement in heart health and decreases the chances of having a heart attack.

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Other of the benefits of black tea that stand out the most are the following:

– Its fluoride content helps to significantly improve oral health, so it also has the ability to prevent cavities.

– Being a vasodilator product, it improves blood circulation, keeps the bloodstream oxygenated and helps in the circulation of nutrients through the body. Likewise, this effect reduces the chances of suffering heart attacks.

– Contains antioxidants that are very important for the body's cells to stay young.

– The amount of flavonoids in an infusion like this one helps to reduce the damage produced in the cells, above all those that are caused by free radicals.

– Due to the characteristics of this infusion, it helps to combat concentration problems. This is because black tea is an excellent brain stimulant. But not only that, it also improves learning and memory in general.

– If this product is consumed regularly, it helps improve digestive functions. On the other hand, the antioxidants that are found within its components, stimulate the functioning of the immune system. Helping prevent various conditions such as stomach upset.

– Prevents Parkinson's. Its high caffeine content reduces the risks of suffering from the disease known as Parkinson's.

Other benefits of drinking black tea

Lowers the chances of getting cancer. As it has the ability to act against free radicals, it generates effects that help prevent the appearance of many types of cancer.

Perfect for losing weight. One of the benefits of black tea What are little known is its ability to help you lose weight. Theine, which is among the elements that make it up, improves the functions of the body in general, and therefore improves metabolism. It is also important to note that it does not contain many calories, nor too much sodium. If desired lose weight using an infusion like this one, it is recommended to drink at least one cup a day.

Improves bone density. Several scientific studies have determined that the consumption of this preparation frequently helps to improve bone density. This being a positive effect when it comes to fighting osteoporosis.

How to make a black tea infusion?

To make an infusion with the best quality, it is necessary to have utensils that allow you to maintain control of the water temperature. Likewise, great attention must be paid to the time the tea is infused, as well as to the amount of leaves used.

Normally, this preparation should be made by keeping the water at a temperature that does not exceed 95 °. The amount of time the leaves must infuse should not exceed 4 minutes. Once that time passes, you just have to enjoy a delicious tea. However, there is another way to obtain a perfect infusion and thus have two different ways to make the most of the benefits of black tea.

Avoiding overdoing the number of strands is essential, since for the second method only 2 grams of leaves will be needed in 100 milliliters of water. In case it is a slightly larger cup, 4 grams could be used. 90 ° is the minimum temperature at which the water must be for infusion. With regard to time, 60 seconds is recommended if you use this kind of tea for the first time. If the product is of excellent quality, 40 seconds will be enough, and it is possible to use the tea for other infusions.

However, it is not recommended to reuse the leaves more than 5 times. As these are more delicate preparations of black tea, if it is convenient to leave the infusion for 4 minutes

Most used varieties of black tea

There are many varieties of black tea that exist, but usually differ due to the region in which they are produced.

Nilgiri: It has a very characteristic intense flavor, the infusion of this variety has a very dark color and a lot of aroma. It is grown towards the southern part of India, and due to its strong flavor it is perfect to combine with other varieties of tea.

Celian: It stands out above all for its citrus aroma and is considered one of the most appreciated teas in the world, due to the impressive balance between intensity, flavor and aroma.

Assam: It also comes from India and is obtained from a certain variety of tea bushes. The climatic factors of the region where it is grown, offer it a strong flavor and at the same time malty.

Keemun: It comes from Anhui in China, unlike the previous one, it has a much milder flavor and does not have as much astringency.

Darjeeling: As with the previous one, it is a black tea with a delicate flavor, with fruity and floral aromas, from the Bengal state in India.

Suochong: Grown in Fuijan in China, it is a tea with a smoky flavor. This characteristic is due to the procedure used to dry the leaves, which is carried out over pine fires. Giving it a very different touch from the rest of the varieties.

Kenya: It is a tea from Africa, and although it is not as popular as those that come from India, it has an intensity in its flavor that is quite striking.

Masala tea: It is one of the black tea blends that has gained the most popularity, made up of the mixture of tea leaves with herbs from India.



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