Know all the benefits of breathing correctly

Scientists at NorthShore University Hospital in Long Island, United States, conducted a study on breathing and discovered something amazing. Properly applied, it can help activate certain areas of the brain, improving our emotional control.

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The test was performed on people who had to undergo surgery. They started by observing brain activity when they breathed normally. Then, they were given a simple task to distract them: pressing a button when circles appeared on a computer screen. In this way, they were able to observe what happened when patients breathed naturally. Then they were asked to count their breaths, consciously increasing the rate. By modifying the breathing along with the exercises, the brain also did it.

What is the explanation? The collaborators concluded that conscious breathing alters connectivity between parts of the brain, allowing access to internal sites that are normally inaccessible. This would allow us, for example, to control our emotions, decide to stay awake despite being tired, or suppress certain thoughts.

There are many benefits attributed to this practice. One of them, perhaps the best known, is the reduction of stress levels. It is advised in cases of anxiety or panic attacks to stabilize the heart rate and achieve a calm state. It is also related to meditation, which consists of focusing our attention on how air flows inside our body. This achieves better control of ourselves and our emotions.

the importance of focusing on the here and now

There is one between conscious breathing and mindfulness, a practice that allows us to focus our attention on the present. But like all discipline, it requires practice. The truth is that, in times when we have an accelerated pace of life, applying it contributes to our well-being. Citing some examples, it helps us fall asleep, improve concentration and maintain a positive vision in the face of circumstances. As a consequence, it improves our interpersonal relationships.

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Focusing on the here and now brings us to a state of gratitude and enjoying the little things. Taking a few moments to breathe consciously will give you a feeling of calm and a more optimistic outlook. You can start doing it for 5 minutes a day and gradually increase them as you get into the habit. There are disciplines in which you can focus on breathing while exercising your body, for example yoga. The important thing is to focus your attention on today and be aware of everything for which you feel gratitude.

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