Know the 5 plants that can improve your quality of life

The stress, anxiety and worries They are sensations that significantly decrease the quality of life and that can affect both the mood and overall health. There are many ways to deal with them and certain plants can help us manage them efficiently. Some of these are:

Aloe vera

This is one of the plants that offers the most amount of health benefits. Among the most outstanding properties of aloe vera are: antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, healing, scrubber and much more. The benefits of this plant are numerous; among them:

-Favors the wound and burn healing

-Regulates levels of sugar in the blood

-Helps the regeneration of skin cells

-Strengthen the immune system

-It's an excellent acne treatment

Avoid digestive conditions

-Help the weight control


There is a great diversity of varieties of ivy. This is a climbing plant, entangling itself in whatever structures it can find. This allows to create a very pleasant atmosphere in the home. But, also, due to its characteristics; ivy Helps clean impurities from the environment, including mold and moisture. Thanks to these characteristics, they are very beneficial to improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers.


This plant is very aromatic; so by having it in a small pot at home you can enjoy its charming aroma. But the most important thing is that it has a large number of properties that benefit health. The main thing is that contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and more.

The> home remedy to fight the flu, cough and mild lung conditions. Likewise, basil tea has the ability to decrease the production of cortisol, which is the substance that produces the sensation of stress; but it also favors the production of endorphins, the hormone of happiness


Lavender is a plant that is aesthetically very attractive, but its properties are not limited to looking good; there are many more: analgesic, regenerating, sedative, anti-inflammatory and much more.

This is a plant that can be used very efficiently to treat conditions like: anxiety, insomnia, blood pressure, nervousness and stress. One of the ways that you can use to access the benefits of this plant is through an infusion, but also through essential oil.


This plant is mandatory at home to treat common conditions, as it is antioxidant, antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and soothing. Through this plant you can get to sleep, reduce anxiety, reduce stress; But it is a helper in treating a large number of conditions and diseases.

It can be ingested through a variety of presentations, such as in infusions, in extracts, in capsules, in powder and in essential oil. Sage is undoubtedly one of the plants that has the ability to improve the quality of life of people.

And what plants do you use to improve your quality of life?